Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pechanga waiting to install slots after Feds approval

Last week I posted that the expanded gaming issue was in limbo and now it looks like Pechanga has followed my advice where I advised waiting until the referendum is voted on by Californians.
It appears that even though Pechanga has been working on expanded gaming for 9 months, spent loads of money on their favorite politicians, planned for success, well, the EARLIEST that Pechanga can get the machines running is 1st quarter 2008.
Additional, Pechanga has added $5 million MORE to the pot for commercials. $10.5 million now trying to convince us that 5,000 additional slots to a tribe that violates their people's rights is a good thing. Is that all civil rights are worth? To Pechanga, and to Californians?

Union rights are one thing, civil, human, property, voting rights are quite another. DO not reward Pechanga.

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