Sunday, December 30, 2007

Notice to CA State Legislators: Pechanga has 500 more taxpayers that should be in the tribe

Dear CA State Legislator,

In continuing your weak and pathetic work for us in the capitol, widening our budget gap, you claim you are looking for revenue streams and that is why you passed theses shameful memorandum of agreements. Meanwhile, in the Pechanga tribe alone, they have kept 500 members from joining the tribe, as proscribed in their Constitution and Bylaws. Each moratorium internee would have earned about $1.5 million since the opening of the casino on the reservation in Temecula (BOYCOTT PECHANGA)

That's $750,000,000 in taxable income lost to the state because you didn't stand up for the tribal members who have been cheated by the tribe. The tribes said the compacts would be good for ALL native Americans. Now, you want us to believe that the tribe won't cheat the people of CA. You take for granted your union friends, all for some spa treatments for your wives and free golf for you, because you know the unions have nowhere else to go.

Urge your constituents to vote NO on expanded gaming, tell them that you will REWORK these compacts to give rights back to all Native Americans, give the unions their due and get the environmental impacts up. Do the right thing for the people of CA. Don't just do what feels good for you.


Anonymous said...

Why won't the Pechanga tribe allow members in?

During Prop 5, they said they would help all Indians. Were they lying?

OPechanga said...

It's purely greed. The initial reason was to give the enrollment committee a chance to "catch-up". Well, if your sole purpose is to ENROLL members, as is required by the Pechanga Constitution and Bylaws, it should take 10 years.

Anonymous said...

The moritorium has been in place now for over 5yrs. The enrollment committee still meets every Tuesday and Thursday's. What are they meeting for? Noone is being enrolled right????????????

Luiseno said...

Which brings up another question..... Just WHAT is the enrollment committee's job these days. If there not enrolling people, then what are they doing? Just sittling around collecting a fat paycheck eating donuts and drinking coffee?

OPechanga said...

They enrollment committee gets paid for each meeting day. Also, they get free meals at the casino.
Now, these people are getting per capita, plus getting paid, plus getting free meals AND they didn't want our Elders to have their rightful share.

NO on 94. Consider Yes on the rest.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing of keeping out eligible tribal members sucks! All the people that are stuck have a right to be enrolled even if you just found out yesterday that your relative was from there .Mark Macarro and countless others were not born there and live there since day one but, if you can prove your ancestors were than that's the whole deal.You are who you are and that's that.Your ancestors were there 125 years ago when the reservation was created for their future generations and that means just that. The future. I am sorry that my Great Great Grandmother and Great Grandmother couldn't have lived to be a 130years old and I bet if they did you people on the enrollment police probadly would disrespect them to their faces,instead you choose to disrespect their bones turned to ashes in the Pechanga Burial Grounds where they have been since the 1880's and late 1900's that's not including my other realatives there also.Oh but, I was not there in 1996 because who knows why and now I am out.What a absolute load of garbage! It is breaking the laws of our constitution and that's the truth plain and simple.Also I am not angry at the people that got disenrolled it sucks also but, at least you got to be part of our tribe for a long time I am sure there were some of you that voted for the moritoruim and some that did not. Sometimes you do not know the pain you cause others when you do the things you do at a certain time and place until it comes out some time later in your life when you realize WHY! Did I treat that person that way? It feels really bad and you become more compassionate towards your own people and I think that this is what has happened.So I thank you all that are trying to help out those around you that are having problems also. It is people like you disenrolled that have made us in the moritorium finally have a voice.When no one cared it was pretty rough and it still is but, you have created an outlet.So I Thank you,Thank you all.