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Worthless Bureau of Indian Affairs Allows SHADOW Government to Run Snoqualmie Tribe

UPDATE: We have over 150COMMENTS on this story. Please take the time to read them. Snoqualmie tribal members who have been disenrolled, PLEASE have all your family look here at the comments and feel FREE to join in. Get them involved NOW.

What do we have a BIA for? The regional office in Temecula is run by a family that wanted the disenrollments at Pechanga to happen. Do you think any paperwork got lost or mishandled in this case? They also screwed up the propositions out here. Mark Macarro already overruled the will of the people of the Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians which voted to END all Disenrollments

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Snoqualmie Tribal Government in Constitutional Crisis; Shadow Government Attempting to Disenroll and Banish Tribal Members
SNOQUALMIE, Wash., April 21 /

The honorary, non-elected Chief of the Snoqualmie people, Jerry Enick, along with a small faction of loyalists, has overthrown the Constitutionally elected Snoqualmie Indian tribal government. The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe is a federally recognized Indian tribe with 637 enrolled members as of December 31, 2006. After months of attempting to reach an internal resolution of this tribal government crisis, the Chairman of the Tribe, Bill T Sweet is speaking out. "For the good of the Tribe and our elders, I am taking this issue public," said Chairman Sweet. "We cannot stand idly by and let the Tribe's future be hijacked by a handful of people and their non-Indian supporters."

The dispute has been ongoing since last fall, but only recently came to a head. Chairman Sweet has been barred from Tribal Council meetings since August 16, 2007, when the honorary Chief issued a decree suspending the Chairman and certain members of the Tribal Council elected at the Tribe's May 12, 2007 general meeting. In September 2007, the honorary Chief called for new elections and, at a disputed meeting, seated new tribal council members. The Tribe's Constitution only allows for May elections and vests no power in the honorary Chief to control the government.

The Chairman has not been lawfully removed from office, but has been precluded from conducting the duties of his office. Enick's move is nothing less than a coup.


Despite the documents indicating irregularities to obtain Federal monies, the Bureau has not taken any action to stop the Enick faction. "The Bureau is turning a blind-eye to us," said Chairman Sweet. Without a tribal court to hold people accountable and with no action from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Enick's group realizes it can act without fear of any consequences. Chairman Sweet describes the situation as "outrageous."


Anonymous said...

Do they have a casino?
Is Federal money at stake?

OPechanga said...

Looks like the answers are YES and YES

Adopted Pechanga people tried to usurp power when there was not casino, just Federal money that they stole....

stand your ground said...


Luiseno said...

The American Government has had an on going plan of eradicating the native population of this country for hundreds of years. First they tried genocide going so far to even offer bountys on indians. Then they tried rounding them up and forcing them on reservations, knowing full well the importance the American Indian placed on freedom. They tried killing and destroying there food supply.

Then they tried to get rid of us by assimilation. Hoping we would dissapear and vanish forever into the general population. Making it a crime for indians to speak there own language, or practice there religious beliefs.

Now comes there most insidious plan, lets let them have casinos. Knowing the effect that an almost unlimited supply of money would have on a people who were unacustomed to such things. That it would attract unscrupulous people, and would tear apart the tribe from within. Then they could proclaim when people came running to them asking for help "its an internal matter" and then turn there back and a blind eye on the whole thing.

I am sure someone is snickering and laughing now.... the plan is working so well.

Anonymous said...

the chairman of snoqualmie is wrong and the rest of his followers do not met the blood quatum . they are not even indians either i know that much

OPechanga said...

You know that much..HOW?

And that means that an honorary chief can act outside the constitution from no authority?

Anonymous said...

Most of the Snoqualmie people being disenrolled are members of the Tribe and do have the blood quantum. Their family has been members for over a 100 years and attending tribal functions and meetings regularly. We know their blood line and no matter what tactics the Chief and his followers take it does not diminish their heritage. The new comers who have only started attending after Federal Recognition are being misled by a few older Snoqualmie members who I cannot speak as to why they are allowing these vicious attacks and rumors to continue. They know those family members are tribal members and have been their entire lives. The Chief has been the one who has “puddle jumped” from tribe to tribe looking for better benefits and more hand outs.

giggles said...

Notice the person stating that the chairman, Bill T. Sweet is wrong is Annonymous. All of those supportive of the chief have to remain annoyomous. Why? because its the only way for them to make brash statements that have no backing.

Those people supporting our honorary chief stand to gain power and money. They do not care about what is right. They "honestly" believe that the meeting they held in september was legal. HA! If they do, I wonder if they know how to read? Our constitution, which my mother helped write in 1976, states all elections will be held in May. NO OTHER TIME! The illegal government sent out letters to the members stating the meeting in september was just a general membership meeting with no elections. They did that so that only their family would attend. There was no mention of elections being held at that time and our members were excluded. That's what they call a fair election process.
It's like Hillary Clinton saying I'm running for president but only the states I know that will support me are invited to attend.

That's what happened at that september meeting.

Saying my family is not indian. Well I have a hundred years of documents that prove other wise.
I've traced my blood line all the way back to 1842. Jerry Enick's father signed my grandmothers papers.

Speaking of Jerry Enick, Honary chief of the Snoqualmie, which tribe was he enrolled in before Snoqualmie was federally recognized? Tulalip. He only enrolled with us when we were federally recognized. Before he allowed his son to switch tribes he made certain our casino would open. His son registered 2004. And who is set up for the top job when the casino opens. Not one of the loyal families of the Snoqualmie People. Enick's son is being prepped for the top job, and already learning how to be chief.

Annonymous, You say my family is not snoqualmie? PROVE IT!

Our family is on the base rolls in the 1944. Again, 1997. Again 2004.
Karen Boney, April of 1987, ended all the fueding over my blood line when she sent us a document stating Doris Willoughby was 4/4 snoqualmie.
Katherine Barker signed our indian cards 1/2 snoqualmie.
The dispute ended for 17 years until the Mullens, Hienzmans, and Enick/Ventures decided that no one smarter than them can be in office.

I suggest, before the united states decides to reincorporate its Idiot column from the 1880's census reports, that next time you want to make a brash statement and claim it as fact, YOU GET A CLUE OF WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!

Proud Native American
Sad member of the Snoquamie Tribe

giggles said...


Sorry to rant. I can't stand when people make uninformed statements of hate. But it shows their mentallity level. Shows what we are fighting against. I think that is the hardest part of this war, no one wants to hear/listen to the truth. I'm sorry you had to go through this with your tribe. Nothing hurts more than having your heritage ripped from you by selfish people.

I have had to explain all this to my nine year old, who has been raised to praise Native Americans. We study our heritage, our history, and every month we go to the Snoqualmie Falls and pray on the mist just as our people have done for hundreds of years. She knows our stories. And loves being Indian. We even have a Sacajewea day at our house once a year, because my daughter loves her story. Lately, I've had to explain what's going on, and she asks, "Am I not Native American anymore." I tell you, "You will always be Native American. No one can take that from you." But I can see it in her spirit that she's hurt. She stares at her indian name, Angenii, that was given to her by my uncle when she was a little girl and tears well in her eyes. She doesn't understand why this would happen and I can't explain it without showing frustration. My heart is broken over this, but my spirit is ready for the battle. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. For my heritage, I'll fight to the bitter end.

I spoke with the Seattle Times this evening, they are going to run a big story on what is happening to us. The story should be out on Friday. While speaking with the reporter it hit me that the only way to keep us Willoughby/williams/monohan/davis in line is to banish us. We are the only family, I believe, self sufficient. We do not work at the tribe. We do not getting funding from the tribe. Most of us have high paying jobs. When we sat on council, no one liked us because we continously voted NOT to have council recieve benefits that all tribal members should par-take in. We showed their greed, and they didn't like that. Now, they have nothing to hold over our head: No jobs to threaten us with, no money to cut off to us, nothing. We are uncontrollable because we are self-suffiecient. So we got to go and any old means to do it will do. Thats how they work.

There is no room for honesty in a dishonest tribe.

I pray for you and your tribe. No matter what, DO NOT LOSE HOPE! Hope goes a long way. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Chrissie for you support.

It sounds like the same old story that is going on at Pechanga and all over Indian country as well.

Your situation is just the most blatant example because certain leaders feel they can just act above the law and do whatever they want with impunity.

I wish you well in your pursuit of what is right.

'Amo'kat (Hunter in the Pechanga Luiseno language)

OPechanga said...

Chrissie, send your family and friends HERE to this blog. Ask them to add their comments.

We have to build a location where people can go. I get viewed by Wash DC regularly, but not enough even from the Pechanga disenrolled.

Anonymous said...

all you have to do is prove that you are snoqualmie tribe and met the quatum and they did not banish from the tribe just can not hold office thats all not the bad the family just made it bad

Anonymous said...

I am Muckleshoot and I was taught to honor your Chief and I know many Chiefs because I come from a Chief family. All natives back up their chief your not native if you dont back your CHIEF.

Anonymous said...

I am Muckleshoot and I was taught to honor your Chief and I know many Chiefs because I come from a Chief family. All natives back up their chief your not native if you dont back your CHIEF.

OPechanga said...

And this "honorary" Chief is not an elected leader. Why do you let him usurp power.

Honor is earned. Our tribal spokesman Mark Macarro lost his honor.

giggles said...

Ms. Muckleshoot,

Are you suggesting, I bow my head and let the Chief cut it off because he is the honorary chief of my tribe? Are you saying, if I chose to fight for my right to be native american when the chief does not like me, know me, or appreciate me or my heritage, that makes me NOT native american?

Chieftans were NEVER designed to be DICTATORS! That is what the honorary chief has turned snoqualmie into, a DICTATORSHIP! You know who runs dictatorships--HITLER! Hitler lead the german's to a near victory. I'm part german, do you think I should praise Hitler because he was my leader?

Your heart is in a good place, Ms. Muckleshoot. A tribe should back its chief, but at the same time, A Chief should look out for his TRIBE, and not himself. Perhaps if more CHIEFS looked out for the good of ALL the people, we wouldn't be having "TRIBAL FLUSHING" across the nation.

I'm sorry, Ms. Muckleshoot, you believe in blind trust and feel all native americans must trust blindly because of a title. I however believe in RIGHT and WRONG! Suspending the general membership elected council was wrong (Enick suspened the council august 07. Holding illegal elections and inviting only those members of your family is wrong. (Enick said nothing to the tribe when they questioned him about this in september 07) Disenrollment is WRONG! (40-60 letters went out to members and othersw were threatened by the Enick faction with job loss and funding cut off to their elders if they got involved 9 Jan-feb 08)Banishment for praying over your brother. (enick faction banishes religous supporter april 08)

Chief Enick has this to say when this subject is broached by any one outside his fifty supporters, "no comment".

Ms. Muckleshoot, I'm not afraid to fight for my beliefs, nor am I discouraged over the lies Enick and his illegal government has spread throuughout the community about me and my family. Oppression happens. It is apart of history, and will repeat itself over and over again until people learn NOT to abuse the power they are given. I'm sorry we disagree about tribal leadership. But I have to fight for what I believe in, just as I am certain you would fight for something you believe in.

We, Ms. Muckleshoot, are family. Somewhere along the line, we are related. Al Williams was my great grandfather.

I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Prove your blood quantum- since that seems to be the issue here. You are using names and making false accusations which is slander. In reading your comments it is nothing but false accusations and slanderous remarks in fact nobody was even disenrolled. Instead of showing your anger and hatred try showing where you got your information and correct the situation. This is an inter tribal dispute and that is where it should stay- within the tribe. What are you trying to gain taking this public and throwing out these false words and accusations. Try going through the procedure to correct it instead of causing more heartache and trouble for yourself and your family.

giggles said...

Amo'kat ~ I have not fully read up on your tribes story, but I am so sympathetic to your and Pechanga's struggle.

Native people need to stick together. We are so few. There is no room for greed or internal squabbling. Sadly coruption has over taken good will and those, regardless of which tribe you belong too, NEED to throw fear out of the equation and TAKE back what is ours. OUR RIGHT TO HERITAGE!

We need to unite. ALL OF US!

Penchanga ~ we did not allow the "honorary" chief to usurp us. Our tribe had an internal stale mate for months. We tried endlessly to mediate with the illegal group and they refused. We NEVER wanted it to go this far, but they left us no choice. Their attorney said, "THE Chief can do what ever he wants. He does not have to follow the constitution and Bylaws and there is nothing no body can do about it because he is the "honorary" leader of a sovern nation." And that is not legal. It is wrong. And his supporters gloat about taking over the tribe and are anxiously discussing which families to target next.

My family is the only family in the tribe with personal funding to put an end to the coruption. We have hired our own attorney and WILL take back our tribe. Those responsible for this "Hostile" take over we would like them to be fined for violations of Indian Civil Rights, we will NOT recommend banishment for any of them because none of us believe in that, but ultimately the fate of those involved will be decided on by the general membership.

Anonymous ~ You said all we have to do is prove our blood quantums...

No that's not true. We've proved our blood quantums time and time again. For my family the tribe has stated, and I quote, "birth certificates can not be evidence for decendancy when it comes to the Willoughby family." I have census reports from the 1800's showing a clear blood line and blood quantums. The BIA approved our base rolls in 1944. My great great grandmother is on there as 3/4 snoqualmie 1/4 snohomish. My great great grandfather was full blood snoqualmie. My great grandmother was 7/8 snoqualmie 1/8 snohomish, My great grandfather was snoqualmie. My grandmother was full snoqualmie, my mother is 1/2, I am a 1/4. Those are on our base rolls as recently as 2004. I have a twelve foot long scroll outlining my heritage. I have CASES of tribal documents from my great great grandmother, my great grandmother, my grandmother, and my mother. We have saved everything since 1932.

I'm afraid, no matter what lies you have been told about the blood quantum levels of my family, there is NO truth to them. Sorry.

You also said there was no harm done by taking away our right to vote and the only damage being done was by my family.

There is a TON of damage in being a "Second-Class" citizen. No vote means NO VOICE! And I've earned my voice, and I plan to use it!


OPechanga said...

Slander Anonymous? Then Enick should SUE these people for ruining his good name! Don't you think that would be a good idea?

The discovery portion will be interesting to say the least.


This is an inter tribal dispute and that is where it should stay- within the tribe. What are you trying to gain taking this public

Your "inter-tribal" dispute spill out over the tribe when you terminate your members, as PECHANGA did. You force the citizens of the state to pay for them, instead of the tribe.

SNOQUALMIE people, I URGE you to have your family and friends come here to comment, view what's going on in other tribes.

Unknown said...

Anonymous . . . . You are an idiot. My children are being affected by this (they are Snoqualmie). We have records as far back as early 1800’s verifying the blood of EVERY SINGLE TRIBAL FAMILY MEMBER showing my children are an eighth. The illegal council and their corrupt chief insist on saying they are a thirty second or sixty fourth (the story keeps changing). The Chief and his illegal council also have made it impossible for us to handle this from within the tribe. Guess what we have? We have letters saying that the general membership does not have the right to question the council, and that the council does not need to hear any case. THAT IS ILLIGAL. Sure, they tried to change it around when their friends at the BIA informed them it was illegal. You know how they made amends? They told us we had a right for a meeting, refused our calls, and the VERY NEXT DAY sent us a letter saying my children did not meet quantum requirements and therefore could not have a meeting with the council to dispute. How can we dispute our blood percentages when the council won’t see us because of blood percentages? Its ridiculous. Explain that to me, dear Anonymous . . . I’d love to hear some logic from your mouth instead of the crap you spew. If you’d like to meet with me so I can show you the evidence, I will give you my contact information, though I assume you are to ignorant to see truth.

On a side note, I don’t need the tribe’s money and neither do my children. This is not about power or greed. My children have never taken from the tribe, and probably never would, because we are financially sound. I love my children, I love every culture I have ever encountered, and it makes me sad that sick and twisted individuals would screw up my children’s chance to be part of something great.

I dare you to take me up on my offer, Anonymous. I would love to show you the truth!

giggles said...

Pechanga ~ Praise for your blog. I am sending my family here and my friends. I despise what has happened to you and others across our nation. I am ready to unite and take on the BIA and IBIA and the politics surrounding Indian rights. Too many people have been violated under the current rules and the corruption HAS to end. We will fight together!


Anonymous ~ I have nothing to say to you. I can prove it a thousand times, but I believe you would be to blind to see truth if it hit you in the eye.

Anonymous said...

Of course I don't know the details of this other tribe's situation but my feeling is if the honorary chief had truth on his side, then he would have no problem following the rules in place.

For the people who have sided with the chief, did he in fact follow the rules or did he just say what he was doing was true and right, no matter what the rules are?

In our situation at Pechanga the disenrollment rules said that the enrollment committee had to tell us exactly why our documentation lacked proving membership but we didn't find out their reasoning for kicking us out until the Record of Decision against us and even then their reasoning was vague.

Because the committee never told us before we were kicked out why our paperwork didn't prove membership was a violation of Pechanga law.

In fact we were never really told why we didn't meet the criteria as, like I said, the reasoning in the Record of Decision was vague.

There were other violations of Pechanga law as well including kicking us out in 2006 even though a law ending disenrollment as part of Pechanga law was passed by the general membership in 2005.

Ironically there are those in the Pechanga tribe who somehow think we the disenrolled should keep quiet for the good of the tribe.

My guess is that our situation is not unique.

The problem is there is no one who can make a tribe follow its own rules because of sovereignty, which a lot of tribes hide behind.

Anonymous said...

who family did the blessing of the chief at the chief celebration

Anonymous said...

First off I want to say that as a Snoqualmie Tribal member how much it hurts to have internal issues spread wide open to the public. Not only is it embarrassing but it shows a true lack of honor for our heritage. However, as this dirty laundry has been put out I think it is fair to hear another side of the issue.
The chief of the Snoqualmie, Jerry Enick, is not just an honorary chief, he is a traditional chief. As a matter of fact, he comes from the traditional Kanim family. If you know any of the history of the Snoqualmie, you know that the Kanim/Enick family has been the chiefdom for thousands of years. The position of chief is not an elected office it is hereditary. Jerry did not want to step up to the position until he felt it was the right time in his heart. Most members of all the families in the Snoqualmie urged Jerry to accept his right as Pat Kanim’s descendent and even helped plan a celebration in his honor. This includes members of Mr. Sweet’s family.
Jerry does not control the government. Jerry acts as the voice of the Snoqualmie people and their Tribal Council so to say that he is running a “shadow government” shows a true lack of understanding of his power and of how the government is run. Jerry works with his people and the Council to make decisions and we are not beholden to any decisions he makes; however we respect his opinion as our traditional Chief and leader.
I would also like to point out that “Chairman” Mr. Bill Sweet and the tribal “council” members were removed from office by a legal Constitutional petition signed by an overwhelming majority of the Snoqualmie general membership. So any act by him and his “council” have been illegal and fraudulent. Mr. Sweet and others are acting against the will of the general membership in an attempt to embarrass and discredit the whole Tribe out of spite and anger. The governenment that he tried to run was actually the unconstitutional one; that is why he and the Council were recalled by us, the general membership. I am sorry for any feelings that may have been hurt, but I feel that the needs of our people, not a specific person or family are what matter most.
Again I stress how poorly this has been handled by this small branch of the Snoqualmie. This is why this issue is going to be addressed in a general membership meeting in which all members of the Snoqualmie Tribe can attend so that the People can make their own decision and handle this issue in the traditional way, and not drag the Tribe through the mud.
I posted this for my own peace of mind and in a way against my better judgment as I feel this issue should not be in a public forum, but it is too late for that.

