Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pechanga: Wear a pro-expanded gaming pin or be fired!

PECHANGA: Up to and including TERMINATION.

The link above is to a comment by a Pechanga employee:

According to a memo that came out in my department it said " as part of your uniform you are required to wear the prop pin, if an employee is found not wearing the pin it will lead to disciplinary action up to suspension and/or termination

OP: Can they also wear a pin that says "the opinions are not my own, but my managements"?


Anonymous said...

So, Pechanga would actually FIRE someone for not wearing a political button? I mean, seriously, they would take someone's livelihood away, their source of providing for their family, because they don't wear a button?
No wonder they need a union.

Anonymous said...

All employees are NOT required to wear the pin, and there has not been a memo that I'm aware of. If an individual decided to create a memo and present it as policy, then that memo should be forwarded to the General Manager. Wearing the button is voluntary as far as I know. Please feel free to ask any employee on the casino floor if this is true, or not.