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Indian Country Disaster: Tribal Disenrollments, Moratorium & Corruption Bring 21st Century Bloodless Genocide

Over 11,000 Native Americans STRIPPED of citizenship
                                (Photo by Madeline Cuevas)
Learn about the corruption and abuses of civil rights of Native Americans by their OWN TRIBES.   Sitting on the sidelines is NOT a good tactic to win this struggle.  Copying ,Pasting, Sharing, Tweeting, Emailing, Faxing, Phoning  are all proper arrows in the quiver...

 This post has links to many stories that have ended with over 11,000 Indians, suffering harm from our tribes, coupled with the failure of the BIA/Federal Govts to handle their trust responsibilities.

Sharing each link means FEWER people can say "We didn't KNOW".  There is a search bar on the upper left of the blog.

Learn More on Disenrollment in Indian  Country at these Links:

Tribal disenrollment is paper Genocide
CA Tribal Cleansing
TRIBAL TERRORISM includes Moratoriums and Banishment

Disenrollment Stories by Tribe:

Redding Rancheria: Disenrolling Their First tribal Chair in 2002
Robert Foreman Redding Rancheria > 14 years disenrolled
Redding Rancheria Family Disenrolled after being forced to dig up ancestor

Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians: 60% of the tribe, exterminated.
Yes, 60 percent.  Including Chukchansi language speakers, 80 year old elders and children. UPDATE: 2022 brings MORE disenrollment

Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians
Picayune Rancheria  > So bad, even the NEW YORK TIMES got it
Chukchansi thuggery
Nancy Ayala > Native American Hall of Shame member
Chukchansi disenrollment
Chukchansi Council Dispute

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians
Disenroll Members in Two Waves: 2004 and 2006

Because this relates to my family, and the impetus for this blog, there are many stories here, on the disenrollment for POWER and Greed.

APISH Manuela Miranda Descendants 2004 
Their own cousins, got them out the tribe.

Manuela Miranda
Elder Abuse at Pechanga
How Moratorium People are affected
Moratorium People

HUNTER FAMILY  Disenrolled in 2006

Hunter family Out, Expert says Tribe is WRONG
Pechanga’s corrupt tribal council
READ Corruption Exposed…
Pechanga's Culture of corruption
Child molester's word is accepted
KCBS Does Article on Disenrollment at Pechanga
Pechanga’s Apartheid Reservation: Segregatin NOW and Forever

Saginaw Chippewa Disenrollment

Saginaw Chippewa Seeks Investigation over Recognition
Saginaw Chippewa JUDGES say Tribe CAN Ruin lives...
Disenroll Saginaw Chippewa to SAVE MONEY
Disrespecting the Saginaw Chippewa Ancestors
Spineless BIA is MIA in Michigan

PALA Tribe Disenrolls over 150 Members Britten Family Ousted

Pala Disenrollments from LA TIMES
Pala dispute leads to extermination of Indians
Pala Band of Mission Indians Terminates 154
Pala Disenrolls families
Pala disenrollments led to hardship

San Pasqual has two issues: Disenrollment & moratorium

San Pasqual Evictions
San Pasqual suffers wrath of BIA
BIA's Larry Echo Hawk SUED by San Pasqual disenrolled

and Theft of Heritage

San Pasqual Must Lose Right to Run Valley View
San Pasqual Members DENIED their Civil Rights says BIA

Robinson Rancheria

Robinson Rancheria Moves forward on Disenrollments
Robinson Rancheria Story
Tracey Avila


Berry Creek Rancheria
Laytonville Rancheria
Nooksack Disenrollment
Elem Attorney Decries Disenrollments
Cherokee Freedmen; Racism for Slave Descendants
Snoqualmie Tribe Oneida Tribe Disenroll, then EVICT
Grand Ronde Disenrollment: Loss of Identity and Belonging 

Tribal Orgs that IGNORE, or HELP Disenrolling Tribes

ACLU defends KKK, but not aggrieved Natives
Andrew Masiel Helps Native American Caucus Be Against Civil Rights
Native American Caucus
California Tribal Business Alliance

Other pertinent issues, ICRA and Articles

UCLA Professor's Disenrollment Article SMACKED DOWN
Are Native Americans Entitled to Civil RIGHTS?
Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez Fallback Position for Courts
Appeals Court Laughs at Congress.. 
ICRA Needs Teeth
Native American Bar Says Disenrollment Immoral
Tribal Sovereignty a disaster with Disenrollment
10 Things YOU can Do....


Anonymous said...

Look at all of these disenrollments after the Casinos opened. Obviously it is about money and power on the part of the Tribal Leaders. The hurtful words and gestures by our own relatives who have been part of our lives for ever and we used to sit, laugh, drink, and eat together and now they flip us off, threaten us on the road, drive by our homes and yell or shoot their guns, all so that the Tribal Leader can continue to steal from the people and banish rightful members. These loyal followers are fools, because when their leaders go down, they will tumble along with them. It is so shameful how they act, and I know their ancestors are highly disappointed in them.

