Sunday, December 2, 2007


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Anonymous said...

I feel very strongly about the wrongs that Pecanga has done to the people who were once a part of an honist tribe. The evile that now corrupts the tribe worked for twenty pluse years to achieve what they have done. For all the people who are not dirctly involved and do not know of what corruption and injustice I speak of please keep an open mind to what we say because the people who have been wrongly treated by pretenders and Indians with no honer will say that we are just mad about what hapened. Well yes it is true that I am upset but there is reason for my contempt for those whe say that Pechanga is a place where there is truth and integrity. I say lets exsamin what hthey have done. Tha comercial with the big fat Indian (M) is a good exsample of how boloted and corrupt the governmnt of Pechanga is. It makes me sick to see how easaly they lie. More to come later

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