Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Elizabeth Warren, Her Trail of JEERS Nearing End, Campaign on LIFE SUPPORT

Serial Liar, Elizabeth Warren
NOt even her fantasy Native American connections and high cheekbones can save her campaign. In the land of the Abenaki, Malecite, Passamaquoddy and Pennacook, She finished a distant fourth, barely eking out a lead over old Joe Biden.

Have we seen the last of her?  We can only hope.   She told this story last night:
 A young girl came up to me tonight and said, “I’m a broke college student with a lot of student loan debt. I checked and I have $6 in the bank—so I just gave $3 to keep you in this fight.” We’re staying in this fight for the people who are counting on us.
A politician who would take half the life savings of a college student, rather than, say, "Hey, keep yur money and come work the phones for me"  or "I won't take your money, please knock on doors instead"  is NOT who we should have leading our country. but it is indicative of what her presidency would look like, taking our tax cuts away, for failures of this magnitude.

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