Steven Mullen Proud follower of OUR traditional Chief, Tribal member and Tribal employee
I posted this for my own peace of mind and in a way against my better judgment as I feel this issue should not be in a public forum, but it is too late for that.

Unknown said...


Show us the paperwork on the situation. You took people out of council in an illigal manner. You did not advise the general membership as to what you were doing. Just bbecause a few people got together and made a decision does not make it right, espescially when the rules were not followed. As far as taking the story public, what other choice did this family have? You refused to hear us and to look at evidence. Don't act all hurt and dissappointed. You're lucky no one really hurt you.

"When the goverment cannot protect us, or defend us, or fine those who have brutalized us and made us the victims of their attacks over the years, then it is up to us to do whatever is neccissary to defend outselves!" Ever heard this quote before? We must do whatever it takes when the illigal Snoqualmie goverment and their pals at the BIA will not help

Read the Seattle times, they know Bill Sweet is still the rightful Chairman. Go talk to the law professors at the UW. Everyone seems to know this except for the Shadow goverment and the uninformed members they lie to.

Also, we've had many elders speak with us saying the situation that the illigal coiuncil has put us in is horrible, but that they are afraid to step up because they will be disenrolled. The cheif is running this goverment using fear to keep people in line.

Anonymous said...

If you question the legality of the general membership’s action refer to the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe Constitution Article VII sections (a) (b) and (c.) The former Chairman and Council members that were removed under these provisions. There really is no other paperwork I can provide. Just because you do not agree with the process does not mean that it was illegal. If you want a copy of the Constitution than feel free to contact the Tribe’s Administration office.
Contrary to the stories that have been prorogated the office is open to the public and Tribal members alike. Yes there is now a security guard, but it is a government building and we should keep track of everyone that enters.
It is really sad if you say that the Seattle Times knows who the “rightful Chairman” is. First off the entire article that appeared shows primarily one side of the issue. Second, and more importantly, the Seattle Times is not the governing body of the Snoqualmie Tribe, the general membership is. IF this point is not clear to you or anyone else again, I recommend you re-read the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe Constitution. I would also venture to say that the professors at the University of Washington. To clarify this point I did ask one current student and two alumni at the UW and they told me that to the best of their knowledge there are no professors past or present that part of the Governing body of the Snoqualmie Tribe. Why you would even make mention of that is beyond my comprehension.
It is also sad if there are any people, elder or otherwise, who are afraid to talk about the issue to the Council. The Tribe does not dis-enroll any individual without there being a valid reason. Again if there are questions on this refer to the Snoqualmie Tribe Constitution Article II, all sections.
And lastly did I misread your comments, or did you actually threaten me, “billibobjimjack1”? Or whatever your name is as you seem to be hiding it. I have no shame who I am or how I feel.
“Don't act all hurt and disappointed. You're lucky no one really hurt you.”
I do not understand why you would resort to that unless you knew me to be right? Or are you just afraid that other people may read the events differently? I harbor no ill-will towards anyone involved. The fact remains that lies are and were being told by a dis-enchanted minority of the Tribe, some of which do not even meet the blood-quantum level to be Tribal members. Again this is why we are having a general membership meeting this weekend so the general membership can discuss this issue. Please be civil. If you missed the letter see our website, See you there I hope.
Steven Mullen, Proud Snoqualmie member.

Anonymous said...

jimmy jack william or whatever just stop the crying ok it does not help to be angry if you are just blame the family they are the ones that did this not the tribe thanks and enjoy the weekend

Anonymous said...

Snoqualmie has no fear at this time.We are stepping up together at this time look and see the strength as a whole we are mighty.

Anonymous said...

williamjames1 if you say that bill sweet is the chairman how come you're family council does not have enough council members to even run a tribal council meeting you guys only had 5 then now 7 still not enough now who is the idiots

Unknown said...

“Who is the idiot now?”

You are! You see, I still don’t see you offering to meet with me and share information. I don’t see you admitting to having any legal documents/proof whatsoever. You’re full of words and nothing more. I have a copy of the constitution and we know exactly were you all went wrong. Why do you think the BIA says that this tribe is Bill Sweets tribe and that he should “take it back”? You think they said that because we’re in the wrong? Hell no, they said it because you guys screwed up!

We do not have enough council members BECAUSE they illegally removed us, therefore the rightful council has been reduced. We’d like to restore that problem, only you all changed the locks on the building, and refused the right to a hearing. We WERE NOT ALLOWED TO CONTACT YOUR ILLIGAL COUNCIL.

You keep mentioning Blood Quantum. I have said before, I will meet with you and show you the paperwork and census reports proving you wrong. Its partially because of this oversight on the behalf of your chief and his council that you were violating constitution.

And no, I did not threaten you. I simply stated I must do whatever is necessary. Your chief said there was nothing we could do, and when we informed him he was breaking tribal law you know what he said? He said, “I can do whatever I want” and “I am above the law”. Sounds like a challenge.

So tell me, is the BIA wrong? Also, tell me why your council was so scared to meet with us. If they were in the right, then what did they have to fear?

And ads far as these allegations about my family joining the tribe recently . . . Where were you when we fought for Snoqualmie fishing rights? Who wrote the constitution? Two of the three people who wrote it for you and made it perfect for you are being accused of being “Johnny come lately”. I didn’t see you out there on the boats getting shot at. Where were you when the constitution was written, and did you help get the tribe recognition like those being threatened with banishment?

We have photos of the fishing rights activists and you’re not in them. We have photos of our family with guns, defending our rights (which we finally won). Hell, we even still have the guns. What more proof do you need!?!?

Anonymous said...

So I see that you have resorted to calling me an “idiot” for portraying a different side of this issue. Thank for acting civil whoever you are (since you still will not post your name.) Again, if you are a Snoqualmie Tribal member as you claim to be you can argue your case to the general membership this Sunday. You still seem to be under that the BIA has any control over sovereign Tribal affairs. NO one with power in the Agency has stated that Mr. Sweet should “take it back” as they have stated, on the record that they will NOT get involved in a tribe’s internal disputes. That is why you guys brought this issue to the public.

I have nothing to prove to you or the “chairman.” You claim to be reading the Snoqualmie Constitution then you know for a fact that I was right and you are feeding the readers a lie.

As far as fighting for the re-recognition of the Tribe I have no idea who you are so how can I believe any of your claims? I know for a fact that my family, the Mullens has fought that battle for years. Anyone that has been involved with the Tribe knows that. You can hate us all you want but that, sir, is a fact.

I repeat, and this will be my last response as you have nothing of substance to say, is if you really, truly, honestly believe what you claim to be true than plead your case at the general membership this Sunday. You can hate our chief and council all you want it is us, the Snoqualmie general membership that have the say. This is your opportunity to talk to us. YOU must convince us that you and Mr. Sweet have done nothing wrong. YOU must convince us that your intentions are pure of heart and spirit. YOU must talk to us, your brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins and other family that the hell you have brought down on OUR Tribe is not stemmed from your groups illegal (again according to the Snoqualmie Constitution that my father, uncle and grandmother helped write.)

And please if you come to the meeting to defend your actions introduce yourself and do not hide behind the anonymity of this blog.
Steven Mullen proud member of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe and not afraid to let the world know it.

giggles said...

Mr. Mullen,

I stopped arguing this point because there was no formidable adversary.
The anonymous responses were nothing more than school yard name calling and ludicrous allegations. But, since you are the only one courageous enough to stand up for what you think is right, I shall debate my side with you. For I too stand up for what is right.

First and foremost I need to point out in all abusive situations the abuser always wants the victim to keep their mouth closed. That’s a fact. And the fact you think we should keep our mouth closed proves you are abusing us, or at least, attempting to.

You say we have rules and a constitution that needs to be followed, correct?

I agree.

We have rules about election and the election process. It states in our constitution that ALL elections will be held in May. It also states that if someone disagrees with the election process they have thirty days to contest it and NO member of the elected council can be unseated within six months of taking office.

Those are the rules. So if the faction you support followed the rules then they would have turned in their petition within thirty days, the matter would have been discussed with the membership and the General Membership would have decided with how to proceed.

Did the Enick Regime follow those rules?

NO! Instead The Enick Regime hunted for months to find a loop hole in the constitution and chose to pick and chose what rules to follow. They originally embarked on a petition, and DID NOT receive enough signatures. When confronted about the petition they REFUSED to show it to any member they felt would not support it. Again, picking and choosing who to involve. When they discovered they did not have the support they needed to unseat the council and state the May 07 elections unfair they changed the petition to a referendum—decreasing significantly the number of people needing to sign.

Chief Jerry Enick showed up at a council meeting in August and had the tribal attorney read a statement on his behalf stating that HE WAS SUSPENDING THE COUNCIL. He had no authority to do that. He then told EVERYONE they needed to attend a meeting set for late August. My entire family respected him enough to leave our vacation and drive 4 hours to meet with him. We honored him, believed his words, and believed that the situation could be resolved without incident under his leadership. HE DID NOT SHOW UP! Nor did anyone supporting him. Yet, we supported him, WE LISTENED TO HIM, and we were let down. There were sixty members at tribal headquarters that night, we called Chief Enick on speaker phone, we were humbled to speak to him, and he said, he has his group and we were not part of it.

He chose to divide us. He chose then and there who would be apart of his faction and who would not.

We were at his chief ceremony, we made 150 books honoring him, we bought him blankets, we donated fish, we embraced him and he repaid us by discrediting our heritage.

In August, we begged him to speak to his people, to help end the strife and he WIDENED it. He chose to be silent and make all communication through our tribal attorney. TRIBAL ATTORNEY—not his personal attorney, our tribes attorney. Another smack in our face.

In September, a notice for the general membership meeting went out. There was NOTHING in the letter stating a dispute in government had occurred, that the chief suspended the council. NOTHING indicating people should come. At this meeting, Matt Mattson stood up and said the May 07 elections were LEGAL. There was no discrepancies. Yet, one person claimed not to have been able to put a name on the ballot because THE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP VOTED to close the elections. That was not BILL T SWEETS fault. We have rules. Bill Sweet followed them. He had to close the election process because the general membership voted on it and it was seconded. This is the same process followed years previously.

But, members of, I believe it was your family, were disgrundled that your family lost council seating. So if you want to say some one is pitching a fit, I think it is clear on who that was.

We followed the rules.

Then at the September meeting, there were people I had never seen before, WITH Indian cards. We knew then that “Tribal enrollment officer” stacked the deck. At that meeting the CHAIRMAN, which states in our constitution will preside over all meetings, was not allowed to be seated. Nor were the “general membership elected” council. There were ninety voting members at that meeting, a far cry from the majority of the tribe and half of them were not on the 2004 BIA registered enrollment rolls. Members of the council previously and many of the members that did show up argued that elections could not be held. The general membership was NOT notified. Chief Enick said nothing.

The debate got very heated. A Chief’s role is to settle disputes not create them or allow them to regress the way that meeting did. And what pray tell did the chief do? Nothing. He said nothing. He refused his role.

Six of the nine council members walked out as did the majority of people attending the meeting. Yet, Enick proceeded with the fifty people he had and seated new council, illegally.

He then changed the locks, hired security, and refused to answer the phone at the tribal office.

The following week members of “one of the council” not in dispute, held a meeting and spilled the beans about all the missing funding in tribal accounts, all the grants “certain families” take advantage of so no other families gain benefits. That person is NOT part of my family. When she returned to work at the tribal office, that she referred to as the snake pit, she was forced to stop all her actions or lose her job. As was other members of her family. Enick told them they needed to sit on the fence or face disenrollment.

My family tried to reason with the illegal council and Chief Enick, but were refused. We chose then to walk away. Bill was never recalled. There were never enough signatures to oust him, yet Jerry Enick would not allow him to conduct business. We tried to aid him, as any family would aid one of their own.

In February, we were served papers with trumped up charges stating our blood quantum no longer met the required amount to be able to vote, serve on council, or take part in any tribal business. As my family played a large part in gaining the Snoqualmie Fishing Rights, wrote our constitution along with Evelyn Enick and Helen Harvey, and we played a HUGE role in gaining federal recognition, we were outraged that Jerry Enick would sink so low as to trump up charges on our family AFTER we walked away. We let him stab us in the back once, but I’ll be damned if I let him steal my heritage too.

Imagine, Mr. Mullen, if the shoe were on the other foot. Put yourself in my place. What would you do?

Come Sunday we will discover where the majority of this tribes lies. You boast about following the rules. The constitution states 2/3 of the general membership, NOT 2/3 of those attending a meeting, 2/3 of THE ENTIRE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP, need to vote in favor of banishment. We have 650 members registered with the BIA. You need 472 votes. We’ll see who has the courage to stand up and fight for what is right and who supports Hilter…I mean…Enick. Freudian slip.


Unknown said...

First of all, let me apologize for my rudeness. Its no excuse, but I hope you will understand when I say that I have never been so angry and betrayed in all my life, and as a father of two tribal members, nothing outrages me more than to feel helpless to do anything for my children. I was wrong to name call. I am still angry, but ashamed of my rudeness.

That being said, I never lied to you. Let me ask you a hypothetical question, Mullen.

If I can show you my evidence, and if I could prove to you beyond reason of doubt that my children are one eighth Snoqualmie indian, then would you be willing to stand up before you r council and cheif on their behalf and demand that the issue of their blood quantan be laid to rest, and ask that they remain tribal members?

I am not asking you to do anything illigal. I am wondering where your heart is. At first, you may want to ignore this hypothetical question and answer with "It doesn't matter because your information is wrong". I am begging you not to ignore this question. If I could prove it. If I brought documents and census reveiws and past forms signed by your cheifs grandfather, would you stand up for my children?

A simple yes or no will do.

With love.

giggles said...

One thing you did say that is true Mr. Mullen, your family does work for the tribal office. Reading my previous post, it was your family that "the one council member not in my family" spilled the beans on. I believe she said that it was your family that were the snakes, and Matt Mattson a Slimy bastard. I personally don't know you. I have the long blonde/redish hair seen in the paper today. So you will recognize me come sunday. Perhaps you should introduce yourself to me. I find you, more articulate that I thought the Mullens capable of producing.

One thing I did want to clear up with you, you stated your father wrote our constitution. Hmmm, I actually have the document signed by the chairman in 1975 stating Carolyn Frelinger, Sharon Frelinger, Evelyn Enick, and Helen Harvey will comprise the committee that will write the Snoqualmie Constitution and Bylaws. No Mullens in that office. Sorry. I've got the documents from all those meetings, I have all the drafts prior to publishing, all the comments. NO Mullens. Don't know what your father told you, but perhaps you should clarify your facts with him.



stand your ground said...

Well, looks like another tribe is following the disenrollment "procedures" laid down by so many casino owning tribes before them. let's see now, the Snoqualmie shadow government took out the real elected government, then they accused a bunch of tribal descendants of not being "real Snoqualmie" even though they have all the paperwork to prove it and now they must go to a meeting to discuss this situation at which time they will be accused of doing everything wrong under the sun and to top it off they will be accused of not being real descendants.Do i have it right so far? I think i do, we have seen this so many times before, same blueprint. This matter should rightfully be brought out into the open. Corrupt tribal leaders need to be exposed, although they prefer hiding behind sovereignty. I hope that all this will stop someday, but for now i say fight for your rights and never give up. I cant wait to hear about sunday's meeting. Please keep us informed. GOOD LUCK.

Anonymous said...

Greed Greed Greed Way to go Snoqualmie ! Now break out the Soverign Nation thing! You SUCK!!
Way to take care of your own people. Hope your casino burns!

giggles said...

Today's banishment went as to be expected. The Illegal overthrowing government of the snoqualmie nation opted to banish 8 of its loyal members-- one for praying.

But, I believe it did more harm to their argument than good.

Ray Mullen, a follower of the Illegal faction, came out of the hotel the meeting was being held and announced, "The Real Indians can come in now."

His actions showed the mentality of his group. Hostile and arrogant.

Plus, they had what they deemed "A preferred voter" list. If you weren't on the list you could not come into the meeting. They had brothers without sisters on the list. Mothers without their children. Children without their parents. This furthered our point that the Enick faction does not support a democratic process.

They've lied to the public and their people stating they follow our constitution. Today their actions showed the world they were liars.

Less than a hundred people showed up to their meeting. Our constitution states that 2/3 of the general membership have to vote for banishment in order for a person to be banished. With that said, they needed 420-470 votes in favor of banishment for it to be legal. Not that many people showed up. Under our constitution, no banishments could occur then, but they went ahead and did it anyway, again offering more proof that they are NOT the constitutional government they claim to be.

We are still fighting the good fight. Nothing has changed for us.
Just wanted to update everyone.


Creeper said...

I am so sorry...It's monday morning here and i am reading about the banishments and disenrollments by the Snoqualmie tribe, what an evil thing to do. These greedy and corrupt bastards did it after all, although it is no susprise to any of the California disenrolled. They have been thru this and they know what you are now experiencing. Denial of your indian heritage, denial of your civil and human rights, denial of free speech and opinions by those who once pretended to be your friends. Despite it all you must stand together, stand your ground and fight back, bring the corruption out in to the open, post it on the internet, demonstrate, write letters to your representatives and join AIRRO.ORG or any other Organization that speaks out against corruption on tribal lands. May the Creator be with you.

Anonymous said...

Sunday - April 28 there was a meeting held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Issaquah for the "Banishment" of Snoqualmie Tribal members. The meeting did take place and they stated they did banish 8 members. Only tribal members with "Preferred Membership Cards" were allowed in the meeting. Not all tribal members were allowed into the meeting and those being "Banished" were not allowed into the meeting either. The Hilton Garden Inn asked those who were not allowed into the meeting to leave and had police on site to keep crowd control.

When you went to go into the meeting there was security and they had lists of people… those who could go into the meeting and those who were prohibited from attending. There were people who were members of the tribe, whose blood quantum was not disputed, who were not allowed into the meeting.

There were people wearing t-shirts "Followers of Jerry Enick" on the front and "Yeah that's right the REAL Indians" on the back.

When a spokes person for the tribe can out to gather people into the meeting he stated "The REAL Indians need to come in!"

So these people are not the real "Snoqualmie Tribal" members they have identified themselves as Jerry Enick followers...a cult of some kind? They should go and create their own social club and have their preferred members.

Banishment requires 2/3 of the entire membership to vote not just “Preferred Members”…..the Tribe is not a store where you get “Preferred Members” for getting discounts…..

Unknown said...

Well, I didn't think Mullen would respond. My request to meet has been ignored several times, and he insists saying I am posting anonymously, even though I offer to send my contact info.

We went to the banishment meeting on Sunday, and as you can read in the Seattle times, we were not allowed inside even though they said we'd have a chance to defend ourselves and be heard. They wouldn't even let the elders or those with children use the chairs in the lobby. It was very dishonorable and sad.

At one point, Ray came out and announced that it was time for all the "real" indians to join the meeting. Even though my children are still part of the tribe, I guess they aren't "real" indians because none of my family was allowed in. It broke my heart that they think they can decide who is "real" and not real without even admitting our court documented evidence as to our blood quantums.

