Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tribal Disenrollment: Grand Ronde Council Thinks Courts Are ONLY Good When they RULE THEIR WAY?

Tribes like Grand Ronde LOVE Sovereignty, except when other tribes like Cowlitz exercise theirs.   And I'm sure they love the courts, when they rule THEIR WAY, instead of on the side of JUSTICE.

The Statesman Journal has the continuing story of the Chief Tumulth descendants, who were ruled as tribal members, yet the council has yet to re-install them as required.

On August 5, the tribal appeals court ordered that 66 of the 86 dis-enrolled individuals be re-enrolled; 13 of the 86 had dropped their appeals and seven had passed away during the process.

The decision by the appeals court sharply divided the tribe and became the center of campaigns throughout the reservation. Members of the enrollment board — a board separate from the council and charged with overseeing enrollment issues — came out publicly against reinstating the family. Tribal chairman Reyn Leno questioned the appeals court decision on social media and the August 31 council meeting where Anderson spoke descended into a heated debate over why the board had yet to act. Council members said they were removed from the process and the decision was for the enrollment board to make.

According to tribal counsel Robert Greene, the enrollment board is, in fact, responsible for handing the re-enrollment. However, the tribal council has stepped in before, according to councilman Chris Mercier. He said in 2013 council vice president Jack Giffen requested that the enrollment board meet outside of its schedule to re-enroll members of the tribe in time to vote. He was running for re-election at the time.

The enrollment board is not scheduled to meet until the end of the month, 16 days after the September 10 elections and 52 days after the appeals court ordered the family to be re-enrolled.

Grand Ronde officials declined to comment on the matter.

Does the issue become clearer?  We can't have these people VOTE! Who cares about disenfranchisement, as long as we WIN, right?   This council should join
SPITWAD    READ MORE at the Statesman link above, and color the Grand Ronde council.....deplorable

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