Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Feds to CA Voters: F**K YOU and You and Your Ballot Props

Even though the BIA did not follow its own procedures, they will continue on as though the rights of the voters of CA do not matter. Of course, Pechanga Chairman Macarro is happy to think our votes do not count. That's what he did to his own people.

Southern California Indian gaming compacts backed by feds

Final approval has been given to four Southern California tribal gaming compacts with the state by the federal government.
Notices of the U.S. Department of Interior's decision to approve the Indian gaming expansion deals with the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, Morongo Band of Mission Indians,

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians and the Sycuan Band of Kumeyaay Indians were published in the Federal Register today.The pact approval comes before the California voter referendum to endorse or reject the agreements that constitute one of the biggest slot expansions in state history.Agua Caliente chairman Richard Milanovich was attending a meeting and could not be immediately reached for comment. Tribal spokeswoman Nancy Conrad said, "It's all finalized. We're all very happy about that."

"With publication, the Governor, state legislature and now the federal government have all approved the agreement,'' said Pechanga chairman Mark Macarro. "Clearly, the efforts to break these comprehensive agreements are a waste of time and money for the people of California."
OP: Mark, the people did not make these agreements.


Congressional Inquiry, Referendum Defense Demanded

December 19th, 2007 by No Unfair Deals
Contact: Scott Macdonald(310) 996-2671
The campaign against the Unfair Gambling Deals, No on Propositions 94, 95, 96 and 97 released the following statement today in response to publication of the unapproved gambling deals in the Federal Register.
“Whether caused by buffoonery, befuddlement or backhanded dealing, action by the United States Department of the Interior to publish the Big 4 Gambling Deals before California voters get their say on Feb. 5 is both totally outrageous and completely meaningless.
“There are no deals to review and/or approve until our constitutionally guaranteed referendum process is completed with a statewide vote. Still the Interior Department presses on with its unbelievable story of highly controversial deals that sit unseen for six weeks and then miraculously appear in an official’s inbox too late for review.
“An investigation is sorely needed into the shenanigans at the Interior Department that threaten to rob Californians of their right to vote on the Big 4 deals.
“Among the questions that must be answered:
“Who accepted the deals at Interior despite their incomplete status?
“How did they sit unnoticed for six weeks and then suddenly appear just after the deadline to review them had passed?
“How is it that deals that are not ready for federal review, have apparently been hidden within the department to avoid scrutiny and await a vote of the people before they can be finalized are considered proper candidates for publication in the Federal Register?
“Whatever action is necessary to rescind the deals’ publication must be taken.
“Most important, we warn the rich and powerful tribes who cut these deals for themselves — and now would appear to be receiving beyond-favorable treatment from the federal bureaucracy — to not install what would be illegal slot machines in their casinos.
“Any such action would be a violation of law, an attack on the California Constitution and a slap in the face to California voters.”


Anonymous said...

There will be NO inquiry. The state needs money and they won't push for it. They KNOW how it happened. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone, except the people of CA were in the loop.

Creeper said...

Governor Schwazenegger { and a lot of Political whores }made a deal with the four tribes behind everyones back. Thank God we still have the right to vote on this. ALL CALIFORNIANS WHERE DECEIVED. VOTE NO ON 94.............