Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mark "Little Evil" Macarro DEFEATS "Bigger Evil" Andy Masiel

Incumbent Chairman of the Incredibly Shrinking Pechanga Tribe, Mark Macarro, who has conveniently forgotten the will of the people and the Pechanga Constitution and bylaws was re-selected to his post.

Mark Macarro 285-Elected
Andy Masiel 129
Gloria Wright 23

Of the 725+ remaining members of Pechanga, just 438 saw fit to vote. Now, you know why the CPP wanted the Apis Family and Hunter families terminated from their membership. 230 more votes would take away any opportunity to control votes. Andy Masiel, who's nephew is a thief, and who's mother joined in kicking elders and children to the curb, with no income and health coverage could manage very few votes from anyone other than his family. As reported in a previous post, Gloria Wright, a cipher, could only manage her immediate family.

Here are the new tribal council and their votes votes:

donna barron 197
mark "cpp" calac 234
mark luker 263
Butch "Splinter Group" murphy 262
gabriel pico 153
ken perez 245

Cousin T'eetilawuncha has more at his BLOG


Anonymous said...

So a proven liar in Macarro (remember his shifty looks in the Without a Tribe news report?) retains his chair position.

And didn't he lie before Congress on the Great Oak Ranch land issue?

Goodness....Gloria Wright looks better by the minute.

Anonymous said...

Who is Gloria Wright? Has she been on the council?