Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who Opposes Expanded Gaming In CA?

We've all seen the commercial that is pro-expanded gaming with the Police Chief of San Miguel (pop. 1500) saying how much the state will make. ( or could make, such as, a meteor could make a big hole in San Miguel). But who opposes?

AIRRO - American Indian Rights & Resources Organization
California Federation of Teachers
LULAC - One of the first civil rights organizations
San Francisco Firefighters (pop. 850,000)
United Food & Commercial Workers(must be the "unions are corrupt" comment from Macarro
San Diego Labor Council (see "unions are corrupt" comment from Macarro of Pechanga)
Delores Huerta, c0-founder United Farm Workers)
Fresno County Democratic Central Committee
Temecula/Murrieta Open Space Preservation Organization

Disenrolled Native Americans of California (not organized yet, but over 3,000 in CA)

And many more,
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