Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How a Pechanga Conspiracy Works

Guest Blogger A'amokat give the details as to how the CPP conspired to terminate tribal members. The twists and turns that only someone who has evil in mind can think of.

In going through my paperwork regarding our disenrollment there were also other letters or statements, in addition to the three CPP letters turned in by the elders who claimed we were never recognized as Pechanga people, that the CPP submitted against us including a statement that claimed Paulina Hunter was not on any of the Pechanga census records during the 1800's, which is an outright falsehood as her name is on every Temecula/Pechanga census from 1893 to 1899, the year of her death!

Others included a letter from the CPP that said Oral Tradition in the only way to prove Pechanga membership that documents cannot show membership. So the CPP said only word of mouth can show who are Pechanga people but the CPP-heavy enrollment committee told us to turn in a list of certified documents, which a majority of the committee then ignored!

Ironic in that some of the documents they ignored were the notarized written statements by current elders not from the CPP who said they recognized us as Pechanga people as well as the notarized statements of elders from the historical period of the 1800's, both forms of Oral Tradition that directly contradicted the CPP's position.

There, as I stated in my above post, the whole case against us was based on heresay, and missing documents from the 1800's that have been missing for over 150 years that many families could not find either, not just us.

But the most absurd part of the case against us was the statement by the enrollment committee that our true tribal indenity is San Luis Rey, not Pechanga, which was based on one of our extended family having put San Luis Rey on a 1928 application as a California Indian.

What is ridiculous about this is some of the very members of the enrollment committee who voted us out also had relatives who put San Luis Rey, not Pechanga, on their 1928 applications! The whole tribe was listed as the Temecula Reservation (San Luis Rey Tribe) in some of the early reservation census records so it is clear the names Pechanga, Temecula, and San Luis Rey were historically interchangable so the San Luis Rey referrence by one of our extended family doesn't show we are not Pechanga, which the tribe's own hired expert, Dr John Johnson, says in a letter to the tribe questioning the decision to kick us out of the tribe.

There is one other piece of garbage that the CPP tried to pass off as evidence that was submitted against us that I am waiting for our resident critic to bring up if he or she wants to talk specifics.Buy I doubt he or she will talk about specifics because all he or she does is makes general statements that the facts (in his or her view) are not on our side.



Anonymous said...

I bet that when the tribe decided to vote on putting in the Casino...all of your votes counted and you were considered an Indian then....I also bet that when they needed more money from the Government you all also counted to make it look like more more money....shouldn't they pay back the Government for all the money they got for you people that they are now saying are NOT Pechanga....they lied to the Government all those years...or maybe you are only Indians when it suits them>???...
Also, if they are so worried about blood-lines, why are they allowing all the inter-racial marriages?..I see some really blonde caucasion girls marrying these tribal guys and having kids which have further diluted the Pechanga blood-line.And besides..I bet there is much more Hispanic blood then Pechanga blood in many.

Anonymous said...

There wasn't a snowballs chance in Hell that your family was going to win it's case. You were presumed guilty from the begining and the enrollment committee told you right from the begining that they didn't have to prove ANYTHING, and could reject any information turned in without having to show reason for the rejection.

Reject Dr. Johnsons report: They told you they could reject anything!

Reject notarized written statements by current elders: Again they stated they could reject anything.

Reject notarized statements of elders from the historical period of the 1800's: Rejected again, and no they did not have to defend there rejection.

You stated "THE REALITY IS THERE ARE NO FACTS THAT BACK UP THE CASE AGAINST US!" That is true, BUT again, did you forget that they did not have to prove anything, they did not have to provide facts (but reserved the right to reject any facts provided to themselfs).

You were told these things from them from the begining, maybe you should have protested the process. Oh wait, I forgot, if you HAD protested then you would have been disenrolled without going through the prosess (you were also told this by the committee.