Anonymous said...

you forgot to add the disenrollments at San Pasqual.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that the Gangs that were accused of the Murders in Pala
go after their accusers and confront them or whatever???.
That would be Robert Smith and Theresa Nieto.
If it was the Escondido Gangs, I am sure that Theresa Nieto and her husband know some of them, that's where they were raised and went to school. So the Gangbangers are their Homeys.
Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

They banish real Indians, yet they elect criminals to the Council like convicted Felons like that slimey Basquez. Wasn't his father part of the group that pushed for disenrollment? Wait until the economy takes another big drop or Calif allows online gambling. Goodbye big per cap Checks. How much water is that huge new addition going to use California voters? We have to restrict our use and let our grass and plants die, yet they get to add a WATER PARK.? REALLY.?

Anonymous said...

@ 2:07 pm
And also Dion Perez was also raised in Escondido and went to the same schools as his first cousin, Theresa (Eagleton)Nieto and her Husband
Roy (Roybal)Nieto, so he also would more than likely know some of the Escondido Gang Members.
So don't tell me that the Pala EC is not involved somehow with the
Murders and the crimes being committed in Pala.

Anonymous said...

If that is true, then Dion had a hand in his own brother's (Bruce) murder. That would be horrible, just horrible, I hope and pray that it is not true about Dion,but I do feel Robert is responsible for all of it, because of his lack of good leadership, and the evil he perpetuates.

rose andy said...
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Cacey Taylor said...
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Unknown said...
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David Charles B-Ware-Smedley TPO said...

UNDRIP provides guarantees Enforcement of Rights to all native peoples both individually and collectively. Which means our revived ways of doing things are the legal way. In that vein we are entitled to either seek admittance into another tribe through the central Lodge or establish your own following traditional Ways and receiving recognition from others who choose to give patronage also known as sponsors.
The Prince Orono
Benedict Medicine Lodge ne Abenaki
"Bridge the Gap to Heal the Divide"
Great Lakes Maritime Capital
Ambassadorial District ne Odanak

Unknown said...

Lezlie Grigone said...
Next level disenrollment - Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria
Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria Next Level Disenrollment

Culprits such as Chairman Greg Sarris are few among California's sovereign nations tribal leadership. Thousands of California Indians have been violated by those few. Chairman Sarris acted with malice and forethought. When questioned by the 9th Circuit Court, under oath, Chairman Sarris testified he made a mistake.
Subsequent to being ousted from my duly elected Office of Tribal Secretary I complained and received a 5 year disciplinary sanction. I served more than eight (8) years on that 5 year sentence.
The BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) is not a judiciary and are not equipped to act like a judiciary for Tribes without a constitutional accountability avenue. As sovereign nations, accountability is on us, not the federal government. There will always be culprits.
I didn't receive my ID card until Feb 2013,in April 2013 a formal complaint against Chairman Greg Sarris for his abuses and offenses was filed and received/acknowledged by both the Tribal Vice Chairperson and the Tribal Secretary, no hearings were held.
While Sarris can talk circles, he can't write his way out without fully manning up that he acted with malice and self-thought AND yes he did make a mistake - he messed with the wrong woman. No tribal member is safe.

Lezlie Grigone
Tribal Elder

Anonymous said...

You know as a Nation you have been abused through out history , That so many Moons passed "as you guys would say " Now you have become the abusers ...just read whats happening i'm i right?

Anonymous said...

Wrong. Most abusers don't change. Their shadows just grow and grow. They don't make it to the Spirit World. Nature composts them. They have to remain below in total emptiness, total darkness, and no one to hear their screams. That place is real and that is where their choices take them.

Unknown said...

2018. Sarrisland & the Ides of March: Motion to the Court of Public Opinion
My fate is in the hands of the General Council on April 14, 2018. I have been extremely provoked for fifteen (15) years of Sarris's unconscionable vendetta and abuses. Tribal members fear they or their family member will be targeted as evidenced by my daughter was threatened which is why I chose to take my case to the Court of Public Opinion in the first place. Without (ICRA) Indian Civil Rights Act protections, tribal members are not safe. The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is not a judiciary and are not equipped to handle these matters.

2012 From the first letter to the Court of Public Opinion
When will I stop being cheated. When questioned by the 9th Circuit Court, the Chairman said he made a mistake. The Chairman is highly educated, knew what he was doing, acted with malice and forethought but he testified he made a mistake so let's go with that. As far as mistakes go this was a dozy, it caught the attention of the 9th Circuit Court. The Chairman never apologized to me; as a matter of fact subsequent to being ousted from my duly elected Office of Tribal Secretary I complained and received a 3 to 5 year disciplinary sanction. I have already served more than eight (8) years on this sentence. The Chairman is the leader of a sovereign people, a small group of 1300+ persons, many elderly and children. When will I stop being cheated?