Eight members were banished, a punishment normally reserved for capital crimes. One woman's only crime was to pray.

It was a very sad and dissapointing day to see the tribe not only torn apart, but also witnessing the arrogance and rudeness of some of the "real" indians. Many elders from other tribes who know our family and are amiliar with the Snoqualmie history showed up to support us, and we were all touched by their caring, but sickened by our own tribe's treatment of us.

Though the BIA has cut funding because of the tribe's activities, I'm sure that all member's of the banished one's families will soon be disenrolled. Thats what many other tribes around the nation do. They lie about blood quantum, but assure the family that they'll still receive benifits, then they cut them off six monthes later.

We didn't even get a chance to speak. We are very ashamed of many tribe mambers. Their t-shirts declaring that they were "real" indians suggested we were not worthy to speak to or be recognized. It was undemocratic, unholy, unconstitutional, and definately NOT traditional.

We will keep fighting of couyrse. The Snoqualmie Tribal Contstitution states that they need 2/3rds of the membership vote to banish, and they had maybe a third of the tribe there, and didn't allow any of us in to vote or speak, therefore it is a constitutional breach and illigal. But they won't listen. They refuse to reason.

It breaks my heart that they will hurt many innoccent tribe members and children. Only time will show the truth to everyone, but un fortunately it will be too late for my family when that time comes.

My children are an eighth Snoqualmie. They always will be, no matter what the illigal council says. We are proud to have an indian family, even if we are not proud of what our tribe and cheif have done, and we will still follow the traditions our grandparents taught us. We will still read books on indians, continue their crafts and prayers, and learn their history.

But soon there won't be a tribe for us.

How could they do this to their own tribe? Their own cousins?


Anonymous said...

This is all about blood quantum.

I am sickened by the division this shadow government have created, and the public shame you have brought to the true Snoqualmie people and their bloodline. You threaten the entire existence for all of the people of Snoqualmie bloodline and its all because of your own personal loss of potential financial benefit from the casino.

You spread lie’s, you model deceit, you wreak arrogance, you come in the name of Snoqualmie blood but the truth is that you do not have enough Snoqualmie blood in your veins to substantiate your groundless claims. I find it very interesting that your letters, your claims and even you lies say nothing at all about blood quantum or its requirements. You body encases watered down Snoqualmie blood in your veins, even as you speak your evil words.

Your selfish intentions are stronger than your concern for this people because your white Euro blood far outweighs your Snoqualmie blood. This is evident in the spirit in which you have portrayed and presented yourselves to the Snoqualmie’s from the beginning back when you deceitfully had yourselves voted in, with the pure intention to covet your half-brothers birthright. You should know that the greater number of people affected by this evil intent that you have brought onto this tribe, know of your tactics, lies, deceit, dishonor and of your true blood quantum. You are less than 1/8 and your god's know this too.

If you were honorable American people, you would utilize your education and decorum that you so easily came upon from being mostly white/Euro and from growing up with white/Euro American opportunities, and support the stronger/fuller bloodline Snoqualmie’s that are left, as a way to save, protect and enhance the future of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe as a whole. I say this as a man of German decent.

You have embarrassed us Euro/white people, by attempting to yet again, fleece the Native American people. Take your undeserving Euro hands off of the Snoqualmie people’s birthright and just be honored and proud to possess what little Snoqualmie blood you do have.

As soon as you let bloodline take its natural course, these matters will end.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I will begin by saying I did type a response on Saturday night, however it seems to never have gotten posted. They gist of what I said was that Chrissie’s responded barely dignified any response because they are all full of insults and half truths designed to inflame people.
Also, I actually had a family matter to attend to in Eastern Washington that caused me to be barely on time for the meeting. I got there as Mr. Sweet and his family left; which was before the meeting began.
As much as I do not feel the need to explain things further’ I will if for no other reason than to shed some light on what happened on Sunday.
First I want to say that yes we did vote on vanishings. This meeting had nothing to do with dis-enrollment, so where that came from I have no idea. Second Mr. Sweet and his family were given the opportunity to come and explain themselves in front of the General Membership. We wanted to hear from each of the individuals one-by-one. We sent three people out to try to locate and bring in any of them. Not a single one was there. They were not kept out of the meeting. They chose to leave after the press left. Why is that? They could not wait maybe an hour into the meeting to represent themselves? Was the allure of IHOP more important to them than the need address the people they have hurt and felt have hurt them?
I also want to point out that the Snoqualmie Constitution, the one currently accepted by the Tribe and NOT whichever one this rogue group is using, states in ARTICLE III section (e): A quorum for conducting business at any meeting shall be forty (40) voting members. This has been true for years and not a new section in the Constitution. We had more than enough members to vote. This is even going to be changed to 50 members.
I also do not understand where this idea of “preferred voters” came from. No one on Council or the Chief ever uttered any such nonsense. We recently made a change to our Tribal ID cards for the protection of the Tribe as a whole because we have people running around trying to close our bank accounts and pretending to be on council. All current members enrolled in the Tribe either have or will be getting this updated card. There is nothing “preferred” about it.
I will also make a quick mention of the individual banished because her “only crime was to pray.” Why did you not mention that this “prayer” was full of insults to the Chief and other elders and contained vulgarities? This showed great contempt not only to the people but also contempt for your god. Any respect that she may have had a religious leader was lost right then and there.

If Mr. Sweet and his cronies truly felt that they have been dishonored and wronged by the Tribe, their People, why did they not stay to talk to us? They gave their sob story full of half-truths to the Seattle Times and left to eat at IHOP. Does that sound like a group that feels wronged? This fact showed the General Membership of the Snoqualmie Tribe that not only does this small group not truly care about the Tribe; they did not even believe in their cause enough to even talk to the Membership for 5 minutes.
We stood up as a Tribe, not a Council, not by our Chief, but as a People and voted these lying, cheating, and heartless people out of our Tribe. We are the true Snoqualmie. We respect our People we do not stand by when we are trying to be overthrown and lied to. If this had been one hundred years ago we would have voted to send Mr. Sweet and the others over Snoqualmie Falls for their gross crimes against us and we have let the Spirits decide if you had the honor to be a part of us. As such we tend to be less bloodthirsty and instead did the next best thing. WE KICKED YOU OUT OF OUR TRIBE.
YOU failed to talk to the elders that you have insulted and tried to stop funds to. YOU failed to prove to us that you have been wronged. YOU failed to prove that your heart is with the People. YOU have proven that by your actions and YOUR words that you do not care about YOUR People, only yourself. This is not the Snoqualmie way. If any of the banished members want to be welcomed back to the Tribe I suggest you look deep into the Falls, out most, sacred place, and ask our ancestors to forgive you.

Steven Mullen proud Snoqualmie.
I hope you all enjoyed your pancakes.

Unknown said...

Hello Annonymous

I don't think you're speaking to me, because if you were there are too many mistakes you've made. I'll respond as if you were speaking to me, and if you're talking to someone else on this blag, my apologies.

First off, I am not Snoqualmie. I never claimed to be. My children are. I have court documented paperwork and census reports tracing their ancestry back and it is irrefutable proof that they are one eight. My wife is one quarter. Two of the members banished who werre told they were a sixteen are actually half. I ask once again that you SHOW US THE PROOF that our blood quantam is low.
You also state that I never mention blood quantum. I, and other who have blogged here, mention it constantly. Its one of the problems ith have with Ennick and his council. They lie and do not back up theiir stories.

Second, as I have stated earlier, I do not need the casino money. Several of the banished members actually make six digits a year and also do not need the money. I remember when the Cheif and council bought the seahawks tickets and most ofthe council wanted to reserve the tickets for council use only. two council members wanted the entire tribe to have access to the tickets. Guess what? Those two council members who tried to get the rest of the council to share are now banished. They have always tried to look out for everyones best interests. For me, this arguement is not about the casino.

Third, The tribe brought shame upon itself. If the newspapers said anything untrue, they would be shut down or sued. Slander is against the law. The papers know this and make certain their facts are true. We cannot shame the tribe by speaking out and telling the truth. Only the tribes actions can shame the tribe.

Fourth, in the letter attached (the responce to the snoqualmie people) there are many lies. Again, I am repeating what I have stated in earlier posts, they gave us one day to contact them with problems, did not answer any calls are return any calls that day, and we received letters stating that they did not need to hear our case. We received no contact. We were never allowedd to argue our case, present evidence, or even receive explainations about any of these blood quantum alligations.

Once again, if you want to see any of this evidence, I will meet with any one.

Let me ask you, if I show you cout documents, census reports, and other hard evidence that cannot be disputed, would you stand up for my children. Would you ask your council and cheif to reinstate my children's membership status? or would you stand by and let this happen?

You comments are strange to me, as you don't even know what kind of blood I have. They are very rascist. In my opinion, what the tribe has done is exactly what the anglo settlers did to them, they took rights away from lawful indians through deciet and treachery.

By the way, next time you speak with your Cheif, Matt Mattson or any other council member, ask them why the tribe had to pay back million of dollars to MGU after MGU broke contract. Isn't it strange that Snoqualmie people need to pay millions to the very company that breached our contract, and they aren't even going to take them to court? Seems a little backward to me. But don't take my word on anything I've said hear, because I understand you hate my family. Here's what you can do . ..

Look into it. Do some research on the banished members blood quantums on the internet. Look up their family names and trace backwards, find out for yourself and ytou will see the truth. Also, ask your cheif and his lawyer why the tribe is paying millions of dollars to a company they claimed breached a contract. Ask them why they don't sue the company or refuse to pay. Use your gut instincts and look into everything I say. I'm not trying to argue with anyone, I am trying to lead them to the truth. If you do not research and try to find out whats going on, then your blind accusation will always remain that. Blind.

Be careful though, please, because if you let the cheif and his council know that you're on to something, you'll be banished next.

Take care


Anonymous said...

We who have been disenrolled tend to take the side of others from other tribes who have been disenrolled and on the surface of it, some can say we are drawing conclusions not based on the facts as we don't really know the details of what is going on.

However, in the case of the Snoqualmie tribe were the disenrolled and banished allowed to present their case to the people at this past Sunday's meeting?

Since they were not allowed inside the meeting, it appears that they were not allowed to prove that they in fact do meet this tribe's membership requirements.

Which, at least in my eyes as an outsider in the sitution looking in makes the proceedings suspect.

Were this tribe's rules followed?

A preferred voter list sounds like stacking the deck in favor of a foregone conclusion.

Was this process indeed fair and impartial?

giggles said...

Little Miss Anonymous.

First of all your whole rant proves how ignorant you truly are. Please keep responding, You make my case without even having to say anything.

First of all, the BIA states blood quantum was designed so that Indians adopting this sort of Genocide would ignorantly kill themselves off without knowledge of their own suicide.

It is a fact that within the next 100 years all Indian nations will be disolved because of intergrating blood lines. There is not enough to continue the race and all these petty squabbles right now won't matter. All the land trusts will return to the US and all the profit from casinos will also return to the White people. They out played, outlasted, and will ultimitely be the sole survivor of all this contraversy.

You say this is about my greed? Who brought this up, who is wielding the ax? You show your true colors. The world is laughing at you and your ignorance.

Keep talking, I enjoy a good laugh.


Next time you want to talk trash, get some courage, sign your F-en name~~ Coward!

giggles said...

Oh Steven, what a disappointment. I thought, and this fault is my own, that you were a worthy advesary.

I video taped until 12:30. The meeting was called about 10:30. So you said you arrived just after the meeting started. I probably have you on video then. Describe yourself. WAIT! Tell me this, because this will settle everything, what did you wear? A red shirt with black writing, Enick Follower?

That says it all, FOLLOWER! No voice, no brain, only a follower.

No one has to take my word on what happened. They can read about it. These are the facts, undisputable. WE WERE NOT ALLOWED IN. Ray Mullen, which I would be more than interested to know how you are related, quote on quote said, "The Real Indianz come on in." Then he pointed at me, becuase I'm the smart ass and went in, He put a hand in front of my face and said "NOT YOU." You call that a fair hearing.

Ray then came out a little while later and banged the drum north south east and west, but he continued banging in our faces many more times.

There were, I just got the final number from someone in the meeting, fifty- sixty people in the meeting. 2/3 of six hundred is around 400. How does fifty-sixty make of the whole? We had forty outside, not allowed in becuase they didn't make the preferred voters list. Brothers made it without sisters, explain that? Daughters made it without mothers or fathers?

I'm certain in your mind you saw this as fair proceedings.

Making the natives sit at the back of the bus, yep that sort of discrimination is okay. Is that what you think?

These people do not have to take my word. They do becuase no matter how you twist and turn this, no matter how you think a preferred voter list is okay, not allowing forty people into a meeting that all tribal members should be able to participate in, bashing people for praying those actions are wrong. And people are not stupid. They know who threw the first stone. They know who are the real greedy. If you weren't greedy, why did you start this?

Why not explain that?

Blood quantum? I've got the blood-quantum. Will you ever see I'm just as mush indian as you, probably not. Because as your shirt said, or at least the Mullens' shirts, ENICK FOLLOWER. No mind of your own.


giggles said...


No the rules were not followed. 400 or so votes were needed to favor a banishment, and they had between 50-60. On their "preferred Voters" list they had around 200. We are a tribe of six hundred. No matter how righteous Steven attempts to sound, what they did that day did them more harm than good. I think they are to close to the situation to see how bad what they have done is.

Were we allowed to present our case? Let's see. Steven is right. We did leave about 1:00. The meeting started at 10:00 am. We were not aloud inside with the "real indians". We were forced to wait outside. Jerry Enick told the hotel management that none us, including our elders and children were allowed into the lobby to sit at any time.

The Mullen family did keep coming outside, many members remained outside the entire time, checking to see if we had left. The meeting inside went on and on. They were waiting for us to leave.

Also, Steven is right about one more thing. They did tell us that we would be allowed one by one inside. I believe, I couldn't see the face of who was speaking, but I think it was Ray Mullen based on his voice. They said, "you will face the firing squad one at a time. Any one speaking on your behalf from this group will not be allowed in."

again, I'm sure the Mullens see this as a fair process, They are FOLLOWERS.

When I asked the cops who were hired by the Enick faction, why they went inside instead of holding us rowdy Indians back, the cops said, "They are far more hostile than you. I thought we were going to have to keep them from attacking you guys."
Those are comments from cops hired by the tribe.

No matter how much they boast about righteous acts, they never had any intentions of honoring a fair process.

Want the truth of the meeting from a third person point of view, check out Seattle Times-- 8 banished and 60 disenrolled.

Also, I haven't read it yet, but the snovalley star will have an article of the events that happened that day. I think it came out today but it is a weekly paper and I don't know when it comes out 100%.


PS. I think it is important for all people to come to their own conclusions. I've presented my case, Steven has presented his. Who do you favor?

Unknown said...


About ninety percent of the people there went to a private residence to mourn your shameful actions. I don't know anyone that went to IHOP. Stop making stuff up and trying to make us sound bad. Obviously pancakes are not more important than being swindled.

We were NOT allowed inside AT ALL> If anyone wants to verify that,they can call the Snoqualmie police department and the manager of the hotel. We were allowed in to check the list and to use the restroom. Our elders and those with children weren't allowed inside the lobby to wait. I was there from 9am to 11:30 am, and no mention was made of us being able to come inside and plead our case. Only what Ray discribed as "Real" indians were allowed to enter. You admitt you got there late. You have no freaking cue what went on before that!

Now, I have insulted you, and you have insulted us. I apologized and will do it again, but your avoidence of my question will not go unnotticed. I'll ask again.

I have proof that my children are one-eight indian. Will you meet with me and, if my proof is one hundred percent legal and legitamite, will you talk to your cheif and council on my children's behalf?????
I'm not asking you to do anything illigal. If my information if suspiscious you could just walk out.
See, my thoughts are that you did not respond because you would never stand up for what is right.
I have video footage of the event. You say you got there late, wanna see how rudely we were treated. The disrespect? Wanna see elders from other tribes there with us, supporting us because they grew up with an around those who were banished and know the truth and the actual blood quantums?

Its sad. What "real" indians did was sad. And please respond to my last post (I realize you probably haven't seen it yet because they were most likely posted at the same time).

I've apologized and want to have an actual conversation with you. I am 100 percent confident in my evidence and that I have all the facts I have stated correct. There is no doubt in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bill,
So your saying that YOU are not Snoqualmie,, right,, Then how did you get a tribal card, and be voted in as chairman?? I can understand your wife running for council,,, BUT how did you get empowered? I thought you had to be an 1\8 Snoqualmie to hold office???

Unknown said...

Sorry for the confusion. I am not Bill Sweet. Bill Sweet is the rightful chairman. I am only a member of the family through marraige, and my children are 1/8 snoqualmie, but the "Real" indians (Ennick's followers) say they are a 64th.
Again, I am not Bill Sweet. Our names are a coincidence and nothing more.
I do have indian blood, but none from Snoqualmie therefore I was never allowed to have my children's concerns addressed because I'm not a tribal member and they are not 18 years old. Apperantly the innoccent children have no rights.


giggles said...


Are you suggesting that this BIllyBob is Bill Sweet? Surely, you must know Bill is a common name through out our nation. There is more than one Bill on Earth. BillyBob is not Bill Sweet. Plus, when you are voted into office a through background check of blood quantums is done. The people that someone claimed to have "watered down Indian blood" are 1/2 snoqualmie. BIA recognises the blood quantum and said it is irrefutable, hence why the illegal government moved to banishment. They couldn't prove their alligations.

PS. If you honestly believed this was Bill Sweet posting at BIllyBob, you should know Bill Sweet is not married. He has a lovely girlfriend.

Unknown said...

Oh, I forgot to include in my last post. . .

Yes, you have to be an 1/8 snoqualmie to hold office. Several of the banished members were elected in to office, therefore everyone recognized that they were one eighth, though the cheif and his council now say they are not high enough blood Quantum to vote. Odd isn't it, that these individuals held office because it was a verifyable fact that they had more then an eight blood quantum, and now that they upset some council members, suddenly they are less than an eighth? Its like, if you're not agreeing with the cheif at all times, it drops your genetic quantum in some strange an magical way. There were no mistakes made, these individuals could NOT have held office if they didn't have the blood. They did, and still do, despite the Cheif's words.


Anonymous said...

OK Thank for for clearing it oop,, YES I do know Bill Sweet,, I didn't know he was not married,, Don't have to be so onery,, I was just asking a question,,, Yes I know just about in every family,,, that is why I stay away,,, You need to calm down Chrissy,,, I never have called anyone names or yelled I was just asking. He signed it Bill,, and he seems to know all that is going on,, I just thought It was Bill Sweet talking,,
I know the Enicks,Mullens and probably your family. I have seen you at meetings,,, but was never properly introduced. You haven't mention your families name,maybe I missed it,,
I know many of the elders,,,
I to have grandkids, kids and son's that are SNOQUALMIE members
I have been to most meeting for the last 30 years,,
I do not need to call people names,,,I feel this needs to be worked out,,, so far, all I have seen is what is in the news paper,,
which is one-sided,,, I have not seen where anyone was disenrolled.(other than in the paper)
Bill, I'm sorry I thought you were Bill Sweet an honest mistake,,
staying on the sidelines,,

Anonymous said...

is bil sweet girlfriend related to him too like the last one ouch thats not goood too nasty for kissing cousins

giggles said...

