Monday, October 27, 2014

Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro Protecting Little Brother John from Attacks Within

Sources inside Pechanga are letting word out that Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro, well known for eliminating 25% of Native American people from his tribe via TRIBAL Disenrollment is protecting his little brother John Macarro, and his $300,000+ salary.  He gets paid for being an attorney, yet hasn't passed the Califonia Bar according to sources.
Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro

Here's how it was explained, based on what's happened at meetings..

The Basquez family went after John Macarro for trying to remove Raymond Jr. from the culture dept. They got a petition last summer to have John removed because he doesn't have his license to practice law. He admits that he's too stupid to pass the Ca. bar.
He is paid over $350,000 a year plus carte blanc credit card use to travel all over the world 1st class and take his family, all at the tribes expense.

The Macarros caught wind of the petition last summer and canceled the tribes monthly meeting to avoid problems.  So the Basquez clan waited for the next meeting to present their petition. They needed 20 signitures for it to be legal. They had 51 sigs. The Macarros told the tribe at the meeting that it was not a justified petition. But it really was. They're so corrupt and controlling. 

The Basquez said they'll be back with another petition. 

While we are amused at the infighting at Pechanga, it makes us wonder why the tribal citizens haven't asked some questions, such as:

WHY does John Macarro make so much money?
Why does he have such a large expense account?
Why does Mark Macarro say petitions with enough signatures are invalid?
What has John Macarro accomplished during his tenure?
Why hasn't John Macarro passed the bar?
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