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Monday, September 19, 2016

Reps. Ken Calvert, Jared Huffman and Duncan Hunter Letter on Pechanga STEALING Reservation Allottees Water Rights

Well, they've done it again.  Congressman Ken Calvert has literally carried Pechanga's Water Bill, which we've opposed for 6 years, now designated HR 5982, which will eliminate water rights to reservation allottees that live on the reservation, yet have been stripped from their tribal citizenship, and all rights included.

Apparently, Calvert doesn't care about civil and human rights abuses, the apartheid system on the reservation, not the segregation and elder abuses. Even the BIA's AMY DUTSCHKE admitted that we have RIGHTS. WE ARE STILL waiting to be informed, Mark Macarro intimated in a letter to the House Natural Resources committee that we were kept informed.  He LIED again...

I've published a letter just sent Reps. Calvert, Hunter, Ruiz and Huffman...Please consider sending a fax too.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Ken Calvert helping the tribe that gives most of their money to the Democrats, has Macarro's wife as Hillary's Native adviser...

What's next? Does he campaign for Andrew Masiel against Marie Waldron??

WeRone said...

Macarro wanted to justify his stance and say it seemed a lot of membership applications surfaced after the Casino was started and the same results would have occurred. Ignore the truth and justify dishonoring elders who were enrolled in the original days of Pechanga. Ignore elders who already proved the truth, and ignore elders who helped establish the Temecula band of Luiseno Indians by giving recorded oral depositions. Now this person Macarro wants to say why should I honor ALL enrolled members? Why should have share in this band and its rights? When Macarro stands up for the Pechanga band he should have to answer simple questions. When was the reservation created and why? Who were the recorded members of the band? Who gave recorded oral depositions for the bands allocation of Allotted lands? When the band restructured and recorded it's constitution custom and tradition, what was the requirements for enrollment? Did allotted families meet the bands requirements for enrollment? Why did an enrolled family get disenrolled when they met the tribes requirements? Why would the band today want ALL its rights after stripping others of theirs? Ask him for the truth!

Unknown said...

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