Thursday, July 9, 2015

Native American Tribe FIRED Donald Trump, REMEMBER? 29 Palms Band Terminated The Donald's Contract

Yes, Native Americans told DONALD TRUMP, YOU'RE FIRED!  The 29 Palms Band had hired Donald Trump's Company to run  it's casino.

In April 2002 Hotel Online reported

Trump signed a deal in May 2000 to manage the former Spotlight 29 for the tribe, shortly after voters approved Proposition 1A allowing the use of Nevada-style slot machines in Native American casinos. 
The developer helped secure $60 million in loans for the tribe to build the new venture. "They've helped us a lot," Mike said. "This is a big step for a small tribe." 

"We've done a very good job and they [the tribe] appreciate it," Trump said. 

The tribe will pay Trump 30 percent of the casino's net annual revenue, the maximum allowed by Indian gaming laws, tribal officials said. 

The management agreement is for five years, the maximum allowed by the National Indian Gaming Commission. While all Indian casinos report revenues to the commission, neither the casinos nor the commission divulge specific financial information to the public.

But it didn't LAST LONG, from ICT in Jan. 2005

Another California tribe, the 29 Palms Band of Mission Indians, recently fired Donald Trump, whose bankrupt casino company had been managing its Trump 29 Palms casino east of Palm Springs.

Read more at Indian Country Today from 2005  and this article too which says 29 Palms paid $6 million to get rid of Trump's contract

The tribal owner of the Trump 29 Casino plans to buy out the management contract of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, which has overseen operations there since April 2002, and sever its ties to the legendary gaming company.
The Twentynine Palms Band of Mission Indians will also give up the rights to the Trump name, which it has used for multiple promotions over the years.
"They want to once and for all take it back and operate it like they did before, putting their own pride back into it," said tribal attorney Gary Kovall by phone. From 1994 to 2002, the tribe operated the Coachella casino as Spotlight 29.
Under the terms of its contract with Trump Hotels, the tribe has the right to buy out the management contract beginning in April 2005. Both sides agreed to accelerate the date by a few months, Kovall said.
The Twentynine Palms Band will pay Trump Hotels $6 million, said Scott Butera, executive vice president of the Atlantic City, N.J.-based casino firm.

Is Donald THAT hard to get along with??


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Trump made a good business deal and the Tribe finally made enough money to be self sufficient.

Anonymous said...

In reality the tribe simply did not like the way trump dealt with their people and customers and he had no business sense for moving forward. All he wanted was a free ride but the bus already said...

If I believe right trump had agreement to manage the casino, his take was 30%, the Indians did good by terminating there relationship. They now operate giving the state 20% of the stake, to the state of California.
They also opened a nice smaller casino, called turtlerock, in twentynine palms its pleasent but filled with smoke.