Saturday, December 15, 2007

Governor to Declare State of Emergency

Gov. Arnold, who doesn't want the citizens of CA to vote NO on Pechanga's Prop. 94 will be declaring a fiscal state of emergency. The man who borrowed from Indian Gaming's Special Funds because he couldn't say no to spending will be declaring that he's fiscally irresponsible, along with the legislature soon.

Mr. Governor, IF you asked the tribes to restore their membership and allow rightful people to be in the tribes, roughly 3,000 people would be added instantly to the highest tax bracket. That would be a quick $30,000,000 bucks by April. AND, it would be doing the right thing. Can you imagine that?


Anonymous said...

So has anyone asked the Governor whose math he was using? Al Gore's "Fuzzy Math" or his own "Fuzzy Math"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Govenator I would be my privilege to explain to you again that your position, Governor of California is not a part in a movie where someone has written scrip that everyone follows. In the real world we solve problems with hard work and sacrifice what we want by doing the right thing. You have tried to please everyone who you deem worthy, and have forgotten the people who you were elected to serve. Pechanga does not have respect for you; in fact, you’re their dog who does their bidding. You think “oh what a great deal we got them to agree to worth our cleverness in using non binding barley lingual MOA’s. If this is how you conduct hard-line negotiations then let me tell you no amount of money that you can bring to the state will ever be enough. You must have taken lessons from G W Bush. The compacts are bad for the people of CA for more that what everyone is talking about and what they say about the compacts is true. When you have a quasi government who is allowed to act in the manor that Pechanga has, the targeted genocide against the people; then oversight and structure should reconsidered as well in the long run what is best for CA a short term quick fix or real governance that controles spending and gives value to the people whit what is spent.

'aamokat said...

The main reason Gray Davis was recalled as governor was supposed to be fiscal mismanagment.

Well have things gotten any better under Swartzenegger?

I have an interesting suggestion for the governor and the legisliature, learn how to stay within a budget than you wouldn't have to try to find a magic solution that very likely might not have much of an impact on the budget anyway.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the emergency was many months ago. How did they let it get like this?

We need a whole new government.