Yes, I agree. I do need to calm down before my blood pressure skyrockets.

I'm so extremely sorry if my thoughts hurt you in anyway.

It is hard to face what my family is facing without "rage" playing a part. My grandmother, Doris Elaine Willoughby/Williams taught us to: stick together, honor our elders, honor our fellow tribal members, have pride in our heritage, and stand up for those less fortunate. To have people who I have always honored, respected, and even though I didn't get along with sometimes, behave in such a disrepectful manner to my family, people I love, I have attendancy to jump in front of them to block the attacks. My defenses go through the roof and I slip into protection mode.

This hurts every member of my family deeply. We've been so involed with the tribe and because, who knows why, we were put on the chopping block and hacked. None of us would ever consider banishing any of these people. Not even now. Banishing someone from tribal affairs when we are such a small tribe to begin with underminds everything the tribe has built together.

The comments about greed and us only joining recently to gain revenue from the casino I think are by far the lowest of the low. If you've truly been here for thirty years then we most likely have met several times over. My mother, Sharon Frelinger, dragged me as a child to so many meetings. I swore they held those things just to ruin my childhood. LOL

I remember sitting on the steps in Carnation, climbing trees, and listening to what my mother referred to as "healthy bickering" over tribal affairs. As an adult, I actually got to participate in "healthy bickering".

I raised my children to honor this tribe. To honor the people's journey. We have sacrificed together and won recognition together. No one single family did all that. We did it as a group. It kills me now that people do not see that. We all built this tribe into what it is today. We all paved the way for the future. It was not one single family, it was all of us. The Snoqualmie tribe. And it hurts my soul that people want to take that away. Take the Snoqualmie out of me.

Again, I'm so sorry if I hurt you with my words or my thoughts.

If you want another side of the story, rather than what you read about in news papers, check out They have letters posted on the websight with their version of events. Also, I believe they have mailed out many of their letters stating their oppinion of the sequence of events. If you have not recieved any you should contact Cheryl Mullen, Tribal enrollment officer and make sure she has your correct address.

Tribal business is important. I know you want to stay on the fence in this dispute, and I think that is a wise decision, but you should certainly maintain an active part in the tribe. It's your heritage and these people, like I've said before, I don't get along with all of them, but we still make up a tribe and every voice in it matters.

Sorry I offended you.

Anonymous said...

Am I to assume that Chrissie and Bill are the two married couple? I often hear Chrissie speak of people being cowards and not listing thier name. Yet I only have a first name. As soon as this...Steve Mullen listed his first and last name I noticed that his family became a target for verbal attack. As far as the chief...well... I have never seen any honest tribal member disrespect their chief so much. But Hey you know all right?

Anonymous said...

Another reason I list this question is because I am really hoping that this is the wrath of only two of the same house hold. I don't think that for anyone reading this they should just assume that this is representing the whole sweet family. They are different people. While they maybe hurt please do not hold a grudge against all the members of the family for the acts of two

Anonymous said...

The general membership has every right to banish. Especially for disrespect. To call a chief a coward, to have a shaker use the lords name in vain in a prayer!! to try to shut down funding to the very elders that rely on it for life!! This group has dishonored themselves and jepordized the lives of many. Banishment is an extreme punishment. Therefore don't you think extreme crimes have been commited? It takes 40 according to our constitution to conduct a meeting. Well, Over 75 showed and 74 members voted these attackers out.

Unknown said...

No need to apologize . . . . Not a problem. Had I thought about it, I would have let everyone know right from the start that I wasn't Chairman Sweet. It didn't even occure to me . . .

Not that I am speaking for her, but I think Chrissie assumed you were the other person posting anonymously who was calling everyone names. I made the same assumtion at first too. You see, a few days ago I aquired the IP Adressess and sent her a private email detailing which posters were actually the same person pretending to be different people. One person here was posting anonymously and pretending to be different people. Its kinda funny that he would go through such great lengths to try and make it look like he had numbers of people on his side reading this blog . . .
I think that's where Chrissie's mistake was made. I haven't checked the addresses in a few days so, and unless I do we have no clue as to who is posting what . . .

If you have any more questions, just ask. I feel that people need to openly discuss this and become aware of what's going on. I think if more people knew the truth there would be a lot less Ennick followers.

Just because they held an illigal meeting and lied about the number of votes needed for a banishment doesn't mean this is over yet. We're just getting started.

And to those people who keep saying our side is greedy ... think about that for a minute. This tribe could loose it's casino/gaming rights if this gets federal attention. Our families have been forced into a corner and our only way out is federal attention. We are willing to loose the casino to gain back our tribal rights . . . how in the world would that give us any more money or feed our greed? It wouldn't. But being a united tribe without corruption is more important to us than cash.

Does that sound greedy to you?


Unknown said...

Oh yeah, one more thing . . .

To the anonymous poster who refered to Sweet and his cousin . . . I don't know if you're correct or not, but even if you are, trying to discredit an oponent's legal rights and validity with little unrelated puncheds like this is slimy. I bet if I knew who you were I could dig up as much dirt on you as anyone. If love is Bill Sweet's only crime, I'll stick with him no matter what. Better than some of the crimes being committed by the Illegal Cheif and council.

Anonymous said...

Now that you have threatend the tribe, and my grand kids with your crapola,, YOU will never get back in the tribe,, I have passed on your whining blog to all members, that I can find,,, I have listened to the tapes that were made of the council meeting,,, the one you kind folks walked out on,, I beleive the RIGHT council is in place,, to here the language used against the chief and elders,,, You go right on beileving your right,,, You go right ahead and keep up talking to the newspapers, because the tribe has spoken,,
btw I was there when Bill sweet, passed right on by Katina and closed the meeting,,, so no other nominations could be made,,, the whole tribe saw what happened,, your little tricks didn't work,,,

Anonymous said...

Your telling me, that you are willing to shut down the casino project, take 1000 jobs away from the tribe and the Snoqualmie Valley? Stop the purchase of the Hosptal property? Elder Housing, and all this? NOT everyone makes 6 figures a year,,,in fact most of the tribe don't!
This is about the most self centered act I have ever heard of!
Not everyone owns house or a Harley,, Most don't work at Boeing,, there are Elders that need help as does most of the youth! well if that don't beat all
I really don't care if you have my IP Address, I'm still wondering how you got all the tribal members addresses,, I bet you googled them,, I can't wait for the next meeting, when most of the tribe is there,,, they will HAVE THERE SAY,,,starting rumours ,such as preffered voters, they had to chang the cards,,and you know why,,, everyone in the TRIBE got new ones,,, greed has nothing to do with it,, or maybe it does,,, I hope your 6 figure income,, will put food on the table,, for the 400 members. still anonymous1

giggles said...

Actually if you listened to the tapes, as you have claimed, you would have heard it WAS NOT Katina Mullen who did NOT get to put a name up for council that day. Katina's objection was to the fact the "adopted got to vote in the election", which was never contested.

The real people PITCHING A FIT are the Mullens/Maryanne Hinzmen. Maryanne was unable to secure the top position because most of the tribe members knows she's a snake. And then Mullens were ousted too because they take all the tribal money for themselves. Hence why most mullens work for the tribal office.

You said we were disrepectful at that meeting, what do you call not allowing the elders inside the building when it was cold outside? That was true disrespect. That was all Enick's Regime.

You may have gotten your way that day, by not following the rules of our constitution, but this WAR is FAR FROM OVER!

Sleep well. Save your energy. Because you are going to need it!


Unknown said...

LOL, Most of these anonymous posts are from the same IP Address . . . Funny, one person trying to sound like many.

No, I do not use my full name because I have children. I did however offer to give my personal number to Steve Mullen if he would agree to meet with me so I could show him my evidence. He never responded. No one on this council does. It's like talking to a brick wall. And then they tell us hopw fair they are.
I can assume that the threats mentioned were my quotes earlier in the blog. Please, I don't need to threaten people. If those words scare you, it's because you feel the truth in them and don't want to admit it. Threatening would do no good anyway, your cheif has said many times that he can do whatever he wants and that he is above the law. An Idle threat would not stop someone with that kind of an attitude. Ennick honestly beleives no one can touch him!
And as far as banishing someone for calling the cheif a coward . . . are you all so afraid of someone's opinion that you'd banish family members for voiing theirs. Honestly, if someone called me a coward, I would let them have their opinion (how can it hurt me?) and I would ask them to explain their opinion and see if we could work toward a resolution. These Banishments only proove cowardess . . . The council is afraid of anyones opinions but their own.
No, no one should judge Sweet's family for what I say. My children ar ehis distant cousins, but not DIRECTLY related. We are our own family. Acting like there's only two people pissed off just because only a few of us choose to voice our outrage is ridiculous. EVERY SINGLE BANISHED MEMBER IS UPSET, AND SO IS EVERYONE WHO HAD THEIR BLOOD QUANTUM PAPERWORK TAMPERED WITH.
It is SO funny how these accusations are cast around and yet no one wants to sit down and talk about it.
Are you afraid that the truth you know is full of lies? Are you afriad I will show you evidence you didn't want to see? Are you afraid the cheif will banish you for speaking with us?
Or are you just too afraid to waste a few hours of afternoon, so you'fd rather banish potentially innocent Snoqualmie and get on with your life?
You only need forty people for a banishment? Maybe you don't know that the initial constitution demanded two-thirds of ALL VOTING MEMBERS. Yeah, the cheif and council couldn't get that, so I have no doubt that they changed the constitution, erased bloodlines and ensured they could banish whoever they want. . . . That doesn't make it legal, friend.
Show me the files prooving that the 2007 council was illigally elected. Show me the evidence! It's not there, and it never will be, and the moves made to replace the democratically elected officials were illigal, hence this entire goverment illigal since that moment. No re-writing of the regulations and constitution can ever erase that. If your cheif is innocent and the current illagal council is innoccent, then they should be able to quell this uprising with their documentation. The BIA would have never admitted to the papers that it was Bill Sweet's role to reunite the tribe. Its common sense.

Anonymous said...

I was so sorry to see the name calling going on in this blog regarding Snoqualmie people. The comment regarding Chairman Sweet was very distasteful. There are a lot of skeletons in the chief's closet so if you don't want them aired on this blog I would stop posting personal comments. If you want to attack the process or procedures that have taken place then go at it.

The chief, sub-chief, and the Chairman of the Snoqulamie Tribe could have settled this dispute back in August when it first started but the chief and sub-chief refused to meet with 60 tribal members and has continued to be dishonorable to Snoqualmie Tribal members. Only Chairman Sweet would meet with those members and was present to address those who showed up on August 22, 2007. The chief and sub-chief had agreed to attend and then didn't show up!!! Why don't you address that fact.

The Snoqualmie Tribal Meetin held in May 2007 meeting has been reviewed by a certified parlimentarian and was ran according to "Roberts Rules or Order" and was completely legal. When Chairman Sweet came back to Katina the General Membership had already decided to close the nominations. When a motion was made to re-open the nominations the General Membership voted "NO"! Let's atleast get the facts straight about the meeting.

Anonymous said...

not only did they threaten the tribe now they are sending out threating e-mails to certain people at the tribal office how much lower can those folks go and i do know who is sending the e-mails too and yes i do work for the tribe but not a trbe member but this is real low

Unknown said...

Well, I haven't sent out any threats, emailed or otherwise. If you're getting threats, though I doi not agree with them, I do have to say "wHAT DID YOU EXPECT?" People have been hurt, betrayed, backstabbed and their reputations slandered. Yeah, I'm sure there's a lot of people angry.

And anonymous brings up a good point, THE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP CLOSED THE NOMINATIONS AND VOTE NOT TO REOPEN THEM!!!! How is that Bill Sweets fault? According to the law, he is the chairman and needs to do what the general membership says. Who told you it was Sweet's fault. Someone had to have told you that, because if you were there, you'd remember it.

How funny that you talk about us being greedy, and when I point out that we have nothing to gain financially you start trashing us. Some of the banished people actually voted for putting up health care and dental programs BEFORE worrying about a casino and members who are now in the illigal goverment actually voted them down. Some of the banished members also wanted the genral membership to share the Seahawks tickets they bought with tribal funds (that could have gone to the elderly and youths of the tribe) and several members of the illigal goverment VOTED THEM DOWN ON THAT AS WELL.

Greed is not in our nature. The truth is in our nature. Do you know who the cheif appointed to run things for the tribe and casino. Do you know that individual doesn't even have a high school education?

Sorry, but if I were in charge of the tribe, the first order of business would be social security for elders, homeless/jobless and children. My SECOND order of business would be the casino, and even then I would want to use profits to benifit the general membership as THEY SAW FIT (that's called democracy). If they voted on something I didn't like, I would do things the way they voted anyway, because its supposed to be a democracy. So go on about how bad we are for the Elders and such, about how we're stealing money from them . . . I will continue to fight for whats right at any and all costs, because I beleive in the truth and I beleive my children have a right to their heritage.

Wanna meet with me and discuss this matter further? Let me know. I'll bring all the paperwork in the world and show you the truth . . .. But I encourage you to get on the internet, go to the library and dig through your tribal papers(you should have FULL access to them, shouldn't you?) and find out who the REAL indians are. They are you, they are my children and family, and they are the banished members.

Anonymous said...

I think that if the federal goverment cannot protect us because they "have no right to interfere" then I think we should declare war on the ennick faction. Civil war . . . the only bad guys are the loosers . . .

OPechanga said...

War may be the answer here. Should those who have been wronged here fight back against those who stole what is theirs?
Or, should they sit back, like many of us at Pechanga, and get kicked in the teeth?
FIGHT BACK...would it now be a case of self-defense?

Anonymous said...

If the federal goverment really can't interfere even though laws are being broken, then they cannot interfere with an indian civil war. I think that under the second amendment of the constitution the right to bare arms is acceptable when the barer of arms is part of an organized militia intend on mantaining soveriegnty and peace. It would be well within out rights to take up arms, take over the offices and accounts, and imprison those that stand against the truth.

Anyone else have any veiws on this. I have been reading these posts and getting really torced off, but haven't replied until now, because I can see that no one in the Ennick side can see reason so what good do words do. I'm perfectly willing to take up arms and use force FOR WHAT IS RIGHT . . . now I bet a lot of people here are going to think I'm warmongering . . . not so. I only beleive in physical force as the last result, and I think we're out of options. The cheif and his regime are plotting to overthrow the legal goverment and take over, we need to stop them.

The only bad guys are the looser . . . thaT CRACKS ME UP. How fitting how right. Respond here! Let look into the legality of this. Many people were scared to stand up to Ennick. He rules by fear and is therefore a terrorist. America has declared war on terror!


Unknown said...

Whoa. War? I mean, there's still the supreme court . . . Now if that fails due to non0interferance, maybe war. But try the supreme court first. trust me guys, we have enough documented evidence to get us through, and if a federal investigation is launched Ennick and most of the rest of the council are going to go tho federal penitentiary (jail) for a long time. Money laundering, fraud, bribery. I don't THINK it'll come to war.
Still, I should check out our rights and see what the feds have to say about war in a soveriegn nation. Interesting thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I have tried posting 3 separate times in response to both Bill and Chrissie; however for some reason the admin of this blog did not actually post them. I assume that is because this blog has a biased against Tribes that have done bashings, because there is no reason to actually not post any of my responses.
In the hopes that this might get posted I will say a few things but I will not retype pages of text that I already tried posting.
One if Bill wants to discuss anything I suggest just coming to the Tribal office and asking for me. I am more than happy to talk about anything with you. As I have said I am just a Tribal member but I am fair. I also suggest you use your full name if you want to be taken seriously. I have no shame in who I am and I have nothing to hide.
I will also say stop trying to be a network genius. Of course you are going to be seeing a lot of posts t hat come from the same IP we are posting from the office. To claim that it is just one person shows our lack of knowledge on networking. Not trying to be mean, just pointing out a technical flaw in your statement.
Lastly I still say that nothing Chrissie says is worth commenting on as she is just trying to instigate hate and anger and prorogation her ignorance and poor attitude.

Steven Mullen

OPechanga said...

Steven, none of your posts have been deleted. Take a look again up thread. I was out for almost a week but I've approved ALL comments to this thread.

PLEASE make sure you pass along my blog to everybody you know. THAT is how you will be able to get the word out.

Links from MYSPACE will also help.

Anonymous said...

War is interesting....not an aspect I had thought about but worth checking into.

Getting to the Supreme Court takes to much time...we need to stop this illegal government soon.

OPechanga said...

It sounds so strange... WAR... and yet, it may be the answer that is needed. Somebody has come in to take over the Snoqualmie Tribe. The Bureau of Indian Affairs has done NOTHING to protect the tribe from interlopers.
The Tribe should protect it's own interest, declare war and see what happens.
Which Nation will win? The real tribe, who has history on its side? Or the greedy ones, who can't live in peace and harmony.

WAR may be the answer.

Anonymous said...

What if we call them out for a "war" but instead of bow & arrows or guns we use hand to hand combat. Each side putting up their "tribal" champion?

They probably don't possess the courage to accept yet alone show up to the fight.....

Anonymous said...

I hope this issue or any of the disenollent situations don't lead to violence.

However if there was a violent confronation anywhere in Indian country I would bet the federal and or state government(s) would step in, likely with the National Guard, and side with the tribes and treat the others, who very well may be fighting for their freedom, as if they were at fault.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the dasys of the tribal champions are over (though I still love the idea). I think this time it will be guns, poison, arson, and terror. Funny thing is, the fedral goverment doesn't want to lend a helping hand (they love watching tribes turn against each other) and their own BIA won't help, even though they admitted that Sweet was wrong, here's the funny part, I bet if we showed up at the office with thirty armed militia members that the Federal Goverment would suddenly interfer. All of a sudden it would be within their interest to help. See, they don't care who wins right or wrong as long as they don't look bad. They're probably happy that the evil ennick took over, and are probably splitting the pot with him right now, knowing another indian tribe is on it's way to extinction.
Good job ennick followers. You led us right into their hands. You did just what the system was designed to do; have the grededy take over and vanquish the innocent.

Anonymous said...

i disagree with war but what choice do we have? Bill you really think the supreme court will help? the bia didn't. we need to take matters into our own hands

OPechanga said...

Maybe it won't lead to violence, but if 30 armed militia showed up, the "shadow government" could just quit.
But, on the other hand, don't you think the media and congress will suddenly sit up and pay attention?
And, while it will take YEARS to get to the SCOTUS, the outsiders will be running YOUR tribe.
Amo'kat is hopeful for nonviolence, but there are times when that is all that is understood.

Anonymous said...

Ooops. Earlier I posted this "and their own BIA won't help, even though they admitted that Sweet was wrong," and what I meant to say is that he was wronged. I guess I forgot the "ed" at the end. Now watch the evil ennick followers take that mis-spell and try and use it to their advantage. LOL. Sorry guys.

Unknown said...

