Friday, December 7, 2007

Original Pechanga: Mixed Blood Uinta's View

We've added a new friend to our blogroll: A Mixed Blood Uinta's View he's a friend from, the site that is not Victor Rocha's.
Some good writing from a man who is fighting a disenrollment battle with the Feds. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

I would like to post a comment on your "Weclome to my Blog" and don't know where how, so I am doing it here.

You wrote "A few Tribal members may tell you that we didn't prove our case. We didn't have to, Pechanga's own expert proved it"

If they are saying this they are doing one of two things.

1) They are plain faced lying
2) They are misinformed.

We DID prove our case, proved it in a way that would pass in ANY honest court. Hundreds of documents, all certified and above reproach. Sure Dr Johnson proved our case, but so did we, with out any of his findings we should have passed with flying colors.

'aamokat said...

Dr. Johnson referrences in his report on the Hunter family geneology a lot of the same documents that the Hunters turned in to the enrollment committee so it is obvious that the committee in their findings ignored any documentation that supported this family's membership.

Ironic that this thread is about the mixed blood Uintas whoose status was terminated by the U.S. government in that Pechanga's status as a tribe not too many years ago was also targetted for termination.

If that had happened there would have been no casino and we would likely be fighting right along side the very same people who wrongfully voted us out of the tribe to get back Pechanga's tribal status.

We would have been one people fighting for what is right.


PHunter said...

Welcome to new friends.

We need them coming back to see what changes.