Monday, August 8, 2016

GRAND RONDE Disenrollees PREVAIL in Appellate Court: WE REVERSE say Justices

EXCELLENT news concerning the disgraceful disenrollment at Grand Ronde

We exercise jurisdiction pursuant to the Grand Ronde Tribe enrollment ordinance.. and WE REVERSE

and.... BOOM:  "In light of the undisputed facts regarding the 27 year unreasonable delay in the tribe bringing this action and the reasonably anticipated prejudice and harm that petitioners would suffer if the tribe were allowed to proceed with this disenrollment action we hold that laches prevents the tribe and enrollment committee/board from so proceeding," Robert J. Miller, a member of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe who serves as chief justice of the Grand Ronde appeals court, wrote in the 22-page opinion..."

The Appeals court Decision is HERE

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We MUST keep the pressure on tribes and their courts to PROVIDE JUSTICE for Native Americans harmed by their tribes.

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