Yup, the Federal Goverment would be likely to throw the militia into jail instead of the real threat, but that wouldn't matter because then they'd HAVE to look at the case and honestly, we have more paperwork verifying our side. At best, a few people would get hurt, innoccent defenders of truth would get thrown into jail for a brief stint, but then the truth would come out and all would be okay . . . . . The down side is, people could get killed. Nobody wants that.
Of course me talking about it doesn't matter, because I am not Snoqualmie and therefore couldn't participate anyway, even on behalf of my children.
Steve Mullen, you said I could meet with you at the office? Do yopu hold a position there? If so, whjat hours are you there, what days? I would LOVE to meet with someone who is willing to be level headed about things and actually take a look at what I have. It's what we've wanted all along. I have been denied many times before and, even more often, my families calls were never answered.
So here's the deal, I will meet with you at the tribal office on whatever day, hour you pick (as long as I'm not working) and speak with you. I wouldn't mind hearing your side either, of course, because I beleive resolution is a two way road. However, I will only meet if you agree that (as long as everything I show you is legit and verifyable) you will take it to your cheif and council. If you just want to listen and not help out the family/tribe, then there's no point in me hauling all my evidence down just to watch you nodd your head at it.
Thanks for inviting me. I hope you're for real on this.


PS. you keep mentioning that I am not using my full name. I need to clarify this for you . . . we were treated VERY poorly when we've tried to make contact before, and treated VERY disrespectfully Outside at the banishment neeting . . . I have kids, and therfore am willing to reveal my identity in person, but not over the internet. I hope you can appreciate that my first concern is for my families saftey. I have very strong feelings about what's happening, and have made brash statements because no one would help or even hear what we had to say. If this were about ME personally and my children were not involved, I would have no qualms letting the world know who I am. If people here call me a coward because I don't use my full name, that's fine with me. I'll do anything for my children, even if it means someone thinks I'm a "coward". This comment is not directed at Steve, but to everyone on this post. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

One more thing Steven. . . You don't need to post what hours and such you'll be in the office here. You can email me at and I'll email you my phone number . . . so long as I think its really you LOL


Anonymous said...

I hope that if at least people from opposing factions are talking that there is hope that fairness will win out.

Not to put a damper on progress that could be made, but in the case of our tribe we have shown tribal members our proof that the powers that be at Pechanga ignored and although the tribal members we showed our evidence to agreed that it wasn't fair that we were kicked out, they did nothing or were unable to do anything about the decision against us.

So unless this Mr. Mullen who has been posting here is in a position of authority to do anything about it, if Bill (who posts here) does get a chance to show that his kids really do rightfully belong, even this proof can do nothing to keep his kids in their tribe.

Note the case involving the Foreman family who are from the Redding Racheria tribe near Redding, Ca.

In their case the tribal authorities claimed that the Foremans were not related to the people they claimed they were related to.

So the Foremans dug up two of their ancestors bones and did DNA testing on the remains and the tests proved beyond a shawdow of a doubt that they are who they say they are, bonefide descendants of their tribe.

However the Redding Rancheria tribe still disenrolled them anyway.

Once someone is kicked out of a tribe, except in rare occasions nobody is reinstated as the people who do the disenrolling, because of sovereignty, don't have to let them back in.

Unfair? Yes but so far that has been the track record in Indian country regarding the disenrollment issue.

Creeper said...

Sooner or later there will be civil war on many of these reservations. It's funny that, whenever a tribe kicks out members, they think that no matter what lies they dream up and no matter who they kick out it's always done to protect their tribe. What a bunch of bull sh.t The only reason they do this is to enrich themselves. Just how many child molesters , drug dealers, wife beaters, rapists etc. are in the Snoqualmie tribe who are swearing that those that have been kicked out where never real descendants of that tribe. The Pechanga tribe in So.Calif. did'nt have a problem believing a child molester... why would the Snoqualmie be any different? It's time for all of the aggrieved Indians to come together and stand up to these CORRUPT TRIBAL THUGS, a civil insurrection would draw attention to this. Don't expect any help from the parasitic and useless BIA.and don't bother to tell me that i am wrong, i call it as i see it...

Anonymous said...

hey creeper you want some come get some for any of you think you are just gonna storm this office we are here not going anywhere

Anonymous said...

'amo'kat, i work for the snoqualmie tribe but not a member but the tribe never said tha the whole family was disenrolled their family are the one's that said that. Their family are the ones that started this whole thing about shadow tribe take over .They are the ones that did not want the casino to open or anything now that the tribe is get ready to open one that family wants to control that and even the tribe season tickets to the seahawks games . when the sweet family all got into council may of 2007 that was the first thing they went after so who is the greedy ones

Anonymous said...

dear chrissie, bill sw. , carol, sharon,, please come to the snoqualmie tribe office and get you're mole's out of the office please the one is acting so dumb here before we take action on them too thanks

Anonymous said...

We never said that any of these people were not descendants of the Snoqualmie Tribe, we just simply said they don't meet the blood quantum for full membership and asked them to bring in any proof if they had any to show that they had more than what was found. None of them were disenrolled until the 9 were banished and those 9 are the only ones who are no longer members of this tribe. The rest are still members but just do not qualify to vote or hold office- that's it. They are getting the benefits; they still get healthcare, HUD, scholarships, food assistance and whatever else the tribe is able to offer. They will still continue to receive mailings and be able to be a part of the tribal functions as always.
I am very saddened to see such horrible words being said and all this talk of violence as if that would get anyone anywhere in this situation.
We are still here, standing united and stronger than ever.

very sad said...

Yes please get the facts straight, Katin's pass over WAS NOT about the the adopted getting to vote. It was about Bill Sweet telling her he would get back to and than closing the nominations without doing as he promised! Katina is a mullen and she does not work for the tribe and does not get any money from the tribe! you people know nothing about her which is your loss! I can't believe that she actually felt bad for you banished people. I hope that after she reads all this she changes her mind. But she probably won't because she is a wonderful person and only wants what is best for her Tribe.

Unknown said...

Hello All,

To the annonymous who said we were invited to show our evidence. . . That is a flat out lie. We were never invited to show blood quantum evidence and when we mentioned we had it, we were sent letters stating that the council did not need to speak with us. I STILL HAVE THOSE LETTERS. They would not return phone calls. WE HAVE OUR PHGONE BILLS SHOWING THE NUMBER OF TIMES WE TRIED TO CONTACT COUNCIL, show us any phone sefvice bills you have dialing our numbers to communicate. Wanna know why its not there? because you never tried to reach us. I have apologized for name calling in the past, but I will not apologize for calling you a liar! Shame on your forked tongue.

To Anonymous who is posting about Moles . . . What the frick are you talking about? Are you talking about the inside information we receive on your illigal actions? I would hardly call our informants moles, I would call them family members and friends. Are you suggesting we are spying on you? Don't you know that any tribal member is supposed to have access to any file? If you're worried about Moles and Spies and such, then just make sure all your actions are legal and you won't need to worry anymore. And there is no such thing as a spy in a proper democratic goverment where all members are allowed to the documents. Geez, you practically prove my point for me . . your goverment is corrupt.

To the anonymous who posted about us not wanting a casino and then trying to take over. We didn't mind the idea of a casino, we actually agreed with having one, we simply wanted funds to FIRST be used for medical, social and education services. First you all say we only wanted in the tribe because of the casino, now your saying we were in the tribe before that and never wanted one. I got a good idea . . . why don't you people stick with one story and stop the hypocracy. You are insulting your own intelligence. We do not want to control the casino, we want the members to control it. Same with the Hawks tickets, we wanted to share the wealth . .. how is that greedy. Istead of making blind accusations, please just answer the question . .. HOW IS THAT GREEDY?

Amokat, I think you are correct of course, I am just an idiot to hope that someone there will see the light. We have proven our bloodline several times, once in court actually in the early 80's I beleive, and they stuill say our blood quantums too low. I really don't think talking will work, I mean look at how they respond to my words, with hypocracy, illogical comments and fallacies. I mean, I we can get phone records showing they never called any of opur family back. Isn't the council supposed to help their members. But they won't and never will. These people just spread missinformation, lies, and deciet then try and turn around and pin it on us.

For those of you who have never been to the council meeting when the real council was in place and for those of you who don't know the history, think about it, why would I try and share info with you and invite myself to speak with you if I was a liar? I am being open and honest. For those who KNOW the truth but spread lies and deceptions . . . congradulations, you're going to hell. Straight to hell, Do not pass go, do not collect your casino royalty check. Just go to hell.

I will go to court, to tribal meetings, to the media or anywhere else to have my story heard because I have nothing to hide. Ennick and his council want to hide from everyone and talk to no one. Does that sound right to anyone here? What are they hiding. They act like we're just airing dirty laundry and making a mockery of the tribe . . . well, if the tribe took care of its own and talked to us and respected the court hearing and decisions made by past council and elders, then we would never have had to get lawyers and speak with the media. But they won't hear us or talk to us. They won't let us vote.

By the way, steve mullen never mailed me back. Not that he would have met with me or listened or helped in any way, but I thought I'd let everyone know. He avoided my requests for a long time, made an offer to meet, then never responded again.

Look, all you "real" indians who think you are right, I have one question, why are you so afraid to hear us and see our evidence? I bet no one can answer that. I bet no one is brave enough to. WHY ARE YOU AFRIAD TO MEET WITH US?? WHY??

I dare you to answer.


Anonymous said...

you're there and you're not going anywhere? Really? then how come you don't return phone calls. you get paid to sit on your asses? you get paid tribal funds for child care so you can cash the check for yourselves and bring your kids to work? if you are there then answer the freaking phone and return some freaking calls. stop using tribal child care funds and bringing your kids to the office. stop shelling out money to the council's family for doing jack shit. take care of our tribe and our members and then maybe you'll deserve some cash

I really want to know why you're there at the office, you nev er leave, yet no one can take the time to return a phone call. What are we paying you for?

Anonymous said...


My wife contacted your office about getting help with a dental bill, and your staff said there were no dental funds. We found out that same week that not only are their dental and medical funds, but that it is illigal to deny those funds to a tribal member. We got exactly dick from this tribe, and that was before they lowered our blood quantum.
and we all know that the first step to disenrollment is the lowering of blood quantums. Its the same system other tribes have been using to disenroll members for years. Do you promise not to disenroll my family? promise me that. let me see it in writing. I know its coming because thats what every other illigal tribal goverment has done across america. I know what greedy little bastards you are. If you don't promise to keep my family enrolled, then that proves that you plan on disenrolling them and that proves that you are all liars. Do us a favor and commit suicide!

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah Blah and waah on the dental and medical funds! You members receive information on your IHS health care EVERY YEAR and you never read it!!!!! it goes in the garbage!and you know it!Obviously you have not read your IHS guideline booklet, if you had you would have not posted the medical/dental issue. You can go to either of your Tribal clinic to receive a copy of this FEDERAL GUIDELINE. And I suggest you do before making comments you know nothing about!

Anonymous said...

sorry to say that this is the last response fare well to the adopted feather wearing non-natives enjoy life

Anonymous said...

No Bill I stated I will not take you seriously until I Know who you are. You will not post your name because you are afraid. Why? No one that I know has threatened you or anyone in your family. My family on the other hand, one person close to my family has been physically assaulted. I have no problem sharing my full name given that pathetic attack.
You want to sound all righteous and important. I tell you again if you actually want to be taken for more than lie spewing, half truth telling, over the top insult slinger, be man enough to say who you really are and stop calling us the cowards.
I am completely fed up with this board, I tried to be civil and present the other side of this issue. I tried to be polite and respectful. But it seems that this is not the place for it. I say again that Bill Sweet and his “council” were given the chance t o defend themselves. Instead of doing that, they chose t o leave the meeting and cry and whine to the media.
Remember that the Tribe was divided by the confusing and misleading actions of Sweet and his “council” and no one else. They got called on their actions and how did they respond? They cried first to the BIA. They took an internal Tribal argument to an outside organization! They then tried to freeze funds to the Tribe because they did not agree with the BIA’s stance t hat it was an internal Tribal affair. When that did not work they resorted to pretending they were still council and began to send letters out to the general membership. Then they went to the bank and demanded financial information and funds. When that did not work they turned to the media. Who should feel wronged? This small group of individuals refused to work with the Tribe or Tribal policy. Instead they tried to undermine Snoqualmie Sovereignty by going outside of the Tribe. The same Tribe t hat they had worked with for years. Since they no longer had power they decided that the Tribe was no longer worth their time and they would take advantage of the young government. They lost. Their pride got hurt. They decided to try and embarrass the Tribe.
Do these actions seem like the actions of a “real Indian?” IF anyone wants to dispute their enrollment get a hold of the Enrollment Office , I am completely fed up with this board it’s drama queens.

Steven Mullen

Anonymous said...

Dear Wah wah wah,

Yeah, I'm up to date on all my info. We were denied medical coverage not because we applied but because we were told it wasn't there. That's hpw we found out that it was there and that we were lied to; by reading our paperwork, you asshole! You people are dipshits. I mean seriously, it's like a hundred idiots in the tribe are ruining everything for the other five hundred members. Why don't you answer some of the questions asked earlier? here, I'll go through the blog and repost them for you hear to make it easy on you.

"How come the tribe owes millions of dollars to a company that supposedly broke their contract to us?"

I'll answer - It's because either the council and cheif broke contract and they are lying about it to the general membership, or becuase there's a little money laundering going on and the cheif and council are filling their pockets while the tribe goes into debt. Ask Ennick about it, and see if he banishes you . . . oops, I forgot, you don't care enough about fairness and rightousness, you only care about money.

"How come the council never let us prove our blood quantums or hear our evidence?"
I'll answer that - Because they KNOW we have proof of our blood quantum, they KNOW we are over and eighth snoqualmie, they just don't like the way our family votes and the way our families uphold democracy and so they eliminate our votes through flase blood quantum accusations.

"Why do you say we are greedy and only interested in the casino then say we never wanted a casino?"
I'll answer that - Because you're either lying or very uninformed or extremely unintelligent. Get you're stories straight.

"Why did the cheif say he was above the law and could do whatever he wanted?"
I'll answer that - Because he's doing things against the law. If he were completely legal, he would cite the constitution instead of avoiding questions.

Shame on Him. Shame on this illigal council and shame on everyone who follows them blindly without even verifying whether or not the cheif's words are true. I KNOW people did not look into these false blood quantum accusations for themselves, because all the info is on the internet and in the courtrooms . . . our families blood has been proven, and any amount of searching would show you that.

"Why won't you meet with us?"
This is my favorite. Lookes like Chrissy asked it at least once, and Bill seems to ask it in almost every post, but no one seems to answer. I won't answer this one, I'll just ask it again. Why are we not allowed to speak with the council? Why were we never given the chance before the meeting. Why weren't we even informed that we would be allowed to speak at the banishment meeting. You all just walked in and left us outside and told the hotel management not to let us in, then had the nerve to tell everyone we left because we didn't want to speak. Thats a load of crap. We were never given the chance or told we'dhave the chance. It was underhanded and dirty, having a few "real" indians hang around outside waiting for us to leave so they could run in and tell the cheif we'd gone so that he could act like we didn't care.

Shame on you all. Curses on your kind. I call on the great spirits to curse everyone who follows this council blindly. I call on the spirits attack and attack and attack. I call on the great spirits for retribution! Shame on you all!


Unknown said...

I just read the snoqualmie tribal voting act (posted at the tribe's website) and I don't see anywhere stated on THAT specific act that members who are under one eighth are not allowed to vote. According to this act Written and approved in January 2008, the only blood quantum mention is of adopted members. Still says the other members can vote and never mentions blood. Either this is a HUGE paperwork error, or people's rights have been illigally withheld.
I don't recognize any documents after 2007 anyway, because the goverment itself hasn't been legal since then anyway, but I found thios tidbit interesting because it contradicts some of the voting restrictions places on MANY members. I mean there should be over 650 members (minors couldn't vote, so subtract them out) and how many members were allowed to vote at the banishment meeting? Someone mentioned that onl 75 people voted there. We have pictures of the preferred voters list, I should go count the number of names on them, I'll bet under 150 people were invited . . .


Anonymous said...

collen barker you need to watch what you say

Anonymous said...

merrilda you be nice too

Anonymous said...

to all , i work for the snoqualmie tribe and i over heard from one lady in archives that most of you that was banished are also part mexicans fyi

Anonymous said...


You wonder why I stay Anonymous,,,with the threats and foul languages and being cursed,, I know my GOD is not the same as mine

Anonymous said...

I curse those who follow blindly . . . I do NOT curse those who are looking for the truth. If you are actively seeking the truth, then I respect and appreciate your efforts. Go back and read what I said, I curse anyone who follows blindly.

Steve Mullen, how dare you? It has been pointed out time and time again that the enrollment offices, the administration and the council does not contact us or return our calls. How dare you insinuate that its OUR fault for not contacting enrollment. Are you not reading this? Are you unaware of the letters sent out to several families saying that the council diod not need to respond to us? Thats like me shooting you in the head after you begged me not to and me blaming you for not asking me to stop. Stupid stupid stupid. MANY OF US TRIED TO TALK TO THE ADMINISTRATION! You are not just being idiotic now, you are actually being an ass! It's like you are ignoring everything they do and say, but still telling us we are wrong.

Unknown said...

Seven steven steven.

So you can't understand my need for my children's saftey? I will not post my name on the internet. I gave you my email address, and told you to email me and that I'd give you my phone number. How is that being a coward? How is that hiding? How could I remain anonymous to you if you agreed to meet me? You see, it's like you're making up these excuses that don't even make any sense. If you have no interest in seeing why I think I'm right and the council's blood quantum's files are wrong, then just say you won't meet with me. Don't act like you would but I'm unresonable. Just say no. It's simple. It's what the rest of your council and cheif have done. Are you afraid to look bad?

To the person who made the feather wearing comment . . . Dude, the only person wearing the hollywood headress (which I don't have a problem with) is your cheif.

To the person who works at the tribe. "Part Mexicans"? What difference does it make. If my daughter is one eighth indian, whoe cares if shes one quarter mexican, one eight german, three eighths chinese? It doesn't matter what race a person is. What matters is that a person has one eighth snoqualmie blood or more, which every single person banished had, and every single person sent letters of lesser blood quantum had. Why make this a race issue? It's like that earlier poster who said we were greedy because we had anglo blood. . . wtf? Does it matter? We are all humans, and we should respect ALL cultures.
It's the inividual people causing problems, NOT the races.


Anonymous said...

Okay, this post is officially ridiculous.

For those who attended the meeting. Did you see ANY invitation being extended to anyone waitin outside to join the meeting? I did not. I saw ray come out and say "will the real indians come in." no invitation to defend themselves or anything.

for those in the tribe that beleive the lowering of blood quantums to certain families. What prrof do you have? Can you cite any proof at all? Anything?

To the person married into the tribe for 30 years; you said you've been looking for answers. God bless you. Have you found anything? Where have you looked. So glad someone is taking some action, even if it's only to learn more for themselves. I wish there were more people like you.

Had we been allowed to meet with the enrollment or council, there's no way our evidence could have been turned away. Were we allowed witnessess, there is no way their credibility could have been compromised. Had we been allowed to illustrate exactly what happened and in what order (provable with our meeting minutes and constitution) there's not a shred of evidence that could harm us or our case. Everything the cheif and current council has said about our family is lies. I wish more people like you would do some research.

PS. if you run out of leads, just get some family names and go to the federal census website. They have all the files. It's really hard to find what you're looking for (took us days to peice it all together) but we managed.

