Sunday, February 9, 2020

Faces of Disenrollment: Grandma Grace Fowler SAGINAW CHIPPEWA DISENROLLMENT:

Tomorrow is the FINAL Appeal in the recent Saginaw Chippewa disenrollments. I've corresponded with a few of them, and from their Facebook pages, I find some who are imploring their people to RESIST.  YOU can help by sharing this post on Social Media and offering up prayers for justice, that those hearing the appeal with do what is right and honorable.

Grandma Grace Fowler
Saginaw Chippewa 1937
Constitution Signatory

The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe has proceeded with Disenrollments and has changed it's Ordinance #14 to continue to exclude members of the Tribe. 

These changes include a " No statue of limitations" on membership dis-enrollment, meaning no one is safe, EVER, NO ONE!!! 

The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe also has the distinction of being one of only two tribes in the Unites states that disenroll deceased members. A disgrace to our ancestors and not the way of the true Saginaw Ojibwe Anishinabek!

Get involved, be informed, let your voices be heard. RISE UP AND FIGHT!

I am linking here to a column from Saginaw Chippewa disenrollee William Masterson  please read and learn more.  An excerpt:

Seven generations ago my paternal and maternal grandfathers, of whom I am a direct lineal descendant, signed the 1855 treaty that was used to establish Saginaw Chippewa tribal lands, yet I was recently notified of my disenrollment. 

I ask again, how can this be? The newly elected Tribal Council can correct the deficiencies in the way in which membership is determined, but they need to hear it from the community. 

Tell them you do not want a system in which some members can be picked and chosen for membership by Council motion while others in the exact same circumstance are disenrolled. 

Tell them you do not want leaders that prefer taking the easy path rather than providing true leadership. Tell them you do not want leaders that shun their responsibilities solely based on what is good for them politically. Tell them you want leadership that addresses issues based on honest and truthful assessments of the facts before them.


Wally Pamame said...

As far as I know the Saginaw Chippawa Indian tribe is the only tribe in Michigan that are dis-enrolling members,how can this be?that thier the only tribe in Michigan that have members that don't BELONG or is it because thier the only tribe yhat have a council thats corrupt and greedy-right is right-wrong is wrong,may the great spirit have mercy on thier souls when they take the walk too yhe land of souls..


The ONLY REASON Frank Cloutier the CHAIRMAN of tribe SAID: "the Tribe does not comment on matters of disenrollment, Because he hides behind his WICKED INTENTIONS. THIS COCK ROOSTER SUCKER knows WEll That his Hidden AGENDA is to disenroll as many as possible in order to generate higher per-capita payments,To his remaining natives who may be actually Traitors and Non blood natives. John Wheaton, who joined the tribe in 1986, “before there was money,” In his tribe".. Needs to pray and organize the biggest Protest in Hell fire, So that these Infidels in his tribe should know that they can just disenroll there own people and slap the faces of their collateral ancestors. Come on now, to much of this is going on GREED, STRIFE, and WICKEDNESS...We see right thru this tribes chairman..he must be related to ALLEN LAWSON and DAVID Toler of THE TRASK CONSPIRACY.. Yall need an attorney like The Irish Diamond.

Anonymous said...

In an 2014 article, Frank Cloutier, than spokesman for the tribe, said that the Tribal Council views ( dis-enrollments) as issues of EMPLOYMENT!!
Not a membership issue but an employment issue!!
The 1982 base Roll is nothing more than a list of who you know, they trace to NOTHING!! In a 1998 report by James Mills, he stated the 1982 Roll does not have to trace while the true Saginaw Chippewa are being dis-enrolled.
They are a dis-honor to the signers of the 1855 and 1864 treaties, they do not honor the ancestors who signed for the Isabella Reservation!!

Anonymous said...

In 2009 the Fowler family was DISMISSED with PREJUDICE in their second dis-enrollment hearing only to be over turned by the Tribes appellate court in 2014. It was overturned 5 years after the case was dismissed because the Tribal Council made a resolution to their Ordinance #14 allowing them to re-open previous cases. The Tribal attorney's called it an administrative action to correct procedural issues, the paid for by the Tribe appellate court judges ruled they could reopen the cases. This family has been up for dis-enrollment three times, discriminated against by corrupt non- natives!!
The family was dis-enrolled in 2016!!
We need justice!!
All of the DIS-ENROLLED of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe NEED JUSTICE!!

Anonymous said...

The seated council now at the SCIT is the most corrupt I have ever seen. I'm part of the group that had their cases dismissed with prejudice. Should be a cut and dried case. Out in the real world these cases would have never been able to be looked at ever again however when you are able to live by your own rules and laws made by the swipe of a pen
by a group of corrupt people they ruin the lives of a lot of the people that truly belong to the tribe. Also tells us how deep the pockets are of the appellate judges. How three of them were bought and paid for is shameful. They thought we would go away quietly but we haven't and the fight is still on.



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