Wednesday, December 5, 2007

AIRRO will Speak today on Pechanga going against the will of Californians

AIRRO VP John Gomez, SR will be speaking shortly at the Federal Building in Westwood. He will be discussing remarks made my Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro to go ahead with expansion and not WAIT FOR the people of CA.
This is a perfect example of WHY Californians need to vote NO on Prop. 94.

Stay tuned!

I hope John Sr, will speak about Pechanga's unconstitutional moratorium he allows (against the Pechanga Constitution). NO on 94, No to Pechanga's denial of civil rights, No to Pechanga's elder abuse, No to CPP.

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PHunter said...

Thank you John Sr. for standing up where few have done, from both our families.

Keep spreading the word.