Friday, September 2, 2016

Were BIA Employees from ELEM COLONY INVOLVED in ELEM Disenrollments?

Facebook has many pages on tribal abuses and one of my posts on the fact that we are getting viewed so many times from Congress and DOI, got some responses that two BIA EMPLOYEES from ELEM, were complicit in the DISENROLLMENT of Elem Colony members.

Elem Colony Disenrollers including
BIA employ Mabel Fourkiller's nephew Augustine Garcia and
Sister Sarah

IS THIS WHAT THE BIA does?  Harm Native Americans to Casino Indians benefit?

A disenrolled Elem Colony member, claims that two BIA employees, of Elem descent  Mable Fourkiller and  Tina Fourkiller, gave guidance to their relative, xxoo, who was able to guide the council on disenrollments.


The families facing disenrollment include the last on-colony speaker of the Southeastern Pomo dialect; keepers of the colony’s two roundhouses; four Vietnam war veterans; and those who have led the colony’s efforts regarding the Superfund cleanup of Clear Lake and to regain control over Rattlesnake Island, a sacred Elem religious site. Tribal members say they are being targeted because they voted against the Elem Colony Executive Committee.

HEY!  Sister and Aunt who work at the BIA....we want control the votes and GET RID OF FAMILY....  WHAT COULD GO WRONG?


Anonymous said...

Sickness of the heart and soul. They no longer can hear or feel the ancestors. They are now 100% downloaded assimilated bots. Like the rest of the world that hates indigenous peoples.

Anonymous said...

This is all about fairness and one side embezzling from the other. Mind you that Mable retired long before their disenfranchisement. Doubt she was able to pull too many strings.