Friday, August 28, 2015

Questions for AS Indian Affairs' Kevin Washburn on Abuse in Indian Country and the BIA's Involvement

Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs
Thousands of Native Americans have been harmed by our OWN TRIBES, with the BIA's tacit approval.  Yet, we can't get Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs to go on record against tribes who do this.  WHY?  We have some questions here, if you have more, the COMMENTS are open.

1. What is the BIA's and the U.S. governments responsibility to protect the individual Indian from harm by their own tribes?  

2. Is there a requirement that a tribal member be Native American?  If not, does a Non Indian tribal member have more Native rights than a true Native American disenrolled member in the eyes of the BIA?

3. When are you going to show leadership for the BIA, and step in to support bringing ALL the disenrolled and unrecognized indian people home--where we belong!

4. Since the BIA must approve all tribal constitutions, why does the BIA not act when tribes do not follow their constitutions, such as not giving due process, which happens when fair hearings aren't allowed?

5. What responsibility do you have to correct the mistakes or wrongdoing by your predecessors or their staffs, Such as the San Pasqual Applicant descendant matter?

6. WHY do we need the Bureau of Indian Affairs, if your department is NOT upholding their fiduciary responsibility to Native Americans

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