Wednesday, September 7, 2016


The Washington Post has a meandering story about the actions of Native Americans to protect their water supply.   What come through, is that neither HILLARY, Nor Donald Trump have been willing to go on the record.

Is it because they don't know?  Or, more likely, they haven't been told what to think by their supporters.

From the article, this seems like a reason for Hillary to stay silent:  Large labor unions, including the Laborers’ International Union of North America, have supported the pipeline and in a statement characterized protesters as “extremists.”   ET TU Hillary?  EXTREMISTS to want to protect the water, which gives life to all.  

We KNOW why Trump is silent..he hates Native Americans...for kicking his ass for decades on the casino front.

Green Party Candidate Jill Stein was THERE and MAY get arrested

Are YOU being silent?  Will YOU add your voice to those of our Native brothers and sisters who are directly affected by this pipeline and desecration of sacred sites?  
Do you think white, non native Americans would sit idly by if a tribe desecrated a civil war site for a bingo hall?   I think not.   It seems like many are swallowing the "natives attacked the attack dogs" stories, though, even in this story, saying only 5 or six natives were injured, instead of the 30 reported by the protectors.

Lastly, I am SO proud of my cousins, Carrie Madariaga and Della Freeman for going to the protest, adding their voice to the 200 tribes that have shown up. Pechanga descendents, no longer in the tribe, standing for Native Americans.

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