Monday, February 17, 2020

MODOC NATION Disenrolls 16 From the Tribe. 5% Cut from Citizenship

Cheewa James
courtesy Herald Acrchive
Tribes like the Modoc will say they are "correcting their rolls" but as often happens with disenrollment, it's political:

James said she “incurred the wrath” of Follis, the grandson of long-time Modoc Chief Bill Follis, and other tribal officials when she questioned their administrative works and financial ventures during the Tribe’s annual meeting last May.
Cheewa James and 15 family members have been disenrolled from the Modoc Nation, formerly known as the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma.  

The Herald Archives has the FULL STORY HERE

Changing The Rules Midstream

This tribe of approximately 300 members had, to my knowledge, a small casino, smoke shop, and buffalo herd. Most importantly — and I am one of the oldest tribal members and a member since the tribe came into existence in 1978 — there has never in the history of the tribe been a per capita payment to members. Chief Follis at the 2018 annual meeting stated that there would never be a per capita payment. Who then was filling the jobs and where was the money going?”

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