Monday, December 10, 2007

NAACP supports Pechanga violators of Civil Rights for Native Americans

The pro expanded gaming site has an announcement that the NAACP endorses the expanding gaming Propositions. Since Pechanga is well know for violating the civil rights of it's people, the NAACP's approval of granting them most favored nation status for gaming is also tacit approval of their violating the rights of their people.

NAACP, you should be ashamed for standing with Pechanga. I'd suggest you educate yourselves and then THINK AGAIN about supporting Prop. 94. You DO understand, that you can vote for each proposition separately? Vote yes if you feel the need on the other propositions, but please, think twice or three times about giving a tribe such as Pechanga, more power and money to eliminate more of their tribe.

STAND WITH those who have had their civil rights and human rights stripped from them.

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