Friday, August 14, 2020

#FacesofDisenrollment Margarite Britten Descendants

 Pala's Britten Family unleashes another smackdown on the BIA's Amy Dutschke and Robert Smith. You 'member!  

With almost all the facts revealed, the Brittens are now in bunker mode. It is simply a matter of waiting for the appropriate agencies and courts to take action against the crooks of Pala. What have we learned and what have we been able to teach the BIA and the general public about the horrific crimes of Robert Smith, Andrew Smith and their cronies?

We have learned through many sources that the Smiths are quite capable of committing murder.
The BIA via Amy Dutschke, is willing to go to any length to protect Robert Smith even if those actions are illegal.

The Lugo family is from Morongo and the BIA forced the Warner Ranch Evictees to accept them as part of the Band.
  • The Constitution of the Pala Tribe is illegal no matter what Amy Dutschke says about it. She will be arguing the validity of the Pala Constitution from her jail cell.
  • There has not been a legal election on Pala since 1990 due to the corrupt actions of Robert Smith.
  • The County of San Diego will spend millions of dollars at tax payer expense and send out a militarized force to protect Robert Smith from the Warner Ranch Evictees.
  • Robert Smith is the chairman of the Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, California (Old Pala) and that the Pala Band of Mission Indians is not published in the Federal Register and therefore the Pala Band of Mission Indians is not a tribe.
  • Robert Smith is the Pala Band of Mission Indians or better described as Robert Smith doing business as the Pala Band of Mission Indians. It means that Robert Smith can buy, sell or trade any land utilizing moneys and authority meant for the Warner Ranch Evictees. Robert Smith does not need approval of the General Council for anything. Did Robert Smith file his fictitious business name with the appropriate agencies? Probably not but there are plenty of records showing that he uses the name Pala Band of Mission Indians on countless documents.
  • All of the important agreements affecting the Warner Ranch Evictees is carried out in the name of the Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, California (Old Pala) The casino is located on Warner Ranch Evictee land not on Old Pala. Wish we could show you the faces on the agency heads when they realized they were duped by Robert Smith. Of course the BIA and Amy Dutschke started creating their false tribe once they learned they were caught in their lies and deception. Which one is it? And will the real tribe please stand up. Pala, Pala Band, Pala Village, Pala Band or Village, Pala Village of Indians, Pala Reservation, Old Pala, Copa Tribe, Pala Village of Indians, Luiseno, Pala Luiseno, Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, California, Pala Band of Mission Indians. How is that working out for you Amy?
  • Robert Smith is anything but “Honorable”.
  • Robert Smith is willing to use his army of Lugos to do his bidding and evict the true descendants of the Warner Ranch Evictees.
  • Remijio Lugo was paid to help remove the CupeƱo People from Warner Springs.
  • The Pala Band of Mission Indians never was a tribe. The illegal approval of the Constitution was a direct violation of the Part 86 Regulations because it gave tribal status to a non-tribe without formal application and review. There is your cue Amy Dutschke. Better start creating the Pala Band of Mission Indians application for federal recognition so you can bury it in the BIA files along with all your other lies. Please put it right next to that Babbit Memo that says Pala Band of Mission Indians is not a tribe. 
  • Robert Smith abuses casino comps, utilizes Net Jets like they were his personal toys and purchases fleets of vehicles without authorization from anyone. 
  • Howard Maxcy, loyal Robert Smith lackey, utilizes the Net Jets for touring the US and Mexico for playing golf at the expense of Warner Ranch Evictees. Oh yes, we also learned that the Maxcys are Lugos and not Warner Ranch Evictees.
  • PalaRez is a composite of people commenting at different times. Anyone can tell when Robert Smith is commenting because of the misspelled words and incomplete sentences. We can tell when Robert’s tech man is commenting as PalaRez because he can’t hide his geek. M.O., well you are just gone. You just couldn’t stand the heat. This last PalaRez is a little more difficult to determine. A little lawyerish with a noted professional word smithing skill. Is that you Doug Elmets? The world’s most famous red apple polisher. No matter how much shine you put on Robert Smith, no matter how much perfume you splash on that pig he will always be Robert Smith. Of course he is your best paying client too so word away PalaElmets. Even your professional skills cannot change the face of that pig. 

  • Saving this one for last because it should get the attention of all the federal agencies. In a laughingly hysterical move on the part of Amy Dutschke she took land in to trust for the Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, California (Old Pala). Old Pala is a landless unorganized federally recognized tribe. Explain that one away Amy. Do your really think it will help you cover up your actions of 2000 when you approved the illegal constitution? Next time you should read documents before approving them. Nowhere in the illegal constitution does it say the Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, California. Nowhere! How is that rut beginning to feel? It just keeps getting deeper and deeper and you are so stuck. Advising Robert Smith to start his evictions is just another one of your sick and loathing moves. Howard Dickstein must have sold his soul to keep you in as Pacific Regional Office, Director. Anyone else would have been in jail by now. 

Things are going to change. We can say that this is only a fraction of the information now in the possession of the Brittens that will bring Robert Smith’s reign of terror to an end. If you think the information here is incriminating you haven’t seen anything yet. It is only the first layer of the onion and there are so many layers left.

To the People of the Village of Pala, nothing else is going to change. No matter what Robert Smith tells you, you will not be hurt by the actions of the Brittens. He is trying to hide behind you and hopes that you will rally to his defense. He is lying to you again. He lied to you about Margarita Britten. He told you your per-capita would go up if you just looked the other way. You did and your per-capita went down.  How’s that feeling for you. Are you feeling a little bit foolish? Don’t be fooled again.

Evicting Britten descendants does nothing for you. It is just another attempt by Robert Smith to intimidate the People of Pala and that is you. Will you really give him this power? Remember he wants his ordinance giving him the authority to evict people from their land assignments. Those are land assignments you approved. Now he wants you to surrender that tribal authority to him. You are the next victims of Robert Smith. It is now just a matter of time. Don’t give him the time.

Take away his illegal powers. Take back your casino. Take back your Reservation. Make life good and progressive at Pala again. You can do it. You have to do it or you will be the next Brittens. 

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Anonymous said...

I have heard that a lot of the younger members are coming together with a plan to get Rob and Nieto out of the EC real soon.
I have heard things like this before but this time i truly believe that these rumors are true.
They are tired of being treated like shit and i hope they are serious about what they are saying.
There is so much evidence that proves that smith and nieto are very bad people and evidence that they have almost put the tribe in bankruptcy over their spending habits and lies to the members.
Rob and Nieto both so no feeling for the people that they are swore to protect
and the younger members are starting to realize that the Elders are right about getting them out.