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Anatomy of Pala Disenrollments: The Final Vote To Disenroll the Brittens

 I've been giving space to our friends from Pala, that were disenrolled 3 years ago.  Here's what may be the final installment in the Britten family saga, to date, with more to come on other Pala matters. OF COURSE, it includes more incompetence from the BIA.  Please Read, please share, please tweet.

Which vote have we not talked about yet? Kilma Lattin? Kilma Lattin voted against the disenrollment of the Britten family after reviewing the evidence submitted by the Britten family as requested by the PBMI Executive Committee. So who is left that can tout Cupeño and justify the vote to disenroll the Cupeño Indians of Pala. The man who insisted that Margarita Britten was only ½ Indian and the man who probably poisoned the ear of Robert Smith is Leroy Nolasquez/Miranda, Jr. Yes Leroy Miranda, Jr. you too cannot escape the facts of the 1928 California Indian Judgment Roll (CIJR). Where to begin?

There are eight Nolasquez 1928 CIJR Applications. Carolina Nolasquez, No. 1256, Cecilio Nolasquez, No. 1257, Felipe Nolasquez, No. 1258, Louis Nolasquez, No. 1259, Rafael Nolasquez, No. 1230, Ramon Nolasquez, No. 1261, Roscinda Nolasquez, No. 1262 and Salvador Nolasquez, No. 1263.

The simple fact that every single Nolasquez Application occurs in numerical sequence should scream out that there is something wrong, seriously wrong with the 1928 CIJR. Convince me that every single member of the Nolasquez family sat down at the same table and filled out their applications and submitted them together so that this numerical sequence could occur. There is no way.

Now that Leroy Miranda, Jr. has fought his battle let us use his way and explore the depths of the Nolasquez family.

Sylverio Nolasquez was the grand Patriarch of the Nolasquez family. He is mentioned in seven of the eight Nolasquez applications as being Mexican. The grand Matriarch of the Nolasquez family was Merced Saubel. None of the eight Nolasquez applications mention who her mother is. As a matter of fact, there is absolutely no other history recorded on Merced Saubel in the 1928 CIJR’s. Yet she is listed as Full Blood.   How can that be?

So based on these facts and the new rule of the Executive Committee to utilize the fraudulent 1928 CIJR, we must determine that Merced Saubel is ½ Indian. At least we can say that she is Cupeño. Oh yes, she is also the sister of Margarita Britten. Supposedly we don’t know the father of Margarita Britten but we do know that Miguella Owlinguish was the mother of Margarita Britten and not the mother of Merced Saubel yet the Nolasquez family declares that the two are sisters. Why did Margarita’s children call her auntie Merced (Pronounced Mersay)? Could it be that they had the same father? Sorry, I have already gone beyond the brain capacity of the PBMI Executive Committee.
Let us continue. Since we are only interested in the blood line of Leroy Miranda, Jr. we will just stick with that line. Merced Saubel/Nolasquez had Salvador Nolasquez and his father was Sylverio Nolasquez, a Mexican. So since Merced is only ½ and Sylverio is Mexican that would make Salvador ¼ Indian.

Salvador Nolasquez is the father of Roscinda Nolasquez. Nowhere in the application of Salvador Nolasquez does it say who his wife was but he does confirm that his father is Mexican. Utilizing the application of Salvador Nolasquez, App. No. 1263 CIJR we would have to determine Roscinda Nolasquez as being 1/8 Indian. Salvador does list that he has a daughter named Carolina but she does not have a 1928 CIJR App.

Roscinda Nolasquez lists her mother as Candalarea Chutnicut. In researching the Chutnicut 1928 CIJR Apps, only Francisco Chutnicut claims his family to be Mateos Chutnicut as does Roscinda Nolasquez but Francisco Chutnicut does not list Candalarea as his daughter.

