Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who Opposes Expanded Gaming In CA?

We've all seen the commercial that is pro-expanded gaming with the Police Chief of San Miguel (pop. 1500) saying how much the state will make. ( or could make, such as, a meteor could make a big hole in San Miguel). But who opposes?

AIRRO - American Indian Rights & Resources Organization
California Federation of Teachers
LULAC - One of the first civil rights organizations
San Francisco Firefighters (pop. 850,000)
United Food & Commercial Workers(must be the "unions are corrupt" comment from Macarro
San Diego Labor Council (see "unions are corrupt" comment from Macarro of Pechanga)
Delores Huerta, c0-founder United Farm Workers)
Fresno County Democratic Central Committee
Temecula/Murrieta Open Space Preservation Organization

Disenrolled Native Americans of California (not organized yet, but over 3,000 in CA)

And many more,


Anonymous said...

I'm very surprised that the Native Americans who cry about disenrollment aren't more active. I check this blog and a couple of others, but where are they? Does disenrollment make them weak? How gain they gain respect.

Anonymous said...

The main problem like I have been stating is that the disenrolled need to make a big headline. Think million man march! If only a handful of people know and realize that certain tribes are violating the civil rights of its members what good does it do. This should be front page news and making headlines all over the state. How about blocking the roads leading to the casinos or something like that, ya know make a huge splash. Look what African Americans had to go through during the Civil Rights era, that is what Native Americans are going to have to do.

Pechanga Member 1130 said...

The Governor is supporting Criminals for his "fuzzy math"! just like he supports letting out 20,000 criminals for budget issues and his fuzzy math!!!