Friday, February 28, 2020

CNN on MIssing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Trump's Help

Paula Castro-Stops wears a button showing her daughter, Henny Scott, near where the girl was found dead.
Courtesy CNN
Paula Castro-Stops

On a cloudy winter afternoon, a few dozen people stand outside the courthouse in Hardin, Montana, holding banners and signs bearing the photos of young Native American women. In below-freezing temperatures and against an abrasive wind, they read out the names of 24 women and girls they say have 
gone missing or been killed.

If you are on TWITTER, go to this tweet and REPLY and thank them for this story, and ASK they do one on tribal Disenrollment
They read the names to remember and to honor, but also to shame local, state and federal officials whom they accuse of ignoring their women when perhaps they could have been helped.
Everyone in the group has had a loved one go missing or even found dead. And every one says there has been no help or explanation.   READ THE FULL STORY

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