Tuesday, February 11, 2020

BIA DOCS Confirms Wrongdoing in Pechanga Tribe FOIA Release to Researcher Emilio Reyes.

We've posted extensively about the FOIA issues researcher Emilio Reyes has been having with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  NOW, through a subsequent FOIA REQUEST we have uncovered more evidence of BIA wrongdoing in handling tribal records. This time at the Riverside Office.  Virgil Townsend was the supervisor of Riverside in the 80's.

As we proceed, bear in mind that a Pechanga tribal member, was employed by the BIA and elders say that Irehne Basquez Scearce, had made changes to the 1940 census while under their employ.
WHY?  Because she and her splinter group cohorts wanted to USE the 1940 census as the basis for tribal membership.
WHY?  Because her family was NOT on the original Pechanga censuses like Paulina Hunter was.
WHY?  Because they aren't really PECHANGA descendants

The tribe reportedly voted her OFF the enrollment committee for this disgraceful act, yet the then chairwoman who is currently disenfranchised Jennie Masiel Miranda REFUSED to kick her off the committee. Miranda is the NIECE of Scearce.  FAMILY Trumps Truth.

Concerning the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Census. we have two records shown, one, from the National Archives which shows on page 51, I'm going to embed this one (Click to enlarge)

The BIA's version they sent to the Archive is different than what they released to Reyes.  Forgive the layout, Here's the version the BIA sent:

Questions arise from both first pages:
1. How is it that the Leivas family could FORGET they have children from 9-14 years old?
2. Why would the changes be handwritten, if not added later?
3. Who could change them?A Leivas family member worked at the BIA
4. Why would the handwritten information be REDACTED?
5. Why were the Basquez family entered as VASQUEZ?

NOW, LOOK on PAGE 2 of the second, because this is HISTORY MAKING and worthy of a shaman predicting the future.

On page two of the 1940 census, that the BIA sent for a FOIA response, there are ADDITIONS to the 1940 census.

People born up to 40 YEARS after the census, magically were added. How can that BE?  The BIA couldn't even HIDE the evidence of corruption here?  And WHY would their STILL BE REDACTIONS?  Many of the entries are STILL alive, wouldn't the same rules apply?  Or could the redaction be to cover a former employee of the agency who added FAMILY.

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Anonymous said...

Was Virgil Townsend a registered member of Pechanga?

Unknown said...

The BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) is not a judiciary and are not equipped to act like a judiciary for Tribes without a constitutional accountability avenue. As sovereign nations, accountability is on us, not the federal government. There will always be culprits. In my case; a highly intelligent and educated deluded narcissist without the strength of character to man up. Without a constitutional accountability avenue, no tribal member is safe.
Lezlie Grigone
Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria

OPechanga said...

The BIA is required to fulfill the FOIA requests. They are an agency of the federal government and should not be changing censuses 20 years after the dates.
They should NOT be covering up for culprits in their employ.
They should speak OUT against injustices.
They should NOT stand by while Indians are being abused by corrupt chairman and councils wield sovereignty as a club....

Anonymous said...

That's the blasphemy!! Courts rule in favor of tribes like they are a club. How can your identity be stripped because the courts say the clubs can do whatever they like. Its the most ridiculous thing ever.

Anonymous said...

If Irene change these documentations in the B.I.A. did she not commit a crime as a employee of an government agencies

Anonymous said...

Of course ,Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242 - Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

Acts under "color of any law" include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the bounds or limits of their lawful authority, but also acts done without and beyond the bounds of their lawful authority; provided that, in order for unlawful acts of any official to be done under "color of any law," the unlawful acts must be done while such official is purporting or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties.

Anonymous said...

A person sued the BIA and Pechanga with this section "pro se," and the court or Federal Judge allowed him to amend and move forward on the BIA complaint but he never went forward.

These are costly complaint's.

Anonymous said...

Also Sec. 241. Conspiracy against rights were in his complaint.

Anonymous said...

Good question, BIA should answer why these records have redactions.

Anonymous said...

Because terrorists will do anything to steal money from the pechanga casino.Just like OIL to jihads.

Anonymous said...

Joe Liska was suing the BIA and Echohawk and at the same time Echohawk was eating dinner with the Pechanga Council during the case ? (Collusion big time ) poor fucks don't rate,.

WeRone said...

Our ancestors were shunned, ignored, forcefully moved, and had to adapt to the outsiders who did not respect them in anyway at all. Recorded history is available and in my ancestors favor "Paulina Hunter et al." is available in certified copies. The sad part is in Pechanga elders gave recorded depositions who were alive during the reservations creation. They were questioned and gave oral depositions about Paulina Hunter and her heirs of her 20 acre allotted land. All the sudden the Pechanga band said we don't care what elders were recorded saying! Even though elders of Pechanga recorded and knew Paulina Hunter and her children, and census records of Pechanga in the 1890's showed they occupied the reservation with all the cousins, the current council shunned, ignored, forcefully removed Paulina Hunter family from the Pechanga rolls. Crazy and TRUE!

Anonymous said...

it's only going to get worse because Congress is to chicken shit to step up to the plate and stop this corruption of chairman and their councils.

Brother, cousin, friend... said...

Pechanga, to repair then heal this great community trama, must be the source. We are cast of the same trama. A long time trama gone untended. Once we find the multitude ways to properly respect our ancestors our healing will begin. Uni moc moc aho

Anonymous said...

It funny if you look up John Macarro the same person that stole money from Pechanga but his brother Mark wont let him be disenfranchise. he is on the tribal council and the head lawyer for Pechanga even thought he couldn't pass the California bar exam 3 times. Lying, cheating and steeling is the new Pechanga like Antonio Ashman would say. oh ya Mark doesn't care what Mr. Ashman say. he has made it clear by ignoring Mr. Ashman depositions.

Anonymous said...

During the allotment creation at Pechanga, several other Pechanga elders who were alive during the reservations creation both gave Certified oral deposition and recognized that Paulina Hunter and her children are Pechanga! It is Certified documentation recorded in federal documents on the creation of the reservation. If you ignore the truth I will never understand your reasoning Aho!!