Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Final "Screw You" from Pechanga to Disenrollees.

Many of the Hunter family are reporting that they are receiving notices for non-payment of taxes from the IRS for tax year 2006. For those who think that tribal members don't pay taxes, the total comes to about $20,000 each, which would have been for the amount paid to them of over $72,000 for the 1st qtr. per capita and bonus. The yearly per capita was $270,000 now, with less people it's about $360,000 and more disenrollments are possible. The running total so far is: $380,000 (will be updated) Is this a final "screw you" to the Hunter family from Mark Macarro and Andrew Masiel, the top contenders for Tribal Chairman in the upcoming election? Did they give direction to not send in the required tax payments to the IRS? Was this a conspiracy to CHEAT the US Government of their rightful collections? Or, is it possibly just shoddy accounting and paperwork? Will that be their excuse? After the indictments come down, California and Temecula will see what they are dealing with in tribal politics. Now, do you think there is a chance the self-auditing will not work and won't benefit the state of California? Do you think their will be another slot malfunction when a jackpot is hit? Why take the chance? Avoid Pechanga.


Anonymous said...

If it is just a clerical error than no harm done right?

Even so what kind of business owner is so incompetent that they can't send in the correct tape or whatever it is they are supposed to do and doesn't this put us on some sort of "red flag list" with the IRS as potential tax cheats?

They deducted this money from my checks and that is an undisputed fact and now, at least for the moment, I am responsible for it?

People (our critics) keep saying, "get on with your lives," but how can we when Pechanga won't leave us alone?

This tax bill would wipe out a large chunk of my life savings and what recourse would we have if Pechanga actually didn't send in the money?

Could we sue Pechanga for ruining our lives, as this is what this tax bill would do, and would Pechanga try to claim immunity from lawsuits because of sovereignty?

I had this same trouble, as a parting shot from Pechanga, for the 2006 taxes with the California state tax franchise board.


Anonymous said...

I really don't think that Macarro and Masiel had anything to do with this.

Just because they would lie on television, like Macarro did on KNBC's Without a Tribe or guide their incompetent mother on how to disenroll a family, like Masiel did, it doesn't mean they would cheat the IRS.

Just because the Macarro-led tribal council, of which Masiel was a member, acted unconstitutionally, doesn't mean they are tax-cheats.

Aren't they too ethical for that?

Anonymous said...

So, did Pechanga actually send in the tax money for your family?

I'm leery of the accounting issues. Pechanga self-audits their casino don't they? How many sets of books do they have?

Maybe the IRS should investigate completely if this has been a pattern.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Masiel related to Larry Miranda, the guy who was stealing from the Casino employees?


OPechanga said...

Mr. Masiel, who showed up late to an appeal hearing for the Hunter family, would be Larry Miranda's uncle and thus, the brother of Larry's mother Jennie.

His mother, quite elderly, fell asleep during one of the termination hearings. No matter, she was being schooled on what to do.

She was incapable of adding anything to the record of decision. In fact, it's difficult to believe that ANY of the disenrollment committee were capable of writing that decision.

Anonymous said...

The taxes were paid, but the money was not properly recorded. The entire tribe is dealing with this issue. You should contact the govenment center and they will let you know what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

"Not Properly Recorded".

Does that signify incompetence, ineptness or simply using the wrong set of books?

I guess we should thank Pechanga for including the terminated family members in the tribe's problem. After all, it's additional proof that we BELONG.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Hunter family will be consoled by the fact that the remaining tribal members have IRS issues to.
And hey, they would be bigger issues since they stole money from the Apis and the Hunter people.

Just think about the problems Larry Miranda caused stealing tip money from the employees. Why would someone who makes $360,000 a month still steal?

Anonymous said...

Hey, that would mean the the current tribal members would be short $80 grand or more and maybe to the state...

Not including those who lie about their addresses who aren't living on the rez....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Anonymous about contacting the government center.

If you are a tribal member I am sure our rhetoric hurts your ears but if we seem to jump to conclusions about Pechanga wrongdoings it is because we really have been wronged in a big way when we were railroaded out of the tribe by corruption.

I know this is hard for some people to believe, but I really don't enjoy being critical of the tribe but I don't see any other way than to do so because we really were betrayed by some members, ones in power and even by those not in power who didn't insist that the will of the people be followed when the law to end disenrollments passed in 2005 but we were kicked out in 2006 anyway.

wiaasal said...

If you contact the Gov. center ask for the Legal dept. I think her name is Tina or Trina Johnson.

She will take care of it.

Luiseno said...

What is REALLY sad is not so much what they have done to myself, or even to others. But it is the cutting off of future generations from there tribal culture and heritage. Generations reaching out from now until eternity are now removed from there once rich history and heritage. Our families have been in this tribe for countless generations, reaching back into the dimness of prehistory. Now cut off with a slash of the pen. I lament over the thought of my children, there children and there children's children's, reaching out to eternity will no longer have the connection to there tribe reaching back into the predawn of history.

Anonymous said...

I am actually one of the many in the moratorium, but I have family that are members.

I agree with many of your points, those of the Hunters's and Miranda's, I just wish/think that this group could work more constructively. Most of what is discussed on the sites sounds very hateful, which I don't think helps our case. In my opinion we as a group need to try to gain support from any current members who might be on our side, to either open the moratorium or help get the Hunter's or Miranda's back in.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that with us all in the people get less money but also because quite frankly a lot of the people don't know the issues.

I know I wasn't aware that the moratorium should have ruled unconstitutional, that open enrollment was still supposed to be every January.

I didn't know this until after I was kicked out and I read the constitution, paying more attention to the details.

Also, our cases were handled behind closed doors and the tribe largely didn't know and still doesn't know what happened to us.

The only way to let them know is by using forums such as this one.

Finally, a lot of tribal members that support us are at a loss on what to do.

They don't feel like they can do anything to change what has happened.

But what incentive do they have to help us and even if they want to help, are they willing to put themselves at risk by doing so?

Luiseno said...

The only incentive I can think is "because it's the right thing to do", and to "lay up treasure in Heaven, not here on this Earth".