Anonymous said...

dear hoyt , why are acting so dumb their is no money laundering at the office or at the chief or even the council we all know like the tribe said just show the proof of eveidence about the blood quatum thats all oh we forgot that was never said when you guys talk to the newspaper maybe just slip you're pea headed brains but thats ok because we are the real snoqualmie tribe , natives too not like you guys the snoqualmoo's but good luck idiots

Anonymous said...

let's just stop all the bullsh** and if you want to come on down to the office and storm the building come on down you will be able to walk in but you will not be able to walk again ever so just come on down big boys enough talk just come down and do it i am sick and tired of all the whinning so have bill and whoever just come on down and please bring that chrissie with you and we just might have someone to shut her up too hoyt

Unknown said...

You all keep saying that all I need to do is show the evidence, and yet no one will meet with me . . . none of the council or cheif or anyone in enrollment with allow me to submitt evidence. How can I show evidence when no one will met. Tell me! Tell me who to talk too, because I've gone through all the proper channels and no one will talk.


Anonymous said...

You know what? Who cares what you all think? So what if we do things the way we want, so what if we need to do something underhand to get a job done. What are you going to do about it. We're a tribe with sovereignty and we'll do what we please. You're no longer part of it anyway, so mind your own business!

Steven Mullen, Proud Snoqualmie member.

Anonymous said...

amen,, I was trying to be civil ,,I for one wanted them to be able to sit down and work this out,,,,BUT after the threats of "WAR" and being cursed by a wannabe shawman,,,, hearing the name calling by the so- called council,, `I'm done with tying to understand any of this,, I at one time was willing to listen to there words,, and look at the evidence,,NOT NOW! they have just made it worse,,,to call your tribal members names and to curse them,,, your not worthy,,,, so, I will not try to understand,,, this blog is done for me,,, I will not listen to this anymore,,, orry Bill,, I will not listen to any of you anymore,,,
Snoqualmie member,, and to relation to the Enick Faction or the Sweets,,

Anonymous said...

We have told you who you need to talk to. You have not called the administration office or enrollment office. The tribal staff are at work and the phones are being answered, if they are on the other line then leave a message if you want a call back. You keep saying that you call, but apparently not the right numbers because no one has heard from any of you. The contact information is on the website as you well know since you are reading other things from that very same website.
And lastly, if you believe the tribe is such horrible people and you are trying to protect your kids and can't give out your real name and you are not even a tribal member than why try to keep them enrolled here? If I cursed all kinds of people and declared "war" on a tribe the last thing I would do is try to keep my children enrolled in such a place. So maybe the people you are cursing and declaring "war" on isn't the actual problem in this situation. We did have a huge problem within this tribe and because of their actions and their attempt to take over the tribe and form their own shadow government they were banished. Now our problems are over and we are moving on together: Chief, Council and Membership!

Unknown said...

Once again, I have to try and clear things up because you people can't seem to use logic.
The last poster said that I want to protect my children yet I declare war on the tribe and curse it's members . . .
I did not declare war on the tribe. I was the one who said we should go to supreme court first. Stop putting words in my mouth.
I did not curse the tribe . . . That was hoyt or whoever, and once again, I do not appreciate you putting words in my mouth.
For those of you who claim you would have helped but won't now because of those comments, you are flat out lying. If you wanted to help, you would've tried. If one person was declaring war on you and cursing you, it does,n't mean my children or I did it and you sayin you won't help now because someone cursed you, well, that's just condeming my children for something someone else said. It's only an excuse not to help.

I do have hurt feelings, but I want my children to remain part of the tribe with their legal one eight quantum. I do not appreciate the way many members treated us, but that was only a dozen people compared to the 650 tribal members. Any harsh words I uttered were against them, not the entire tribe.

And, for that last poster . . once again, you are just overlooking the facts. I said I have phone records showing that we called. I said I have letters saying that the administration and council did not need to respond to us. If you don't beilieve me, then meet with me. I'll show them too you. You keep acting like I never called and never tried. This is hypocratic of you. I have tried time and time again. The fact of the matter is the council did not want to talk to me, or my family on any level, and ignored us. I have proof of my words . . . what proof do you have that I did not try and call?
You have none.


Anonymous said...

if the people on this blog hate tribes so much, why continue trying to be a member of one? all you are doing is hurting the people of indian county. you are trying to give fuel to the us government to burn all of treaties that they barely honour anyway.
if you do not like it, be a good little white american like you guys all want to be anyway and let the indians take care of their own business as is the traditional way?
get over yourselves.

Anonymous said...

just ask it again. Why are we not allowed to speak with the council? Why were we never given the chance before the meeting. Why weren't we even informed that we would be allowed to speak at the banishment meeting. You all just walked in and left us outside and told the hotel management not to let us in, then had the nerve to tell everyone we left because we didn't want to speak. Thats a load of crap. We were never given the chance or told we'dhave the chance. It was underhanded and dirty, having a few "real" indians hang around outside waiting for us to leave so they could run in and tell the cheif we'd gone so that he could act like we didn't care.

"Shame on you all. Curses on your kind. I call on the great spirits to curse everyone who follows this council blindly. I call on the spirits attack and attack and attack. I call on the great spirits for retribution! Shame on you all!"
This is the kind of stuff that is coming out of your mouth,,, I hope that you never get on council or even in the tribe! Is this what your God told you to say? Not even a Shaker would utter this!
You show your way is an EVIL person,,, god have mercy on you.

I got a feeling I know who you are, and to bring this down on the tribe,, you don't deserver to ring a bell or light a candle!

OPechanga said...

You HAVE to keep the pressure ON. Keep those comments coming here, send me stories to post!

Also, keep the faxes going to the Senate Committee.


Ask your members to visit this blog and ADD to the discussion.

Anonymous said...

wow cursing people now? that is behaving like an adult. keep speaking your half truths and keep the fear mongering going, if that makes you feel better.
i really do not know hoe many times you need to be told that you were given the opportunity to speak to the membership and council, but YOU chose to leave the meeting. what is so difficult to understand?
keep talking you are only gogin to dig deeper into the dirt of lies that you are creating.

Anonymous said...

The banished members of the Snoqualmie Tribe did not even get a notice that they were "banished" and under what charges they were "banished for"....that is because the people who are truly running the shadow government know they are in the wrong....not those who were banished.

Ask them why they didn't send certified letters to those who were banished?

Anonymous said...

the dumb asses did get the letters by certified letters and some of the letters did come back so you tell me

Unknown said...

Yeah Yeah, You keep saying that we were given the chance to speak, but I keep saying we weren't. Looks like you're just going to keep denying the facts that We were'nt invited and the council and cheif ALWAYS refused to meet and speak with us. Not it's your turn to say "Yes they did!" and around and around we go. You KNOW you have never seen us given the chance. So, if you haven't seen it with your own eyes and heard it with your own ears, how can you keep calling us liars?

Tell you what, give me the date and times you saw us invited to speak. Give me the name of the people you claim invited us in. Give me the council member's name whom offered open discussion.

You can't. If you really beleive we were given a true and fair chance, then you are listening to propiganda and hear-say that is false and maliscious.

Prove me wrong! I dare you.
And still nbo one has taken me up on my offer to meet and resolve this with hard evidence and open discussion. That's really lame, guys, throwing these accusations at us when we offer to show valid and documented proof, then you guys can't back up you claim.

And if the comment about hating tribes was aimed at me, no, I do not hate tribes. My children are one eighth snoqualmie and proper members of the tribe, and I love my children. I have enjoyed most of the people I've meet in the tribe. I love my own tribe. I do not like certain people within the tribe and their elitist attitude. I do not like the people in the tribe who kick members out and lower my children's blood quantums illigally. It is fraudulant and unfair.

But, do what you all have been doing. Ignore my request to meet. Tell me I'm lying and making stuff up and offer no evidence whatsoever that your words are true. I know there's only three of you posting here who support the cheif and this decision, and I know that one person is posting most of it. I have IP's, remember?

Every time ou ignore my request to meet and throw slander about me around, you hurt yourself and the tribe even more. It never had to be like this. All we had to do was talk.


Anonymous said...

It's funny you talk about slander when my families true names are being spoken about in extremely malicious and slanderous ways which are in no way true whatsoever. And yet you still are not using your "real" name for your children's sake.

You are right for once, you did not have a right to come and speak to the membership on 4/27/08 because you are not a member and have never been a member. Only those who were being brought up for banishment had a right to come and speak to the membership and in their own statements to the press they said a couple different times that they would not do that without their attorney present. So who didn't want to talk??? We were willing, the membership was there waiting for them to come in and give their side of the story and why they would want to run a illegal shadow government and stop all funding for their elders and their children- they decided it was not important enough for them to come in without their attorney.

There were close family members from the ones who were banished that came to the meeting, signed in, sat down and then left before the meeting started. I recognized them from previous meetings and they chose not to stay.

Nobody was disenrolled except for the ones who were banished. Everyone else is still a tribal member, so if your children were not ones of the ones who were banished then what is the problem?

If you still have questions then have your children who you state are the tribal members call the tribal office and speak with the enrollment department to go over your papers. I am sure they would be willing to do that if you actually called and made an appointment to do so.

Unknown said...

I didn't want to speak at the meeting. You're right, I'm not a tribal memeber. I wanted the people who were being banished to be able to speak. I was there with them the entire time, and they were not invited. That is an outright lie. I was there the entire morning.
My children cannot call the office and speak with anyone there for two reasons. Number one, my family has called and called and called as I have stated in many earlier posts and no one answered and no one returned our calls. Number two, my children are not adults, they are not even close to being teen agers, and they could not hold a coherant conversation about enrollment and blood quantum issues. You want a three year old to call the office? Besides, we have a letter signed by the cheif and his council that they do not need to speak to us because my children and family do not meet blood quantum, so we have been officially invited not to call or come in. Think I'm lying? Want to see the letter yourself? I'll bring it to you and show it to you.

What is my problem? Well, I guess my only real problem is that my children's blood quantum have been messed with. I have proff that they are one eighth. They deserve voting status when they are 18 and they deserve the right to run for council or even become chiefs if they so desire. That right has been stolen from them, and I have no way to speak with anyone about it because we're not allowed to. THAT'S my problem.
I also have a problem with the illigal way the chief and council have operated and the slander and lies they've told about my family, but I guess that's really not legaly my business because as youi stated earlier, I am not a tribal member, so I guess that means I don't have a right to stand up and defend my family when they're being persecuted, made the victims of fraud, and treated like crap.
Sigh, once again it's your turn to say whata liar I am and how I am war-mongering and alkl that bull-crap. Once again, I state that I have proof mand will show it to anyone who wants to email me at the above address. I actually have enough evidence that if this were a federal case and not a soveriegn nation, that the Chief, the council, and thier lying double crossing lawyer would go to jail and have hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for fraud, conspiracy and other anti constitutional behavior.

AND YOU COMMENT ABOUT INVITING THEM TO TALK AND EXPLAIN WHY THEY WOULD RUN A SHADOW GOVERMENT AND STOP FUNDING TO ELDERLY AND CHILDREN PROOVE'S YOUR MENTALITY BEFORE THE MEETING!!!!! You had already persecuted the banished members before they even got a trial. Your shirts about "real indians" proves that too. If they were allowed in (which they were not) then they would have been sentanced in everyone's hearts before the trial even started. "Real" indians indeed. Does that sound fair at all to you. We have proof that our goverment was legal and the chiefs wasn't. And none of the banished members wanted funding stopped for anyone. As a matter of fact, the banished members have a lot of questions about where millions of casino dollars have went to, and why the tribe is paying millions of dollars for a contract that supposedly MGU broke. Where's the money gone and why are we paying for someone else's mistake? I bet the council and chief know. I bet they'll never tell. . .


Anonymous said...

I see that you are saying that you are defending you children. Defending them of what? The shame you have brought thier tribe? I have seen statements saying that you know the constitution. Why aren't you following it? Court? AH I think that's a joke. You have slandered the traditions of the moon people. You have spit on our elders faces. You have shamed yourself and in doing so you have shamed your children. They live in your shadow. You make a path for them to follow. Is this really the path you wish to take? BE HUMBLE my friends. I fear this case will not hold in court because of the laws that protect the sovereign nations. Many say that it's the people you wish to have on your side.

Then tell me the answer to this; Why is it you have to run to a white mans court. The General Membership has full authority. Why are they not involved? What message are you sending to the youth? "Stand up and fight for what you believe in." I can see that.
However what I do not see, is if you don't get your way with your people you DO NOT run to the white man for a helping hand. Where is your Native Pride?
I am ashamed. You are passing a poor message to your young ones. Cry and throw a tanrum until you get what you want. Run to the white man to get your way. The white man and the Native man have made documents protected the Natives from the white man. Why do you risk your good name? It has been blackend but you do not know your limit. You have shamed many of your people by slandering the name of the Snoqualmie's. You have embarrassed yourself, your people, and your own children.
Have mercy on those that follow you. Be wise. Don't hurt, help. Grow strong. Don't cut your knees off.

Anonymous said...

Billy Whatever,
An Act Relating To Snoqualmie Tribal Elections Be It Enacted By The Snoqualmie Tribal Council

Section 7.0- Tribal members prohibited from voting

Second Paragraph

Adopted members of the Tribe that do not meet the one-eigth (1/8th) blood quantum requirement may only vote after completing a five-year probationary period from the time the adoption is certified by the Tibal Council and if voting rights were specifically granted by the Tribe in teh adoption process. If the adoption is silent or unclear, then it is presumed that the adoptee cannot vote.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
No Bill I stated I will not take you seriously until I Know who you are. You will not post your name because you are afraid. Why? No one that I know has threatened you or anyone in your family. My family on the other hand, one person close to my family has been physically assaulted. I have no problem sharing my full name given that pathetic attack.
You want to sound all righteous and important. I tell you again if you actually want to be taken for more than lie spewing, half truth telling, over the top insult slinger, be man enough to say who you really are and stop calling us the cowards.
I am completely fed up with this board, I tried to be civil and present the other side of this issue. I tried to be polite and respectful. But it seems that this is not the place for it. I say again that Bill Sweet and his “council” were given the chance t o defend themselves. Instead of doing that, they chose t o leave the meeting and cry and whine to the media.
Remember that the Tribe was divided by the confusing and misleading actions of Sweet and his “council” and no one else. They got called on their actions and how did they respond? They cried first to the BIA. They took an internal Tribal argument to an outside organization! They then tried to freeze funds to the Tribe because they did not agree with the BIA’s stance t hat it was an internal Tribal affair. When that did not work they resorted to pretending they were still council and began to send letters out to the general membership. Then they went to the bank and demanded financial information and funds. When that did not work they turned to the media. Who should feel wronged? This small group of individuals refused to work with the Tribe or Tribal policy. Instead they tried to undermine Snoqualmie Sovereignty by going outside of the Tribe. The same Tribe t hat they had worked with for years. Since they no longer had power they decided that the Tribe was no longer worth their time and they would take advantage of the young government. They lost. Their pride got hurt. They decided to try and embarrass the Tribe.
Do these actions seem like the actions of a “real Indian?” IF anyone wants to dispute their enrollment get a hold of the Enrollment Office , I am completely fed up with this board it’s drama queens.

Steven Mullen

I second that!!!-Mel

Unknown said...

Wow, You guys are blind.

General membership has power? That's not true anymore. How many people in the general membership were invited to vote at the banishment meeting? Thet list was not that large. Power has been removed from the general membership.

I have no problem with the adopted voter policy. I never said I did. We are not affected by it.

On march 6th 2008 we received a letter stating we did not qualify to receive the council's attention. "[m]eetings
with the Council are unnecessary in view of the clear requirement of 1/8th Snoqualmie blood." Is a direct quote from that letter, which violates our rights policies, plus, no offer of explaination or documentation was shown to our families explain our disenfranchised (lower blood quantum) status.

So here's the situation,. we have a group of people who say, "Even though your blood quantum's have been proven before, we will lower your blood quantums. Since you're blood quantum is too low, you cannot contact us about it!"

Please explain how this is fair. And since I have quoted directly from a letter sent to us by Hinsmen and signed by the chief and his council, explian to me again and again and again how all we have to do is discuss this matter with the council our enrollment department. We are not allowed to, my friends. I have said it in every post.

Would you like to receive a photo-copy of this letter? Send your email address to and I will provide. I'll also provide documents if you wish proving my children's blood quantum is 1/8 and not below as the council says.

Now you know why we go to the press and to the courts, becasue we cannot receive fair deliberation within the tribe. You call it "crying to the press" and "going to the white man", I call it seeking any avenue of justice possible. There' is NOTHING illigal in our actions, and we would have been more than happy to keep this within the tribe, but as you can see by the letter they sent us and our illigal disenfranchisment, that we were left with no choice.
Tell me differently. Explain what other options we had? And don't feed me any more bullshit about the council and the renrollment office. I can prove to your face that we were not invited top speak with thewm and indeed even sent a letter inviting us NOT to contact them. No matter how many times you say we could havee spoken about it, that doesn't change the hard core facts. it doesn't change the letter we received with your council's signatures on it.

If you think we should have been allowed to seek council and be heard, then let your cheif and council know. Tell them to hear us out and resolve this issue internaly. Remind them that it is illigal to not provide council for tribe members, even those that have had their blood quantum lowered below one eighth. I'm not sure that they know the tribal constitutional laws. . . .


Anonymous said...

you keep saying we need to talk we need to talk. I'm sick of hearing that. They send everyone in my family a letter saying that we can't seek council.

Do you really think we want outside interferance in our tribe? We'd prefere it if you stopped tampering with blood levels. We'd prefer it if we could bring in our birth certificates and our parents and grandparents birth certificates and let us say what we have to say and prove our bloow levels in a peacful manner.

we weren't given that option. if we were this wouldn't be an iussue. instead, we are forced to fight for our rights, and the only place to do that is in the bia or the white man's court.

billy I am with you. these people posting here should explain exactly how we are supposed to be heard when we're told not to talk. you know what they want? they want us to shut up and accept our illigally lowered blood levels. they want us to shut up about our friends and family getting banished. they want us to shut up about everything. we must have hit a nerve somewhere and someone must be getting worried about lies being discovered, because if they were all honest and truthful, they wouldn't ask us to keep quiet and shut up. they ask us to join them in singing praise to the indian people, the tribe, and god, holding hands and helping each other out the way a tribe should.

instead they say we cry to the media and we cry to the white men.

no, we cry for our tribe which has been torn asunder and ripped to shreds. we cry for our freedom. we cry for our children, whom our own tribe is stealing from and lying to just like the white man did to us a hundred years ago.

the chief and council that support him are worse than the white man. they are cannibals.


Anonymous said...


I received that letter too, but tossed it, will you email it to me at . Thanks

This talk about us crying to the media really pisses me off. If I took something from your family and you couldn't get it back, would you "cry to the police"? If I sexually harrassed you at work would you "cry to the boss"? If I slapped your face would you go "crying to the court" ?

You try to make it sound like these people who are standing up for what they beleive in are being babies. Look, I did not go to the media, but I think they did the right thing. If some child was bullying your child in school would you tell him to go "Cry to the teacher"? no, you would probably take proper steps to resolve the issue. acting like an adult and doing what is right is not "crying" to people, and I think you're a complete moron to try and make these people sound bad for taking the next step. You are trying to shame them, because you don't want the media to know what the tribe's doing and you don't want to be taken to court. If you have nothing to hide, invite them to talk to the media. Invite them to take you to court. You'd have nothing to loose if you're legitamite. Better yet, invite them to speak with you. Because I can tell you right now the council and marianne have not returned my phone calls.

