Thursday, December 27, 2007

NO on Prop. 94, 95,96,97 No to Pechanga IV

Steve has a blog up on why he is against the expanded gaming propositions. The comments section provides some compelling reasons as to why we should vote NO on these expansions. Pechanga should NOT be rewarded for violating our civil rights. And remember, Californians, PECHANGA was trying to KEEP US FROM voting on this.

Take a look at the comments.


OPechanga said...

Why haven't we heard about the thievery at Pechanga? We heard about when they had that embezzler.

Doesn't the Press Enterprise know anything?

Anonymous said...

The PE reported on the casino guy a few years ago. Didn't he get 4 years?

Who is the new thief?

OPechanga said...

Larry Miranda, the son of former tribal Spokesperson, Jennie Miranda. She's the one on the Pechanga commercials that says, "200 years ago, the Spanish tried to break us up". She and her cohorts accomplished what the Spanish couldn't do. They broke up the tribe and eliminated 25% of the members. Her brother, Andy Masiel is on the Tribal Council. He couldn't even find the discipline to attend appeal hearings on time.