2013 Formal Gross Malfeasance charges filed. No hearings scheduled.
This is a 'he said/ she said' complaint. I said he did it on purpose, he said it was a mistake; either way he did it! Chairman Sarris does not get to cheat and hurt tribal members for years on end, not even by mistake. At a minimum he is guilty of gross malfeasance for his failure to take responsibility for his mistake long before now. I was exiled, kicked out, what we pride ourselves on not doing Chairman Sarris did to me. Chairman Sarris's actions have been vile towards me. I know other tribal members fear it could happen to them. I know his offenses are abhorrent to other sovereign people. I know Sarris is a threat to our communities.

Unknown said...

2014 PUBLIC NOTICE - conduct unbecoming a public employee
Chairman Sarris established a 'two strikes rule'. If a tribal member telephones the tribe and is angry 2 times, they can be kicked out and denied services. My daughter had been denied services, instead she was ridiculed and threatened "Greg Sarris kicked her mother out and he can kick her out also."

Spring 2015. Sarris ethics woes: Motion to the Court of Public Opinion
Taxpayer supported academias are watching you. The chairman is also Professor Greg Sarris of Sonoma State University and holds a position of great honor, prestige and must be of upstanding character. To date, he has been unable to man up, unable to apologize/make amends. He has a moral clause and can not be the case study for circumventing responsibility, for surreptitiously avoiding accountability, for cheating.
California State Legislators are watching you. They are at a loss on how to deal with tyrants like Sarris. When the California voter said "yes" to casinos it was with the premise we would do right by ourselves. Turns out, we missed a beat; we are a people, people have disputes, there is no place or way to resolve disputes; no place to do right by ourselves.
Tribes across California, 500 Nations are watching you; many a Constitution bound entity. Our Constitutions are not secret documents.
Tribal members are watching you. Who is safe, who will he cheat and who among you will protect us? Look in your mirror, you chose to be a leader

Fall 2015. Motion to the Court of Public Opinion, threat from Sarris….
Threat received via FedEx – if I approach, confront or question Sarris in public or any way embarrass him he will charge me with harassment and kick me out of again.
One in the spring and one in the fall, 2 letters a year is not harassment. 15 years ago after being ousted I sent 3 tart email, Sarris threatened to sic the LA County Sheriff on me; 3 tart emails were not ‘harassment’ then and do not substantiate ‘a pattern of harassment’ today. Phone contact prohibited by Sarris’s edict. I was relieved as I found him to be a massively annoying long-talker. He harassed me telephonically. He would call my answering service repeatedly leaving long long messages, it was his regime you were required to listen to his voice for hours. There are no legal advisors to assist one in the Sarrisland court. No hearing is ever scheduled on charges lodged against Sarris. Sarris is a master talker, mesmerizing to some, he could not outtalk the 9th circuit court. By ousting me he invalidated everybody’s vote, he corrupted the government and with this corrupt act established ominous control – ‘Do what he wants and don’t talk back’.

Doris Lessing described the situation in her 1962 women's liberation novel "the Golden Notebook'. ...was center because of his absolute certainty that he was right. He was a master of dialectic, could be very subtle and intelligent in diagnosing a social problem, could be, even in the same sentence stupidly dogmatic. As time went on he became steadily more heavy minded. Yet the odd thing was that people continued to revolve around him, people much subtler than he, even when they knew he was talking nonsense. It was terrifying that this could be true. . . - This was written more than 50 years ago. Sarris is intelligent. 30 years ago he wrote a story that was somewhat successful, he showed promise. . . Sarris chose to teach and used his gift of gab to propel himself to a tenured position. Sweet, a success story, and then there's his 'who's gonna check me, boo?' legacy.

Unknown said...

Fall 2017. My fate in the hands of General Council April 14 , 2018
Hold Chairman Greg Sarris accountable for maliciously abusing his power/office to engage in a fifteen (15) year unconscionable personal vendetta, for surreptitiously avoiding accountability and placing blame on others, For Gross Malfeasance. Sarris in essence raped/violated me and used the threat of being so raped/violated as leverage to keep others in line.

Please pray for Lorelle Ross and Gene Buvelot to give them the support, insight and strength of character to stand make and second a motion I not be kicked out again.
Thank you


Lezlie Grigone,
Tribal Elder
Tyrannicide Rights Advocate

Anonymous said...

I think that the federal government should take back the lands they own.the federal government should not recognize any person in the united states as being indigenous or native american.i am sure the federal government would be more than happy to bring the disputes to a pleasant end.then there are the people who want be Indian and live like an they claim to be an Indian because it is like a sense of belong to something and a sense of being wanted.also there are a few people who culture grasp.then you got those people who have became lost and forgot what it means to be an Indian .when the federal government let tribes own casinos they started think of themselves and forgot about being providers for all of the tribes people. even before the casinos started popping up there were issues with tribal membership.the Indian ancestors would be ashamed of these people and with the tribes of today.maybe all these tribal council people have that 18 inch Indian in them.where the think with there cabeza and forget about where there heart is.i also heard that to be an Indian you need to be full.