Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tribal Chairmen REYN LENO (Grand Ronde) and IYESHA MILLER (HOPLAND) Latest Inductees into OPB's NATIVE AMERICAN HALL OF SHAME

Periodically, we induct some tribal chairpersons who have caused harm to their people, usually via disenrollment  and denial of civil rights, into Original Pechanga Blog's HALL OF SHAME

Hopland Tribe
Today,  Chairman IYESHA MILLER of the Hopland Tribe, who recently spearheaded the disenrollment of the HOPLAND 74, gets the dubious honor. Iyesha used the recommendation of her mother, Wanda Balderama, who was banned 10 years from serving on the tribal council but now sits on the enrollment committee, to disenroll 74 members of Hopland Tribe.  The Hopland 74 has undisputable evidence they belong.  Evidence, Schmevidence

We've discussed the HOPLAND issue many times, the links are below:

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REYN LENO of Grand Ronde has been getting his ass kicked in tribal court for a couple of years, squandering tribal funds on a quest to get rid of the Chief Tumulth descendants.      Sorry, the tribal court says NO, they BELONG.
Chief Tumulth was their original treaty signer, who was MURDERED by troops before living on the rez.. but the REZ wouldn't be their if not for HIM...

Reyn Leno
Grand Ronde Tribal Chairman
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Both Iyesha and Reyn have well deserved spots in the HALL OF SHAME...

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Anonymous said...

They sure do deserve that shame! These people need that mark of the beast on their foreheads so all will know they're dealing with war criminals.