Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pechanga Told to Stop Plans for Illegal Slot Machines

Pechanga Told To Stop All Plans for Illegal Slot Machines
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LOS ANGELES – “Cease and desist” was the demand leveled today at the rich and powerful Pechanga tribe (violators of civil, human, voting rights: OP)which has made it clear to reporters that they are moving forward with plans to install illegal slot machines in their Temecula-area casino.
The demand came from the campaign against the Unfair Big 4 Gambling Deals, No on Propositions 94, 95, 96 and 97, which opposes the deals because they represent one of the largest expansions of gambling in U.S. history and are unfair to California taxpayers, workers and other tribes.
Standing in the shadow of the Westwood Federal Building, campaign representatives praised the federal government for acknowledging its mistake in prematurely reviewing the deals before California voters get their say on February 5th.
“Unfortunately, the federal government’s respect for California’s referendum process is not shared by the Pechanga tribe in Temecula,” said Cheryl Schmit, executive director of Stand Up for California!, a gambling watchdog organization. “The chairman of the tribe has told numerous reporters that they have plans to move forward with adding what would be illegal slot machines to their casino.”

“The California Constitution gives us the referendum process as a check on legislative decisions that favor the rich and powerful like the Big 4 tribes,” continued Schmit. “Until we vote Feb. 5, there are no deals and any attempt by
Pechanga or the others to add slot machines would be a gross violation of law, not to mention the democratic process.”
Schmit said the deals lack strict environmental protections and have a revenue formula that would let the Big 4 tribes manipulate funds to underpay the state.
John Gomez, Sr. vice-president of American Indian Rights and Resources Organization, said it concerned him deeply that the Pechanga tribe would trample on the rights of voters.
“It would be a monumental display of disrespect for Pechanga to expand their casinos before Californians have a chance to have their say as is guaranteed under the referendum process in the state Constitution,” said Gomez.
The leader of the Native American civil rights organization said one of the major problems with the Big 4 deals is that “just four of the state’s 108 tribes would control one-third of the state’s Indian gaming pie. On top of that, the Big 4’s dominant casinos
could economically devastate other smaller tribes.”
More information on Props. 94-97 is available at

California Professional Firefighters, California Federation of Teachers and the American Indian Rights and Resources Organization are among those opposed to the Big 4 Gambling Deals.

OP: Also those disenrolled tribal members across the state.


OPechanga said...

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable, the arrogance that I see within the rez. The greed of money and the illusion of power that blinds the people. Who is left that has a clear mind to think with and bring the people back to the circle. It is darkness that covers the face of our ancestors and it is bitter weeping that comes from the spirit that can not be seen. The ways of the world now corrupt the minds and bodies of the people. It is not to late to stop what you are doing Pechanga, so stop laughing at the people you hurt because you tear away at your spirit every time you give in to the evil that has cause you to kill your brother and sisters when you deny who we are.

PHunter said...

Pechanga won't wait for the people to decide because they know that of the 4 tribes, they are the most likely to NOT have their Proposition approved.

That's what happens when you treat your people right.

If the Sycuan people, Agua Caliente or Morongo want to say WHY they should have it and Pechanga shouldn't, they are free to do so at or