Friday, July 4, 2008

Where have the Snoqualmie Disenrolled/Banished Gone?

In may we reported on the Snoqualmie Tribe's unlawful disenrollment of tribal members HERE and more on the lawsuit HERE Since then, it's been pretty quiet news-wise.
Have they given up? Are they still fighting? Or, are they just laying low. Snoqualmie BANISHED, feel free to publicize your fight here. Please tell your family that you have been given a platform to tell your stories here. Our traffic is growing and more visitors from Washington DC come here as a result.

Are you ready to keep this on the front burner?

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stand your ground said...

I have been wondering myself about the disenrolled and banished Snoqualmie's. I sure would like to hear from Chrissy and Billie bob jim jack and all the others who have been screwed over by this tribe. I hope that they keep on fighting. ALL THE BEST TO THEM.