Thursday, December 13, 2007

How Exaggerated are Pechanga's Claims on Expanding Funds?

Increase in Payments to the State.

Under the compact amendment, the Pechanga tribe’s payments to the state would increase significantly. Its payments to the RSTF would increase to $2 million per year—up from the current annual level of about $300,000.

The tribe’s annual payments to the SDF—currently around $28 million—would end. WHAT?!? Would END? They aren't letting us know that in the commercial.

For the first time, however, the tribe would make payments to the General Fund, the state’s main operating account. (The General Fund receives about $100 billion each year from all sources, and its funds can be used by the Legislature for any purpose.) WOULD THIS BE the SAME General Fund that Politicians can't balance?

The Pechanga tribe’s annual payment to the General Fund would total at least $42.5 million under the compact amendment. So, cities and local governments LOSE and the state doesn't get enough to cover much.

In addition to this minimum payment, the tribe would pay to the General Fund an annual amount equal to 15 percent of the net revenues of the next 3,000 slot machines it adds to its casinos after the compact amendment takes effect. (In general terms, a slot machine’s net revenue is the amount of money that gamblers put in the slot machine minus the money paid out as prizes from the machine.) Pechanga would report that "net win" based on their own audits and could say, 'SORRY, there WAS no net win this summer, high price of gas..blah blah)

If the tribe operates more than 5,000 slot machines, it would pay the General Fund an annual amount equal to 25 percent of the net revenues of those additional slot machines. OP: RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU can count to 4,999! I can, I can!

Covering Shortfalls in the RSTF. The compact amendment requires the state to use a part of the tribe’s payments to the General Fund if they are needed to cover shortfalls in the RSTF—the state fund that gives each tribe with no casino or a small casino $1.1 million each year. OP: You mean the tribes that aren't terminating their membership like Pechanga.

Tribal Payments to State May Decline in Certain Instances. OP: WHAT?!? They haven't mentioned that in their ads!

Under the compact amendment, if the state allows a nontribal entity to operate slot machines or certain card games in nearby areas, the tribe’s required payments to the state would be significantly reduced or eliminated Greed.....


Anonymous said...

Pechanga is not the only Tribe disenrolling its member in the Southern CA area. Some nongaming Tribes, like the Los Coyotes Band and Jamul Indian Village have done the same. Decission are being made with out research, taking the word of one or two people who haven't been around all that long.

OPechanga said...

Feel free to tell the story

Anonymous said...

Boycott Pechanga!!! They ripped my family's identity for money!

Anonymous said...

VOTE NO ON 94. Boycott the pechanga resort and casino. The corrupt pechanga disenrollment committee and corrupt tribal council are disgracing all Native Americans by their actions. They are embezzling money.

Anonymous said...

It is true that the poison of corruption has spread, and it is also true that Pech-changa has taught them well. The state see's dollar signs, we see the truth. Greed is a spirit that can't be seen; more evil than the trickster, coyote. In the spirit world the spirits of corruption, greed, and quest for power live in the dark and they enter as dark thought in to the minds of the people who once knew what they looked like and were able to avoid, and them send back to the darkness with songs and dance. Sweat loge visions of what the people should do, and how we should treat one another. These old ways kept the people safe from the spirits that would cause them to fight amongst them selves. Remember Pechanga as you laugh at my words that you laugh bitterly in secret at the broken circle of your life, broken by the new spirits that you now hold high.

Anonymous said...

Of course they are fudging the numbers!! If they came up with their own fuzzy math with disenrolling their members for money who says they wont lie to the State. Who is going to stop them?? Neither the State nor the Federal government have stepped in to help those already affected

Anonymous said...

I am not a member of the Los Coyotes but have been monitoring what they have been up to. So just to get it out there, the Los Coyotes are currently trying to build a casino out in the high desert city of Barstow. The problem is they are infringing on the recognized ancestral homeland of the Western Shoshone people. The San Manuel and Chemehuevi are claiming that Barstow is theirs because they want to build a casino there. Like Los Coyotes they can point to nothing other than word of mouth or old maps that are not official. The Western Shoshone have a signed and ratified treaty with the good ol U.S.A to back their claim. Anywho I believe that in anticipation of getting a casino that is at best a long shot the Coyotes may be getting rid of their members. If you want to follow the Coyote issue in Barstow head on over to and check it out.

As for me personally I think the Los Coyotes are the lowest of the low and they have sold their honor and respect for a casino that after 5 years is still being denied. I myself would hang my head in shame to be a member of that tribe and if I was a person that was disenrolled I would actually be glad to be out of the tribe.

Anonymous said...

Hello to all the X Tribal members sorry to hear what happened to you guys. Not sure if this is interesting or not, but I work at Pechanga and right now they are MAKING us wear the buttons that say "vote on 94,95,96,97" Now I'm all for a fair vote but how can they make us wear them?
According to a memo that came out in my department it said " as part of your uniform you are required to wear the prop pin, if an employee is found not wearing the pin it will lead to disciplinary action up to suspension and/or termination" isn't that against the Constitution? I really don't think its fare. Just thought I would let you know. Good Luck To All.