I think if they were lying about the chief and council, they wouldn't want to go to the media, because the media will eventually get to the truth. And they are spedning their own money on lawyers. How much of a waste would that be if they weren't telling the truth?

If the news stories aren't true then you have to options. You can ignore them, or you could sue the news and the people quoted in the news for slander. Or you could go to the news and explain your side. But telling people they are going and crying to the media is just elementary playground talk. It's verbal bullying. The rightous have nothing to fear, so if you're in the right, meet with billy, talk to the banished members, learn about the blood quatums and who is related to who and why they were suddenly lowered. it is YOUR tribe, stand up for it and take interest. I'm not even saying you need to agree with the banished or those of us who've had blood quantums lowered, I a saying that you should at least hear everyone's side before you choose your path, and don't tell me you already know, because you haven't spoken to me. Obviously no one's called billy.
Ignorance is irresponcible.


Anonymous said...

dear ab and mr. hoyt , you 2 folks just need to shut up and stop the crying and tell that to all youre families. Youre family did this to you guys not the tribe. And kudos to Steve Mullen keep them whinning because that is all they can do anyways oh by the way did you guys see the mug shot on the article from the star valley . Now don't let you're boys grow up to be like that haha

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

How funny. You're a complete asshole. I bet you wouldn't talk that smack if I were standing right in front of you. You offer nothing to steven's arguement accept for the fact that he has idiots like you on his side. Good job proving my point for me which is; you people have no idea what's going on and don't care as long as it doesn't affect you.

And for the rest of you on Steve Mullen's side, don't get all crappy and start saying I called you all idiots, I didn't. It's just people like the above poster that I think are idiots. People like that couldn't make a concise arguement anyway, and that's why they need to hate and bash on everyone. If you actually KNOW what's going opn, have SEEN with your own EYES our descendancy papers and still want to beleive that we are less than an eighth indian, then more power to you, but for these little idiot morons who just act all proud like we wronged them in some way, they need to take a chill pill or at least step up to the plate and admit that they are fanning flames and dopn't know anything about the fire. I mean, how thick could you get.

Billy, please post the IP addresses you spoke of earlier on this sight so we know how mamny of these idiots are actually Steven Mullen pretending to be someone else. I'd like to know who is who. Then I'd like to see them tell me to my face to stop crying.


Unknown said...

I can't do that, hoyt, because I think that's private information. I SHOULD post it anyways and see how many people sue me and go "cry to the white man judge" about it. That would be funny to see how many hypocrites there are who "go crying" to the cops and the website owners and such if I did that. They act like they would never "go cry" to authorities if they were wronged, and act like we shouldn't . . . I'd bet my paycheck they would.

Anyways, I will tell you that it is almost all one person on their side. Actually, I will email you the IP addresses if you swear to me that you won't post them up here. I'm protected by the freedom of information act, but I don't like that kind of behavior.

Yeah, they don't make good arguements, do they? I post about how I will show info and share evidence and show proof that my family has been denied access to the council, and their ONLY reaction is "Stop crying, stop lyiong, stop whinning" It's like, for frick sake, is that your only defence? It wouldn't hold up in a court of law! It wouldn't hold up in a playground fistfight for crying out loud. It's just so infuriating to talk to people who can't use simple logic and stay on one subject. No wonder I was so pissed when I first read this post. But stray strong everyone, because, though I still post here, I know it's mostly one person making all this fuss, and it's not even someone important. I'm posting here nowadays to see what outlandish and idiot illogical conclusions the poster will draw next, and whereas I used to actually growl in anger, I laugh at him now because he undermines his own arguements with logical fallacies and immature sleight of hand unbecoming the crudest junior high debate team. So giggles, Hoyt, Ab, and everyone else, keep posting, but do it with a smile. This person posting here does not represent the entire tribe (if he did, I'd be glad to not be a part of it) and remember all those people who called and supported us during the banishment. Remember the Elders from the other tribes who came to show their support. Remember that we are not alone, only slightly outnumbered and that if the rest of the tribe finds out the truth we will be victorious and united again.

Then people like our rude poster and Steven Mullen (who share IPs) will have nothing to say. They can hide their heads in shame.


Anonymous said...

I want to answer some of these questions.

They got called on their actions and how did they respond? They cried first to the BIA. They took an internal Tribal argument to an outside organization!

Answer: No, we asked to meet with the chief and sub-chief and they refused. We tried to get all the council members to meet after August 16, 2007 and they agreed to meet and then dishonored themselves and held an illegal meeting in September and proceeded to hold illegal elections and they started forming an illegal shadow government.

They then tried to freeze funds to the Tribe because they did not agree with the BIA’s stance that it was an internal Tribal affair.

Answer, No the BIA, recognized Bill Sweet as the Tribal Chairman, said we could freeze all the funds and left the room so we could discuss all the issues and consequences of taking such a drastic action. We decided not to freeze all funds as it would hurt the tribe.

When that did not work they resorted to pretending they were still council and began to send letters out to the general membership.

Answer, We are the Council. Bill Sweet, the Tribal Chairman, called three special meetings in February/March to discuss the Tribal Government issues and Nathan (Pat) Barker, and Katherine Barker attended the first meeting only. Nathan (Pat) Barker stated he was attending only for information and not as a council member or a sub-chief, so as not to give the meeting a council quorum, they were playing both sides. How honorable is that? None of the other council members attended.

Then they went to the bank and demanded financial information and funds.

Answer, Yes as the legal council we went to the bank to change the illegal actions of the shadow government who had changed the authorized signatures to put the right signatures back in place. We did not demand any funds or try and remove the account.

When that did not work they turned to the media. Who should feel wronged? This small group of individuals refused to work with the Tribe or Tribal policy. Instead they tried to undermine Snoqualmie Sovereignty by going outside of the Tribe. The same Tribe that they had worked with for years. Since they no longer had power they decided that the Tribe was no longer worth their time and they would take advantage of the young government. They lost. Their pride got hurt. They decided to try and embarrass the Tribe.

Answer, We did try and work within the tribe. We have acted with honor in every thing we have tried to do. We want things that are opened to all Snoqualmie’s and everyone to be treated fairly. The illegal council does not want that, they want blind followers who won’t question how families that have been life time members are now not. We have been Snoqualmie members and our blood quantum does meet the Constitution rules. We have never been a member of another tribe we have always been Snoqualmie, unlike Jerry Enick and his son Ron Enick. We are the ones who were wronged!

This is directed to Steve Mullen….If the shoe was on the other foot, and you found yourself and your family, who have been tribal members a long time; all of a sudden you received letters, without ever having an opportunity to address the (illegal) Enrollment Committee or the (illegal) Tribal Council stating you are now less than 1/8th Snoqualmie. Let’s just even say you were part of the Enrollment Committee for 2 years and the issue never came up. You get a new council (illegally) and change the enrollment committee (illegally), when you were elected by the General Members to serve on the committee, and now you are no longer a full Snoqualmie Tribal Member. On top of that they refuse to meet with you. They tell other tribal members lies and half truths about your family to turn them against you hiding their own illegal actions. That is what has happened to us!!

The problem is in the past we the “Legal Tribal Council” would have never allowed any Tribal Members records to be changed (not even the Mullen’s) once it was approved by past Tribal Council’s! Your current illegal council and illegal enrollment committee has no problem changing past council decisions, where is their honor?

When you take your head out of the just might see the truth.

Unknown said...

Thank you!

That was a concise breakdown of EXACTLY the way it was. I applaude whoever you are for breaking it down and taking each accusation piece by piece. Glory glory, we add another voice of reason to this post!



Anonymous said...


I also noticed that the usual respondants here who stand up for Jerry haven't been responding lately. Is it because we finally took away their fun by finally getting our point across that we are telling the truth? Could it be they are realizing that making comments about us crying off to the "white man" is rascist and a sad pathetic attempt to make us look bad for standing up for ourselves?

It's getting lonely here on the posts without them. I miss the way Steven Mullen and the rest would tell us to accept our kicks in the teeth and just keep quite. The way they ridiculed us for having a backbone and made it sound weak and spineless. Their rascist and anti-democratic way of putting us down and those who might help us.

Well, good riddence I guess. We'll still have to deal with all the lies they told about us and the way they treated us like we weren't "real indians" in our future dealing with the tribe. It's too bad they had to be that way . . . now the tribe will never seem like family, even to those who tried to remain uninvolved.

Still praying for us all


OPechanga said...

Ab and Billy Bob,

I keep moving this post forward, so that it stays on the front page and gets as much play as possible.

PLEASE ask all your friends and family to come to this blog and see what you are discussing.

We need help keeping this blog on the front burners. More visits, more impact.


Unknown said...

Dear Pechanga

I'd love to keep posting, but it seems we've run out of asrguement for two reasons.

1 The other person/s posting against us never listen to anything we say and keep acting like we haven't tried to contact the tribal government and
2 They have stopped posting, which I think is because they either realise that they are making the tribe look bad with their illigitamite arguements or maybe because the tribe or cheif has requested them to stiop posting for the same reason.

I really believe that they are not going to be posting anymore because of the above reasons, which is great in a way because I got tired of repeating myself, but if they refuse contact because they can't validate their arguements, then that means they are refusing to talk on all fronts. I don't know what good can come of this whole situation. I imagine that this will get national attention, and that when it comes to light that Ennick Signed illegally as chairman BEFORE THEY EVER TRIED TO DISSAVOW SWEET, I think their going to get their gaming liscence yanked and their federal recognition dropped. The fact is, our state goverment entered an illigal contract with the tribe, then the tribe went against their own constitution, and I beleive the federal goverment is goiung to want to wipe it's hands clean of the whole mess.

I've been attacked by tribal members for saying this before, but what they need to understand is that I honestly beleive in Sweet and my family, and I am not trying to be mean to the tribe in any way. My family is being wronged, and I will take this all the way to the supreme court if I can. If that means the tribe looses recognition or their gaming liscence, too Bad. I cannot hurt innocent people by standing up for what is right, THEY are the ones who are hurting everybody, and if the tribe misses out and looses recognition, it is not because of my actions, it is because of the chief's illigal actions and that of his illegal council.

I guess what I'm trying to say is,"don't blam me for what happens just because I won't keep quiet"! It's like telling a rape victim she shouldn't press charges against her rapists because he has kids.

It's not her fault she got raped. It's not my fault we were victims of fraudulent behavior. But I will stand up for myself and anyon who says I am cryinbg to the white doesn't even have half a hum\an heart. They are the kind of people who would tell a molested child to shut up and not speak out againt thier assailants. I honestly don't know why anyone would side with that. Are thier really that many people in the world who don't care?


Anonymous said...

LOVE your comments Billy. Absolutely correct!

These people are exactly the kind of people who would tell a molested child to shut up and keep quite. They would slap a person in the face and call them names for pressing charges. It's like they want the right to do whatever they can and not expect people to stand up for themselves.

I mean, Come on Steven Mullen, even if you were in the right, don't you think we deserve a fair trail? Don't you think we deserve the right to speak out and stand up for our rights, and defend ourselves?

It was said before and I'll repeat it . . . If you did nothing wrong, then why not let us have our words? Unless you're afraid to be proven wrong, then I think we deserve the right to speak. I ain't telling you to shut up, am I? Matter of fact, all Bill there is saying is to talk thing out, He's the one promoting everyone's disscussing the matter. How unkind of you all to insult him for using his freedom of speech!!!


Anonymous said...

Because of this whole event, my daughter, who used to tell everyone she was a native american and used to be so proud of her heritage, has stopped talking about it, stopped asking about it, and is completely disinterested in our native culture. She feels completely betrayed, and I don't blame her, but it sad for me to see her walking away from that part of our life. Being native meant so much more to her than the casino dollar, she didn't even know about the casino. Now all she knows is that her family has been disrupted thanks to these illegal and unholy banishments, and and that her cousins are no longer considered indians because of their blood quantums have been lowered.
Thanks to the Snoqualmie Chief and all his "followers" for making my daughter feel terrible about her tribe, her people and her heritage. Thanks for placing money and power above the children of this tribe. Thanks for ignoring our plea for help. But most of all, thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Well, when a few people put their complaints into a lawsuit, guess what the council and chief tried to do? They tried to block people's civil rights by demanding the courts not hear the case!!!!

Now, if we, the members of the banished families and members who have had our blood quantums lowered, are in the wrong, then why try to stop us from seeking legal help? Why not let us waste our money on lawyers and courts and stand proud and tall as the Natives once did, and let us have our say in court.

They wouldn't even let us have our say in the Snoqualmie council or even in their offices for fear of the truth, not they are trying to block it from court.

So guilty. So ashamed of thier own actions. The chief's "followers" must be really proud of him now . . .

Anonymous said...

I know. It's sickening.

If there's any of the chief's followers out there, could you please post and explain to us why you agree with the council and the chiefs decisions when they don't have any proof? Or have they offered you some proof?
For Example, what proof did they show to make people think that Bill Sweet was not the chairman anymore, and that Bill's council was trying to illigally overthrow any goverment? I really would like to know if there were ACTUAL reasons, or if they just bad mouthed our families in front of the hundred people that showed up, riled you up, and got you to vote us out . . . I mean . . . was there and ACTUAL proof? Please let us know, because from what we can see, there isn't, and we haven't heard a single side to the chief's story that makes since.
What really confuses me is they sa they removed Sweet from office at a certain time, yet we have federal documents with the chief siging as "Chairman" of the tribe monthes before Sweet's chairman position was even questioned. That's conspiracy right there . . . . Why wasn't the chief banished? I just don't understand how anyone could follow him, and I really want someone to expalin their side.
All I've heard from the chief's followers is nothing but hype and bad mouth, and talk about blood quantum (which didn't even matter in the banishment trial) and I've heard NO solid evidence. It's unbelievable!!!

Please respond.


Anonymous said...

I got sour news for you, Jack, No one's going to respond anymore. The Chief told people not to post or view any website with differing opinions than his. His plan is to kill the lawsuite before it gets to court. If that fails his next plan is to bring in the old soveriegn nation bit and tell everyone that the US federal courts have no business in Indian affairs so that there is no way possible for the banished, accused, and victims of the new fraudulant blood-quantum reduction to have any form of fair trail what-so-ever. Then, he hopes to ignore the pleas of his own tribe and their families who have been hurt by this and hope that no one will ask any questions once the casino opens and they get their pockets stuffed with the royalties.

He knows that the white folks will come to the casino whether or not he manipulated the tribe and his council lied. He knows that the white man doesn't generally care what happens to the reservations as long as they get their sea-food buffets and slot machines. He knows that, if he can keep the federal courts out of this, that there is nothing we can do short of starting a civil war.

I'll tell you what, if he succeds, I'm taking everything that I've been hiding about the tribe to the newspapers . . . . and I'm not talking about our story. I am taking photos, illigally signed papers, broken contracts and video taped conversations that I didn't want out before because it would hurt the whole tribe, but I swear to god I will let the entire world know what is happening behind closed doors, and I will post the conversations on youtube. The fallout will be sloppy.


Anonymous said...

Snoqualmie friends, I'll be very surprised if any of the pro disenrollment or pro banishment people make regular appeareneces on this board from this point forward as they have probably been told not to discuss this issue publically.

They may pop in every now and then to make general statements about how you don't meet the requirments of your tribe and that you should stop crying about it and get on with your lives.

You will also probably see some official statements from your tribe saying the process was fair and after long analysis of the situation some people were found not to meet the Snoqualmie tribal requirments and they will say it is an internal matter and that no one else has the right, especially the federal government, to interfere in internal Snoqualmie affairs.

No, I am not a prophet of God predicting the future.

I am just repeating what has happened to us with the Pechanga tribe and what has happened to thousands of former tribal members who were members in good standing for years from tribes from around the country, 3000 and counting in the state of California alone.

Interesting that in the vast majority of cases the tribes are involved in lucrative gambling casinos and it is no coincidense that the explosion of disenrollments and the expansion of Indian gaming have rocketed skyward side by side!

Ever notice on the threads about what has happened to us at Pechanga that we rarely see people on the pro disenrollment side post here?

Well, the official members of our tribe have been told not to publically discuss these issues.

How do I know this?

Well, in the case of our tribe there have been disenrollments of two large family lines, my family was the second group to be kicked out of our tribe.

When I was still in the tribe I remember the council telling us not to go to Internet sites that were critical of what was done to the first family disenrolled and we were told not to publically discuss the issues at all.

Ironic that now that we are out of the tribe there is some sort of expectation from some current tribal members that we should keep our mouths shut out of some sort of loyality to them and that we are traitors for bad mouthing the tribe.

They just wish that we and our issues would just go away but guess what?

We aren't going anywhere anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

the real reason you do not seethe "pro" side post here is the admins of this board do not post our responses. in order to make your self-righteous voices the dominate ones you only allow post that either support you or think will generate enough controversy. if it is well thought out argument against your beliefs you simply do not allow.
i know this because i have had at least 6 posts not posted on this site all in the favor of tribal sovereignty.
so keep spreading your half-truths and hiding the facts you are doing your ancestors proud!

OPechanga said...

There have been NO comments that have not been allowed on this thread.

In fact, only TWO posts have not been posted due to language...

Anonymous said...

yea, sure. keep saying that. i have use no offensive language in my posts at all. nice try. you can claim that all you want.
the truth is if you actually want fair discussion about anything, especially something as touch as the contents of this blog you do no one any favors filter posts anyway.
as an aside, you claim that only two posts have not been posted due to language. yet you allowed posts that advocate violence? that sows your true agenda right there. you do not care about the truth, only sensationalizing the facts to highlight your own ideals.
keep up the good work, you shoudl work for the Bush administration.

OPechanga said...

Well to be fair, I don't know which of YOU I deleted. Anonymous comes in many forms. So,if you read correctly, I did not reference YOU, but overall posts.

Feel free to post the TRUTH, in your version....

Is violence necessarily a BAD thing when it comes to getting back what was yours?

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous,

It is you who does not care about the truth. Have you ever offered to look at our paperwork showing our bloodlines? Have you ever offered to settled thing with discussion.
I left my email on this blog and NO ONE FROM THE TRIBE CONTACTED ME. You all don't care about fairness and truth. You care about your damn casino check. I am telling you there are innocent children being denied here, and I have proof . . . I have irrevocable, courtroom truth . . . paperwork signed by the cheif's own father that he now ignores because of his agenda. Don't talk about truth and fairness when you've never given it, accepted it, or taken my offer to see it.
By the way, YOU should go work for the Bush administration . . . it's people like you and your chief that caused Bush to take away federal recognition from many tribes across america . . . and Ibelieve it will be taken away from the Snoqualmie as well because the Chief and Council have proven they cannot work things out, obide by their own laws, and give people justice and fairness.

Think I'm wrong? I would LOVE to hear your side of the story as long as you promise to hear mine. Meet with me. . Email me there and I will meet with you . . . Only if you PROMISE to let me show my proof after I have patiently paid attention to your view.
How much more fair can I get than that? It's all I have ever asked of the council, and they have denied me time and time again.


Anonymous said...

So, anonymous, do you have a problem with all violent posts? or just the ones that speak out against the tribe?

