Wednesday, December 26, 2007

No on Prop 94 Learning About Pechanga's Corruption from the Beginning

The first family to feel the persecution of the Pechanga Band via the Indian Termination Action of 2005 was the descendents of Manuela Miranda. They have a website at that includes news from other despicable tribes such as Chukchansi and Redding. There is a forum that includes topics such as:

Mark Macarro Corrupt
LA TIMES Article on Corrupt Pechanga
Concerned Pechanga People The corrupt pechanga people is more like it.

Please take a look at it before you vote.


Anonymous said...

Wow... you guys are making this stuff up right?

OPechanga said...

Uh, Donny, these stories are too true to make up.

Anonymous said...

wow so now I know. the sample ballot wants us to vote but supplies NO info.

OPechanga said...

RP, the SecState says it's because they sent the pamphlet out for printing while Pechanga was suing to keep us from voting on the measure.
There will be a supplemental, which should come closer to election time, reminding the people of CA about how the Pechanga Council tried to violate our voting rights....just as they did their own people.