Tuesday, September 6, 2016

BIA Gets the RANT Treatment On Facebook: DEALING with the Government

It's so easy to get disgruntled with the BIA... we've had issues with Amy Dutschke, Frances Muncey, Joaquin Fletcher, amongst others, some were aggressive in their actions, others, hid behind a rock screaming SOVEREIGNTY...

BIA: Where you get the HELP
they want to give.

You know, I guess I should feel worse about what these tribes are dealing with in keeping the feds off their reservation property and protecting sacred sites, but I don't because there's close to no loyalty in the community and here's why.

My hubby and I just got off the phone with the Bureau of Indian Affairs for some documents that he rightfully deserves being a registered, certified, and genetically proven Tongva Native American for a job he's applying for. His cousin is the chief of the tribe for God's sake. How much more do they need to prove the worthiness of this tribe's place amongst the other tribes with other recognized tribes. Guess who's not getting the paperwork though because the Tongva aren't a federally recognized tribe?  THANKS PECHANGA. The Indian politics of keeping smaller tribes unrecognized comes from a spiteful and greedy place.

Here's where it gets even more infuriating.

While the BIA does not recognize the Tongva as a federally recognized tribe, they issue the blood decree for the non-federally recognized tribes. That's right. The very ORGANIZATION that robs the Tongva of worthiness also issues their paperwork of genetic proof that they are Indian. Try and wrap your head around that one.

While his tribe is down to a mere couple of thousand people, other tribes with billions of dollars in California cough cough, like the Pechanga, spend all their time lobbying keeping tiny tribes down and disenrolling their own members. I loathe the Native politics in this country.

Indians attacking other Indians to purposely keep the power, money, and control amongst a small and privileged few.


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