Monday, December 24, 2007

No On Prop. 94: Indian Casino Union formed in Conn, Maybe not it CA

I'm curious as to WHY the unions haven't tried to organize AT the casinos? What are they waiting for? The UAW had a 60% majority. They worked from the people up, UNITE is working from the legislators down. Is that maybe the problem?

Is it an organizational issue? They are not doing a good job getting their issues in front of the people. They need to get the people of CA behind them. All union members should be writing letters to the powers that be in the state legislature. They should be commenting on articles. Similarly, the CFT head wrote an article against Prop. 94,95, 96, 97, yet, no comments from union members to Marty's article. A silent minority is weak.

Indian casino union formed in Conn. not a sure bet in Calif.

By James P. Sweeney

December 24, 2007

SACRAMENTO – For the past decade, much of the tension in the push to expand Indian gambling in California has been generated by organized labor and its political allies.
The hotel and casino workers union UNITE HERE! has waged a relentless campaign for a stronger hand in organizing – the ability to establish a union simply by persuading a majority of workers to sign cards in support of a union. No election is required.

Indian casinos, where employees toil under surveillance cameras and have limited recourse against employer retaliation, can't be organized under the old-fashioned way with contentious campaigns and secret elections, labor leaders insisted.

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Anonymous said...

The unions seem to want to have the legislature organize for them.

The 'good old days' of unions trying to get the vote out and shop stewards trying to keep people toghether seem to be gone.

People want union protection, but they don't want to lift a finger to keep it. They'll strike if they don't think they are paid enough, but expect others to walk the picket line while they stay home an watch t.v.

Even worse, they'll cross another unions picket line, because it's not their union....