Monday, July 16, 2012

Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro's Wife's Firm Has Taken $1 MILLION For Lobbying Fees From The Tribe

I think it's interesting that the wife of the tribal chairman of Pechanga, Mark Macarro can get $1 million for her lobbying firm,IETAN CONSULTING, which we've written about before.

Is it any wonder that Macarro's former pals from the Corrupt Pechanga People (CPP) went after him in a recall attempt?

So let's see, Macarro draws his per capita check from the tribe (grown larger by the two disenrollments of large family and kept big by an unconstitutional moratorium) his tribal chairman salary (AND HUGE EXPENSE ACCOUNT) and then wets his beak from the Pechanga money his wife shares as a principal.

How EFFECTIVE are the lobbying efforts? Well, the tribe and it's million dollar lobbyists LOST their water rights bill efforts against three family representatives of allottees who parked their car outside the front door of their motel. NICE SPENDING. It's interesting to note that Pechanga is more than 10% of IETAN'S retainer fees. Who needs who more? Pechanga, or Holly Cook Macarro

SEE IETAN'S Income here:



Interesting to note that they lobby FOR HUMAN RIGHTS:

Hoh Tribe $20,000 - Human Rights

While at the SAME time taking money from tribes that VIOLATE the Human Rights of their own people:

Chukchansi Economic Development Auth $280,000 - Casinos/Gambling

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians $260,000 -

Redding Rancheria $ 80,000 -


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