Sunday, December 16, 2007

YOU TUBE NO on Prop. 94, 95, 96, 97 votes.

Here is a NO on expanded gaming link to help explain what the tribes and Schwarzenegger are trying to get over on the people of California. You should be thinking NO to expanded gaming.


Anonymous said...

Looks like we can't trust the tribes to tell the truth, we can't trust Arnold to do what is right. We already know we can't trust Perata, hasn't he been indicted yet? Nunez, wasn't he caught using his political funds for gifts?

We need term limits...

BigMama said...

by Becca Cooper

It’s true
I am in the west now
where they have
water sunshine
in the south
the place where palm
trees immigrated
like white people
taking over the landscape expensive to
they will belong
here in California
decedents of the original
battle the Pechanga
The Aqua Caliente
The Morongo
The Sycurcan
only now they use
they use technology
rich white men land owners
buy airwaves like weapons
to call the indigenous people
they call them crooked
they accuse them of lacking integrity
say they are making sweetheart deals
in back rooms
Pechanga’s own people speak out against them
on blogs like
open wounds on the
face of their once proud nation
they say Pechanga’s tribal government
violates the rights of it’s’ people
violates its elders, the earth, its sick and its children

I struggle to see the old redwoods
through the forest of palm trees
makes me want to stay inside a dark hotel room
I can’t even enjoy the winter sun
the only thing that still belongs to everyone
unless I could go out to the desert
dig the Truth out
of the Earth
find it
the answer
buried under dirt
in the bones of someone
who everyone has forgotten