Thursday, July 28, 2011

Native American Caucus, Who Voted AGAINST Civil Rights For Indians, Looks to Lower Dues

Andrew Masiel Sr has sent out a missive that the Native American Caucus, which famously PAID for people to join the group to vote down a resolution on civil rights, will look to lower it's dues.   Then, they ask for people to join the Democratic Party.  Will they pay for more votes  with the help of Ron Andrade and L.A County?

Does this mean the Democratic Party supports the human and civil rights violations that Andrew Masiel has supported with his tribe, the Pechanga band of Luiseno Indians?   The are the second leading tribe when it comes to disenrollments and violations of due process in CA's Indian Country.

Disenrollment, Banishment and Moratoriums are going to be Andrew Masiel's legacy, along with the dishonoring of their tribal veterans.


Anonymous said...

Isnt andrew masiel from the leyva line.

Anonymous said...

Masiel and Miranda heavy 'donors' to politicians.

Anonymous said...

Not with their own money, they are pretty cheap for millionaires.

Anonymous said...

Yep Andrew is from the Leyva line that means he pure Mexican

Anonymous said...

i guess you have to be pure mexican to belong to a tribe!VIVA MEXICO!

Anonymous said...

Shameless Ladrones!

Anonymous said...

I bet their ID cards are green cards

smokeybear said...


Anonymous said...

All of the comments above do not help your cause. Venting here with no action just makes you look weak. Why hasn't there been a sit-in on our reservation yet? All talk, no guts, can't walk the walk. Look to the leaders of the Civil Rights Era for inspiration. This is so amazing.

Here's a fictional story for you: A man is born in the United States. He has all of the Constitutional rights as everyone else. Suddenly, a committee put together by the ruling party's lobbyists finds that though the man was born a U.S. Citizen, his great great great grandfather was born in Canada, and find that he was not a citizen, despite the fact that the committee had proof from an expert that his great great great grandfather was actually born in the U.S. The committee revokes the man's U.S. Citizenship, and he is left to poverty and is stripped of his heritage and property. All of the other U.S. Citizens don't say anything, because they're afraid that the committee will rule on them too. They don't want to lose their benefits.

Sad, until one understands that that is pretty much what happened to all of you. It should then turn to anger.

I encourage you to keep looking at the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement for ideas. Your situation isn't dissimilar to what happened to Africans during the slave trade.

Tribal Africans were forcibly removed from their homeland, and stripped of their heritage, land, rights, and dignity. It was only after many generations and resistance to the status-quo that allowed black Americans to live on (almost) equal ground as their white brethren. If certain leaders never resisted, blacks would never have had the right to be citizens of the U.S.

Your protests are weak and small in number. Your protesters show up when it is convenient. You wear t shirts, sunglasses and sub-par clothing when you protest. Your signs are a joke. You do nothing more than stand on a road, break no laws, and quietly recede at the end of the day.

Look to the Civil Rights Movement. Protesters were ALWAYS in their Sunday-Best. Their signs had clear messages. More than that, they showed up in force. They didn't just have peaceful law abiding rallies, they had peaceful resistance that weren't always legal. Blacks weren't allowed on the buses, they weren't allowed to drink out of the white fountains, they weren't allowed on white beaches, they weren't allowed to go to schools... it was only when some dared to defy those rules that REAL CHANGE happened.

I dare you to create REAL CHANGE for your people. If you marched on to the reservation in a peaceful protest of resistance, maybe the rest of your non-Indian community would march with you, just like the brave whites marched with their black brothers when things were still separate and not equal. Some of you are entitled to land on your reservation, but you are not allowed to set foot on it. You are being denied access to your own land. Let them bring the Feds into this to arrest you. Call for the FBI to protect your civil rights as you march HOME!

Don't let THIS call fade away on this blog. If you want your heritage back, seize it!

Anonymous said...

i agree if you want your heritage back seize it--i was really surprised you have not done so yet??