Monday, December 17, 2007

Must See Videos on Pechanga Corruption

And why you should be voting NO on Prop. 94.

Pechanga Membership Issues

Without a Tribe One of the MOST SHARED videos in KNBC history. The extended comment section is enlightening also.

Pechanga Man Banished from Reservation

And of course, the link in a previous post that shows the real information not being shared in the tribal commercials. You know, the ones the 4 tribes have committed $30 MILLION to so far.


Anonymous said...

You know they, Pechanga, use your/our money, disenrolled and moratorium people to gloss up their lies. Gota remember most people do not know the truth and that most people will believe a well told lie that the truth that is in front of them. Be at peace for there evil ways walk before them and you are justified in your quest to bring them to public scrutiny

Anonymous said...

The real problem here is that this is basically seen at best as a regional issue. When in fact it should be seen as a national issue. To be quite honest I talked to people that I grew up with in various parts of the state and they had no clue that any of these tribes were abusing their own citizens. Unless the disenrolled members of these tribes do something that is going to get statewide attention nothing is going to happen. Its sad I know, but that is just the way it is. When it comes to dealing with tribes you have to go to the tribe to address the issue, well how do you do that when it is the tribe itself that is the cause. I used to have a lot of respect for Macarro for standing out front and being the spokesperson for the indian gaming movement in California. To be quite honest now, I wouldn't walk across the street to Pi$$ in his mouth if his teeth were on fire. What the disenrolled need is something that will grab the attention of the people of California and let them know what is really going on. The sad truth is that whoever controls the information controls reality. These tribes are spewing out propoganda and need to be called on it.