So let’s take a minute to look at the Chutnicut line. Yes they did live at Warner Springs/Agua Caliente but according to Roscinda Nolasquez, Jane Hill and Shasta Gaughn they were considered “Foreigners” by the Cupeño because they were not from there. They were allowed to live there and they adopted the ways of the Cupeño People but they were not Cupeño. It is not me saying this. Just ask hired gun Shasta Gaughn who got her Doctorate for writing this up. Clara Chutnicut says she is San Luiseno. Bernardina Chutnicut says she is San Luiseno. Rosa Mystica Chutnicut identifies herself as San Luiseno. This information is in 1928 CIJR Apps. Nos. 1153, 1156 and 1157.

So given that Roscinda Nolasquez, as a self-declared “Foreigner” of Warner Springs is left to count the Indian blood of Merced Saubel, Mother Unknown.  Oh my gosh!! Lights and Bells, Lights and Bells. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Merced Saubel’s father isn’t even listed in the 1928 CIJR’s. Using the PBMI Executive Committee rules, this would make Merced Saubel 100% non-Indian.

So where does this notion come from that Merced Saubel’s father was Pelegrino Saubel. Gee, would it be the same sworn testimony given by her children that she and Margarita Britten had the same father. So Leroy Miranda Jr., if you claim that your ancestors are liars then they must be lying about Pelegrino being the father of Merced too.

Where can we go from here? Merced Saubel now according to Robert Smith is non-Indian. Roscinda Nolasquez is a “Foreigner Non-Indian”. I guess that is the end of the line. Looks like Robert Smith is going to have his hands full disenrolling all those Lavatos
We will cut some slack here. Let’s go ahead and give Merced her ½ degree of Indian Blood since Pelegrino is her father and the father of Margarita Britten. So it goes, Merced Nolasquez ½ Indian, Salvador Nolasquez ¼ Indian, Roscinda Nolasquez, 1/8th Indian, Robert Lavato, 1/16th Indian. OMG again!!! We have reached the end of the line for the Lavatos. No matter how you slice it and dice it Robert Smith has a lot of disenrolling to do.

This is the end of these stories. There are no more. But the story of injustice heaped upon the Britten family will continue because of selfish, ignorant, imbecile leadership.

So where is Leroy Miranda Jr. today? How many times has he been arrested? How many times has he been seen talking to the dirt and hopping around like a chicken? He crossed the line and you all know he crossed the line. Next time you see him tossing dirt in the air or being loaded once again in the back of a police car, know that there is justice. Our ancestors do care and they are watching over us. It is our ancestors that will continue to plague the families of those that have wronged us. How’s that witchcraft working for you Leroy?
There was a comment: If the Brittens do not care then why should we care?
Dear commenter, if you were a Cupeño you would understand that the Cupeño people are not known for their violence. It is a historical fact. You really exemplify and amplify some of the true problems with Pala. You have been raised to believe that violence is the same as caring. How sad.

It needs to be said that the Tribe never made the decision to disenroll anyone. As a matter of fact Robert Smith doesn’t even have a vote because of his status as Chair. So the truth is, four (4), yes only four (4) people voted to destroy the lives of more than 150 Cupeño Indians. Four (4) people who have no right or entitlement to the lands purchased for the benefit of the Warner Ranch Evictees. Only Kilma Lattin voted against the disenrollments because he took the time to review the facts. Keep telling yourself you have won and that this matter is over. When you meet our ancestors in the next world you will realize it is far from over.

Let the truth be known. Let the truth fall heavy upon those that believe just because they can scream louder, steal more and do nothing but lie that this is what makes them right. Most of all let them know that it will never make them Cupeño. You’ve just got to love those 1928 California Indian Judgment Roll facts. Right Leroy! Somebody please spell F-R-A-U-D for him and explain it to him. Sorry it is too late. They have already taken his mind. He is no more
We almost finished this story without pointing out another BIA foul up. Pala Allottee Number 90, Sylverio Nolasquez. Yes the BIA gave our Warner Ranch Evictee land to a Mexican citizen. It doesn’t get any worse than that. Now there is no more to tell.

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