Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Mark Macarro Tyrant of PECHANGA Legacy Apartheid,Disenrollment, Banishment,Moratoriums, Civil Rights Violator

Family Pride, Mark Macarro keeps his COUSIN out of Pechanga
He's a soulless prick-eared tyrant!

The Miracle Worker, some call Mark Macarro Pechanga Tribal Chair, as last year, he pulled off a MIRACLE.  NO OPPOSITION for ANY incumbent.  Even Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping couldn't pull that off, wel Jinping coulda, but he's a TYRANT extraordinaire..

While most in California will know Macarro as the face of tribal gaming, having appeared in many commercials promising increased benefits for California, most may not know of what he has done to his own tribe.

  • Oversaw the illegal termination of 25% of his Pechanga tribal membership, in order to consolidate power and increase the monetary gains from the Pechanga Resort & Casino,  for he, his family and the remaining tribal members.  While tribes determine enrollment, the Macarro-led council overruled the people's desire to end all disenrollments.
  • Refused to lead in handling the corruption of the Pechanga Enrollment Committee, which shuffled papers around so rightful members could not get enrolled. A quid pro quo was exposed.
  • Hired his 2nd wife's lobbying company without a vote of the Pechanga General Council. Her company has received over $1,250,000 of tribal funds.  As a spouse, Macarro would benefit.
  • 1,000+ Class II slot machines went missing under his watch. Did not seek criminal charges against the perpetrators, including the former tribal chairwoman
  • Mark Macarro lied to Congress in testimony concerning the Great Oak property. Told Congress the tribe would not build on culturally sensitive land, yet, the tribe has a golf course on that property.  His smaller brother called it a 'zoning change'.
  • Made two unsuccessful attempts at stealing water rights from allotees, again misrepresenting the facts as to how many lived on the reservation.  He said no allotees had been disenrolled, while avoiding the facts that Hunters resided on their original Pechanga allotment, granted in 1895.
  • The most prominent tribe when discussing disenrollment, which is the stripping of citizenship of Native Americans. While not the worst, the Pechanga tribe is certainly the focus in Washington DC.
  • Set up the reservation as an Apartheid Reservation. Having disenrolled children forcibly removed from the tribal school.  
  • Worked to keep Californians from VOTING on Gaming
Amazing how BIA, NCAI and NARF turn a blind eye to the corruption of tribes like Pechanga and leaders like Macarro, don't you think?


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LucyRowland59?blog said...

why is the criminal justice system failing?
Are people to frightened or dont have the funds to bring a case against wrong doers?
What does Arni think?
Is money all that matters these days?