Thursday, August 11, 2016

Mia Prickett, Grand Ronde Disenrolled, Speaks Eloquently on Her Family's Restoration of Membership

There are times when the fight to bring the shameful action of disenrollment, that we've been fighting against for a dozen years, is frustrating.   TODAY, after listening to Mia Prickett, on Oregon Public Radio, I feel re-energized.

Mia Prickett, Erin Bernando, Marilyn Portwood, Eric Bernando (

Mia gave a terrific presentation on what happened to her family, those who walked on being posthumously disenrolled and sadly, those who have passed before receiving justice.

She touched on all the points, including loss of citizenship, the loss of their cultural home and the lack of voice in tribal affairs.

Frankly, this may have been the best I've heard, and I've given a few myself. I encourage ALL my relations to stay in, or get BACK in, the fight for justice for our ancestors.  Listen to the broadcast, TAKE NOTES, because Mia's interview is HOW it SHOULD be done.

I'm NOT sure how long this link will last, but I will update this post as necessary.

GO HERE for the replay on Soundcloud: Think Out LOUD: Oregon Public radio

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We MUST keep the pressure on tribes and their courts to PROVIDE JUSTICE for Native Americans harmed by their tribes.
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