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Friday, September 9, 2016

STANDING ROCK: EVEN CORRUPT TRIBAL LEADERS Take Time to Protest Desecration of Remains. NOT SO FAST Chairman Potter

Standing Rock is SO SERIOUS that even corrupt, despicable "leaders" like Redding Rancheria's JACK POTTER, took the time to attend the protest against the desecration of Native American REMAINS.

Jack Potter helped disenroll the family of the first tribal chairman...but NOT until AFTER they forced the Foreman family to desecrate their ancestor for DNA. YES digging up her remains.  Yet, he's in NDakota, to protect SIOUX ancestors from being desecrated....?

As Carla Maslin put it, It's like being RAPED, then going to the RAPIST for JUSTICE.. MR. CHAIRMAN, do MORE right THINGS...bring the FOREMAN'S home where they belong.

Jack Potter
Redding Rancheria Chair

From a Foreman family member's FB page.

Seriously this is the biggest joke Jack Potter helped disenroll My husband Bobby Foreman and his family from there Tribe Redding Rancheria Win River Casino and if it wasn't for my late Father in law Edward Foreman Sr (Bob) there would be no Tribe or Casino!

My heart aches for the Native Americans who fighting this injustice with the pipe line, but to have a person like Jack Potter going up there and saying he supports them in their injustice is a slap in the face for all of the Native Americans who going or gone through this kind of injustice. Shame on you Jack and Redding Rancheria Win River Casino you're so evil and corrupt, our family will never give up on the fight and justice is coming soon!

Many of you may not of heard of our story of injustice, back in 2004 my husband's family's civil rights were violated, they were kicked out of there tribe Redding Rancheria Win River Casino, go to our family's website and read what we have had to go through and are still going through. along with other Native Americans

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White Buffalo said...

Obama steps in with major action halting Dakota Access Pipeline


That fat boy, potter seeks glory that is the only reason, he wants to be in the mix... corrupted Big Cow Ass needs a diet.

OPechanga said...

Absolution can come by doing the right thing. Hopefully, he saw the commitment of Native Americans to PROTECT their ancestors even while HE desecrated remains of HIS PEOPLE

White Buffalo said...

I just read there is a new "Water Rights" being presented in congress. I think it is time to study what is in it concerning those who have allotments but are not members. Here is the link to the article. I will look for the actual ill soon.

Anonymous said...

To Jack Potter, Disney land is trying to contact you.
They say that you stole Big Birds legs and they want them back.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much he bench presses...

Anonymous said...

Now there are two big tubs of LARD on the pipeline protest, Robert Smith Chairman at the Pala Reservation and Jack Off Potter Chairman
of the Redding Rancheria.
Plenty of lard to make fry bread.

icitall said...

Robert Smith at Standing Rock? Well, hell- Satan himself might as well show up now. Robert, Lakota are real Indians, not conquered psuedo-mexidians like your porcine self. Take your illusions of "sovereignty" back to your Pala barrio please.

Unknown said...

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