Thursday, January 12, 2017

Will New CA Senator KAMALA HARRIS Stand for JUSTICE for ALL Native Americans? Will She FIGHT the Corruption, or Profit from It.

As we say a thankful goodbye to former Senator Barbara Boxer, who was an abject failure as a protector of civil and human rights for Native Americans in her state, we welcome new Senator Kamala Harris.

We have no choice but to remain hopeful that as Senator, she will protect the THOUSANDS of Native Americans who have been harmed by their own tribes.   We have posted about her efforts to uphold the LAW, here, here and here which lead to our hopefulness that she will continue.

Let's hope the siren's song of casino money won't blind her to the injustices in CA's Indian Country.

Incoming CA Senator Kamala Harris
Will She FIGHT for Civil and Human Rights for
Native Americans abused by Tribal governments?

Here is a letter put together by some contributors that spell out what Senator Harris should look into.  She is the Senator for ALL California tribal members not just the chiefs and council members that wield SOVEREIGNTY like a CLUB to be the weak.

Senator Kamala Harris
112 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

Dear Senator Harris,

As you assume office and begin the job of familiarizing yourself with the various issues and concerns of your constituents, please take notice of the unique problems facing Southern California Indian Country. American Indians have long suffered unfair and discriminatory treatment from the U.S. Government, and since the passing of the I.G.R.A. (Indian Gaming Regulatory Act) individual Indians have been assaulted by “elected” leaders that pursue wealth and power to the detriment of the general welfare of the people.

The term elected is in quotes because many of these leaders fraudulently obtain and retain their offices through the manipulation of families, factions, election committees, and tribal election ordinances. In addition to these abuses of power, many tribal leaders use the threat of disenrollment to quash dissent, remove opposition, and undermine the fairness of the political process. As the former California Attorney General you should be well aware that gaming tribes throughout the state are removing members from the tribal rolls with the specific intents of reducing the number of shares of revenue that must be distributed and eliminating those who challenge their power and authority.

There have been many civil rights violations committed by leaders such as Mark Macarro of Pechanga, Robert Smith of Pala, and Allen Lawson of San Pasqual to name a few. These offenses lead to  conditions of violence on the reservations such as the violent uprising at Chukchansi, the recent murders in Pala, and the murder conviction of Cherie Rhoades in Cederville. Throughout Indian Country serious doubts have arisen regarding the government-to-government relationships between corrupt tribal leaders and the United States.

These doubts have led to questions regarding the ethics of government representatives who support corrupt tribal leaders in the face of known civil rights violations, embezzlement of gaming revenue, misappropriations of tribal funds, administrative malfeasance, and abuse of oaths of office. Here are specific examples: In Paskenta the elected officers engaged in a massive racketeering enterprise, yet not a single government representative at any level voiced any concern for the individual members who were harmed. In Pechanga the tribal officers promoted legislation to deny water rights to individuals with land allotments on the reservation, and obtained the cooperation of Congress in the passing of legislation that operates to steal water from those whose land, and the right to water that land, was given to them by Congress. In San Pasqual the Tribal Committee disenrolled legitimate members and obtained the cooperation of the Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs who deliberately acted in direct contradiction to a previous order from that same office.

These crimes are committed against Indians by their leaders, supported by government representatives, and reinforced by a judicial policy that takes a hands-off approach to so called “intra-tribal affairs.” So the U.S. Government supports corrupt dictatorships on American Trust Land. Government officials accept bribes to assist tribal leaders in harming their own people. The U.S. Attorney General and the DOJ refuse to prosecute known civil rights violations. Federal Judges routinely dismiss legal actions brought against tribal leaders on the principle of sovereign immunity when the law states that such leaders are not immune when they act outside of tribal law.

Tribal leaders are advised by attorneys that are paid with tribal funds to disenroll the very members of the tribe they are retained to represent. The policy of the U.S. Government is to recognize duly elected tribal officers as the tribe and reject individual appeals. The Bureau of Indian Affairs denies access to federal programs and benefits to Indians that have been disenrolled, and provides no hearings or opportunity to appeal such denials. The Court dismisses civil suits brought by individuals due to lack of standing. These conditions must be viewed as a unified effort between the U.S. and Tribal governments to deny all recourse to tribal members that have been victimized by corrupt leaders, and ultimately acts as a form of genocide. There is no other minority in the U.S. that has been so viciously targeted or so completely ignored.

Numerous letters have been sent to various government representatives and officials, but it is akin to screaming into a void. I personally have written to Congresspersons, Senators, the U.S. Attorney General, the Governor of California, the Chairman of the NIGC, and the Secretary of the Interior. We have yet to receive a response to any of these letters. You have the opportunity to win allies among tribal members and disenrollees that are seeking to right these wrongs. I ask that you take these comments seriously and prepare an appropriate response.

Please visit Original Pechanga's Blog ( for more information on the issues and challenges that Indians face in restoring democracy, regaining control of their finances, and creating a better future for their people. Reach out to these beleaguered and downtrodden people who seek to use their resources for the benefit of all their people instead of having a select few squander what rightfully belongs to all.

Sincerely yours,



I have faith and truly believe, that our lady Senator will do her best in her position in California But "We all natives, must understand this, its a "Great Responsibility to oversee justice in California tribes." There is corruption in high and very high places...."But! ...."Not Impossible! ~ "Those that have " Spiritual Faith in the Creator must "Reverently help our lady Senator with this issue of Corruption in California "native country". With much prayer and front line action. " Let us not faint in the battlefield."But must push forward and help our lady senator complete her tasks. thank you brother Rick Cuevas for this article and "This Sign"...

Anonymous said...

Lets see, since founding of this country, 90% of all political leaders have been corrupt and are lead by the influence of money and power, which all disenrolled do not have, only the corrupt Indians like Pechanga has the money, so on my take, they will lead her the other direction.

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Anonymous said...

No!!!she will not help Tribes only the wealthy ones and Yes!!! she will be lead astray by the smell of money for her future campaigns

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

My bet is that she has no desire to become entangled in the political mire of California Indian country. The best we can hope for is that she will stay neutral and not help the enemies of Indians.

Anonymous said...

Based on the questions she asked in her first intelligence committee hearing....
we wont get anything from her.....She's....stupid
We can't give up hope...

Anonymous said...

She will continue the status quo, that's why she was elected.