I mean, Chrissy was directly threatened here witrh a lot of other people . . . scroll up and see the post about inviting them to come down to the office, bring Chrissy and they'll "Shut her up too" . . . Tell me, do you dissaprove of the violent reactions from both sides? Or just the one against the Council and Chief? Let's see how much of a hypocrite you are in trying to explain why it's okay for your side to talk that way and not ours. I'll applaude you if you prove not to be a hypocrite.


Anonymous said...

so is there no response as to why a number of my posts have not been put on the board?
why should i bother trying to repeat anything that i have said if it just not going to be posted? oh i know why, because the admins are excited that there are still any responses at all! they want the drama to continue.
i feel that what can be said has been said. i just think that it is important for anyone that reads this blog to know that it appears the admins will not post your comments if it is well structured and they do not agree with it.

OPechanga said...

Apparently, Anonymous, you have a reading comprehension problem.

You asked about posts not being posted and I told you that all but two have been posted here, neither one having to do with the Snoqualmie issue.

Most likely, you put together a post and either did not click the post button or just thought you did and closed out of the comment box.

As to WHY you should continue to post? Because you want YOUR SIDE to be heard. And it will be, if you post correctly. Or, scroll back through the 150 comments to see if possibly, you skipped over your comments.

So, quit whining, buck up and post your view. Invite your friends to do the same.

Anonymous said...

goo job with the insulting o pechanga! you are doing your people proud! and thank you for pointing out my inability to actually read.
(and in case you have a reading comprehension problem that last remark was sarcasm. i would call you a jackass, but i want to try and be civil.)
and as i have already stated there really is nothing new to post about the situation. both sides of had there say so. i think ti is important to note that the cheif has not forbade anyone to post anything.
it is really a matter of this is just stupid.
i find it interesting that since the snoqualmie side has stopped posting everyone jumps to their own conclusions about what that means. people just make up stories and continue to spread rumors. i hope all of your toes taste good as you have your feet in your mouth!

OPechanga said...

Your reading comprehension problem was not intended as an insult, merely making a point that you may have missed.

The Snoqualmie is free to post its side, in fact, I'll give it editorial space, just send it to:

Thanks for coming back, I look forward to your posts, of which all have been posted.

Anonymous said...

Notice how that guy/gal totally ignored my responce? That's the way the entire tribe has been treating us! They make ill comments about people then refuse to explain themselves and never allow us explaination of our own. They try to shut us down and quiet our mouths, and refuse any interaction. What hypocrites.

He made the comment about violence, but when I asked how he felt about my family getting threatened by the "Chief's Followers" he didn't even comment. I guess it's okay for them to do the threatening and speaking to the press because they are "real indians" (meaning they haven't yet been betrayed by their chief and council so far as they know) and we are second class citizens in the tribe who don't even deserve to be heard. Can you beleive there are even people like this around any more. We should throw them in with the Ku Klux Klan and the Aparthied supporters in africa because they're veiws are the samd; supremecy over another group with racial and blood line cited as proof that they are better.
It's rascist, it's evil, and it goes against everything the Native Americans should stand for.
Who's the real indian now?


Anonymous said...

For anyone to support such violence and acts of violence for such an exaggerated story of lies to try to get the public to feel sorry for you is pathetic. For the last time nobody was disenrolled except for the ones who were rightfully banished by the MEMBERSHIP. Nobody else was disenrolled, and all these lies about trying to call the office and talk to people is false. I work at the office and I haven't received one call from anyone wanting to talk to the council about this. I talked to both our receptionists and not one person called trying to meet with the council. Instead they go online, spread a lot of lies, talk to the media and then take it to court.
Why are you still complaining? You took action and now you are trying to be heard in court. Apparently you thought that sounded like your best option, to appeal a membership decision that was made soley by the membership- I was there at that meeting, I witnessed it all. Funny you say you were the ones threatened by the "Chief's Followers", once again you don't speak the truth, all your lies and evilness is going to come back on you. Good Luck against Karma that WILL be back to get you!
I see so many of your direct family members are not supporting your actions, it looks like even they (your own close family members) see who the liars are. They know they were not dis enrolled and they are still a part of the real tribe. It's sad to see that you aren't compentent enough to figure that out for yourself, instead of creating and getting lost in all your lies you created for yourself.

Anonymous said...

And what do you say about those who have had their blood quantums reduced???? NOBODY ever answers that one. THAT is what I called the offices about and THAT was what we were denied a hearing about! My families bloodline was proven in court and signed by the Chief's own father! What do you have to say about that?


Anonymous said...

The appeals process was sent out months ago, the steps were clear. Did you follow them? They would not have taken action without their own proof presented and documented as well.

Anonymous said...

We were not sent any information about an appeals process . .. we were denied an appeal when wee called. I do have letters received by over forty family members stating that the coucil did NOT HAVE TO SPEAK WITH US if you'd like to see those.

You probably won't beleive me unless you see the letters, and you probably don't care enough to take a look at them, but I'll ask anyway . . . How is it fair to lower our proven blood quantum with false evidence (yes, we've seen their "proof" which wouldn't hold up in court), deny to even look at our evidence and then deny us fair council? How is it fair? How can that be right? No matter how many times people say we were given our chance to prove ourselves, it doesn't change the fact that we were NOT given a chance, and that many of us had our blood quantum lowered so that we couldn'tr vote at the banishement meeting (because every one of us who had the blood quantum lowered were also family members of those being banished). Are you starting to see the pattern here? They want to get rid of our family because of a legal disput that has never had a fair chance for the tribe to hear about it.

My Children are an eighth snoqualmie. The council's new law says they are a 64th. It's flipping ridiculous because there's nothing we can do about it except go to the press and take legal action outside the tribe, all the while listening to the chief's followers call us names, say we're not "real indians" and say how we cried to the press and cried to the white man.

Who else could we cry to? Our own council and chief would not/will not hear us!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how people come out and make these accusations agains those of us who've had their Blood Quantums tampered with, and when we offer to show evidence or mention "the letter" we received from the council about not having to meet with us or hear us how these accusation makers just dissappear and never post again?

It's like they realise we are telling the truth and willing to back up our side of the story, and suddenly want nothing to do with us. Maybe they want everyone to think we're bad people? Maybe they realise we're right but are too afraid to help because they'll loose their good standing with the tribe? Maybe they don't care as long as it doesn't directly effect them?

What kind of person can stand aside and let thier own family and tribe call out for help and do nothing? What kind of person would chastise another tribe member and say they're not "real" indians? What kind of person is too afrai to look at our evidence? Just take a LOOK?

It makes me sick. And instead of addressing these issues, all they want to do if find something negative about our posts to talk about and not respond to any of the questions. They say we're violent and have thratened their families (which I have never done) and yet ignore on this very post the threats their own side has made.

Shame Shame Shame!


Anonymous said...

The 9 bandished Snoqualmie Tribal members will get their date in court.

Seattle Times Letter to Editors has a quote from one of the banished members.

Time for tribal justice
Snoqualmies prepare
for their day in court
"Maybe it wasn't perfect," attorney Pete Connick said, speaking about the banishment of the nine Snoqualmie tribal members ["Ousted Indians get to present case," Local News, Sept. 10].
Shouldn't something as cruel and heartless as banishment be handled with the highest integrity possible? Shouldn't it be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt?
Shouldn't they expect perfection from Connick's legal council if they are going to accuse tribal members of treason and then banish them?
As we prepare for court, I remember a line from a Blackfoot prayer: "Make my enemy brave and strong, so that if defeated, I will not be ashamed." I pray they come to court strong with their righteousness and perfect in their accusations.
I pray they come and stand behind their chief, who accuses us.
So, Mr. Connick, come and "give us more." We do not fear truth and know that justice will come.
The ancestors, strong in their wisdom, know that when we were chosen to fight this fight, we will carry it into eternity.
We will be the brave and strong enemy of injustice, and we will be perfect in our truth.

Anonymous said...

I hope Pete Connick gets disbarred! What a jerk. He is supposed to be our tribal lawyer, yet he only represents the cheif and council! He has said that he is here for the cheif! What about the rest of the tribe who is paying you huge and exorbant fees? We don't deserve your services because we are not the cheif? We're freaking paying you pal!!!!

After court, he was heard to say that the tribe needed to get rid of the Willougbys because they were troublemakers . . . They are part of the tribe, and not to blame for all of this! How dare you place blame on one family! You're supposed to be a lawyer.

He deserves to have his liscence taken away.
I hope the tribe fires him when they loose the case too.

I'm glad the 9 banished will get their day in court. They've never been heard by any court or even their peers. Finally, a place for them to lay it all out on the table for everyone to see that they are not in the wrong.

Wouldn't it be nice if they took the lying, cheating, backstabbing members of the BIA to court as well?


Anonymous said...

again i must state that these 9 individuals were given the opportunity to defend their actions in front of the membership of the tribe. and again i must repeat that they thought eating pancakes was more important. they rejected their own due process.
and i agree, how dare pete defend the tribal council and tribal chiefs, he should be defending the 9 people that the general membership banished... the nerve of him!
and i fell must must add that the last bit there was sarcasm as i know the intelligence on this board can be somewhat low. mmmm i want some pancakes now!

Anonymous said...

The nine individuals were not given a chance. We were all outside and witnessed it. They were told they could NOT enter the hotel. They were told this by the management and the police. They were told that the cheif and council requested that they be denied entry. Would you care to call the management or the officers on duty that day and ask? Or are you going to call all of them liars as well?

I didn't say Pete should defend the banished. I said he should have given them council before the banishments because he's the TRIBAL lawyer, not the cheif's personal attorny. Oh wait a minute, that's right, he and the cheif do not care about the rest of the tribe and they use the money that belongs to each and every one of us and our children to fund a lawyer that will not help out the general membership . . . only the cheif and council. How silly of me.

I'd like to find out who started this pancake story too. It's kind of funny. About 75% of the people who were their went to a residence since they were denied admittance to the meeting. The more you insist on the pancake story, the more moronic you sound. Think about it, if you were all there at the meeting, how would you know where any of us went? It's like you're just making shit up to try and discredit us, but IF YOU WERE AT THE MEETING, then you really have NO IDEA where we went too, and the more you say it the more you prove what a liar and rumor-monger you are. VERY uncivil, my cousin.

Maybe YOU were at the pancake house instead of defending your tribe? Maybe you saw one or two people from the hotel show up? If so, then why weren't you at the meeting you little weasle? Were pancake too important to you instead of tribal justice. How upsetting.

Please, keep argueing with us. You make yourself look so illogical and full of shit that it makes me sad, but it proves my points for me.

Unknown said...

Wow, anyone read the papers lately?

Turns out that the councel WAS getting paid to keep the others out, AND they gave Ray Mullen 10,000 dollars for traffic tickets! Pete admitted it to the papers! MGM admitted it! Turns out all of us Indians who have been being outcasted and yelled out were CORRECT!

Too bad most of you who admonished us and told us that we were lying didn't do your homework, huh? Looks like what we've been saying all along was true . . .

Funny, though, how no one will ever apologize. We tried to warn everyone and to speak the truth, we were outcast and spit on, and now that the chief's own lawyer even admits we were right, NO ONE SAYS A WORD TO US. What? Are you guys mad that we were right? Do you feel bad, and hope the guilt will go away by leaving us and our children out in the cold?

I can understand people hating us and talking trash about us when they actually thought we were liars, but now that we have published proof, I cannot understand why most of the Snoqualmie till turn their cheeks on the banished and their families. Isn't it obvious that SOMETHING needs to be done now?

Doesn't anyone feel that they've been lied to enough, and that they should finally stand up for what is right? The council was paid!!! Where did this factor into our tribe being a better tribe? Why is this selfishness allowed to continue?


Anonymous said...

so no apologies from any of the banished? they admitted in court that they were notified of their banishment meeting AND they left before they were asked to come in.
no apologies? how do the admins feel that they were supporting the lairs?

Unknown said...

Every Single Person that took the stand on Pete's behalf perjured themselves under oath. This means that they gave testimony that was contradictory to the evidence their own side gave. One woman stated she was marriewd to another witness who in turn said he was not married. Hinsman even stated that as of the cousel meetings that took place, that Bill Sweet was the elected chairman . . . Thus proving that he did not run a shadow government because he was the rightful chairman!!!! This was from Hinsman's own mouth, and you all can get the court records and read it!

One witness testified that she was allowed to vote the day of the banishments even though she is not snoqualmie. Said she was made an honorary member for the day. They also admitted that people were left out who should have had the right to vote. We have court documented video evidence showing people turned away from the meeting even though they were memebrs and still had voting rights.

If you are going to call us liars, at least look at the evidence first. Pete's team will have no choice but to settle for mediation because they will loose the civil rights case if they do not.

And all this is nothing compared to the rudness my family experience from Pete's team. One witness slammed the door in a girls face, and was heard to say "We should slam the door in all their faces!" while her and her friends laughed. What way is that to treat another human being??? It saddens me to see indians acting in this way. Another girl walked into the cafetteria and told Sweet's people that the seats were reserved for "Real Indians". Pete's people have been VERY VERY unkind and cold-hearted.

And one more point. You say the Banished admitted that they left before they were invited to come in. Ray Mullen claimed that before they ever would have been asked to come in, that people were leaving the meeting. It was over! We waited outside for four hours people. How long do you need to keep elders and newborn babies out in the cold?

I'm ashamed of you, whoever you are!

Everything that I've said here is in the court documents excpet for the rudeness we experienced. Look it up if you don't beleive me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, even Ray Mullen Denied the whole "real indian" thingy. He said it was just a free t-shirt. LOL. A free t-shirt? So you do not support your family calling us fake indians? Good to know Ray. I appreciate your thoughtfullness and rejection of what the rest of the tribe did.

I also heard that the Cheif is now saying he did not support the banishements. Talk about back peddling. Could he be saying that because he knows they were wrong. I'd like to hear from the person who earlier posted that if you don't follow your cheif, you aren't indian. I'd like to hear what he/she makes of that!

Yeah, we were treated rudely by many of the defendants team. there were some who were nice though . . and I'd like to send out a thanks to them for treating us like real people. Inviting us to go to the bar was a real nice move, those girls were awesome, and treated us like humans.

I like how Josey Mosses or whatever her name was was an expert on the language after such a short period of time. She didn't even know that Snoqualmie language IS Lashootseed. I understand they are different dialects, but not different languages. We talked to her teacher later on, who said that she was gravely mistaken in her testimony about the word she used.

She was one of the rudest people there, I thought. Totally uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

What the hell are you talking about? You are still making this whole Council getting paid to keep others out thing. But I know how that must make you feel better about yourself. Anything can be true if taken out of context and ignorance. So ummmmm, no I do not feel bad about anything.

Your "facts" about the court cased are interesting. See my comment above.

I will also clarify a couple things. 1) the shirts were a play on a letter sent to the Council by the Sweets Council t hat proclaimed them (the Sweets) AS THE "REAL INDIANS." 2) I am pretty sure it was mentioned in one of the posts in this section or one of the others that Jerry did not support the banishments. No one is "back peddling." 3) No one ever told anyone to not post on this board. I said pretty much all I felt needed to and decided it was best to ignore the absurdness on here.

And thank you for the clarification about what language family the Snoqualmie language belongs to. As a Tribal member that speaks some of the language Josie knows what Lushootseed is. It is important to note that there are important differences between the various dialects of Lushootseed. There can be words in the Snoqualmie dialect that are not in other dialects. Josie wanted everyone to understand that this was a Snoqualmie word and not necessarily common to other dialects. So calling her intelligence into question show how ignorant of a person you really are. It is a fair bet that she speaks more Snoqualmie than you do. At least the Tribe actually had a Snoqualmie speaker as a witness and did not sue a person from a different Tribe that speaks a completely different dialect. Again you just show your ignorance by trying to discredit Josie.

Furthermore if you know anything about Josie she is known to be one of the most honest and straightforward people around. If you felt she was being rude than it is most likely you felt uncomfortable with her honesty.

I am sure I will be called a liar. Oh well. I know the truth and I am perfectly happy with myself and I feel confident in the Tribe.

steven mullen

Unknown said...

Hello Steven. Nice to hear from you again.

No, the fact that the council was paid does not make me feel better about myself. I point it out because in earlier arguements people were accusing The banished oir family members of the banished of being greedy and trying to missapropriate money. I use that point and the fact that Ray Mullen receive money to cover parking tickets from the tribe to prove that we are not greedy and do not use money for things that it shouldn't be used for . . . . Unlike the current counsel. I'd also like to point out that the people who paid the counsel told the newspapers that they did it for the same reasopns I stated earlier. I am not a liar, I only repeated what they said they did. Arer they lying? Maybe you should call them and tell them they are liars. I don't think you will. I think you all enjoy the luxury they've given the current counsel just fine.

As far as the Real Indians issue goes . . . Those t-shirts and comments were meant to be hurtful. You can try and backpeddle now and say they meant something else, but everyone who donned one of those shirts knows how it was meant, so you'd only be lying to yourselves. Ray Mullen came out and asked the Real Indians to come join the meeting, and when members of the tribe tried to come in, they were denied admittance, thus proving that he did not think they were "real indians". By the way, Ray now denies that. We got it on video tape.

I may have missed the post about ennick not supporting the banishements. If I did, I apologize. I do know that he originally supported them, and only changed his mind when the counsel of Cheif from all the other tribes spoke out against it. I do not know the exact date he changed his mind, but I know he fully supported them until told not to.

No, I am not uncomfortable with people's honesty. I say people acted rudely and that's just what I meant. Ask around and find out who slammed the door in Chrissy's face and said "WEe should slam the door in all their faces". Find out who did it. I am not lying about that, and that kind of rudeness has nothing to do with honesty or my comfort level with honesty. I do beleive that many people feel Sweet's side was wrong, and I will not call them names or slam doors in their faces, but I will not tolerate the rudeness and I will call it like I see it. Does my honesty about how we were treated make YOU uncomfortable. It should. It should make you uncomfortable that people on the defence's side were so rude. Sweet's side feels that they were treated unfairly and unjustly and that is why they went to court. Yet they are not rude.

I am not calling you a liar. I am saying that Josie didn't seem to respect the fact that The lingustics expert was an expert and that she understands the dialects of the languages. For all the talk about respecting elders, the defence sure didn't respect her. For all the talk about following your cheifs, the defence certainly don't follow their cheifs new beliefs about the Banishements. I am not calling anyone liars today. I am calling you Hypocrits.

Take care Bill. I have always offered to show you documented evidece and proof and you have always denied it and made up excuses. You know in their depositions that Ray Mullen and Hinsman would not say anything about our lowered blood quantums? They would NOT admit we were any less indian than we've been saying all along. This is because we have documented evidence that the tribe refuses to acknowledge, but lying about it in court is a federal offence. No, they were not liars about that in court. But they sure told the entire tribe outside of court how our blood quantums were less than the paperwork proves. Shame Shame Shame.

Unknown said...

Sorry, the last paragraph should have read "Take Care Steven" as it was directed to him. I got typing so fast . . . .

Anonymous said...

Hey Steven, Adress these points for me?

1) what about that lady and dude; she said they were married he said they weren't?

2) How come one of the defendants witnesses admitted she was not a tribal member before that day of the banishements, but given a voters card as an honorary tribal member.

3) Why did Marianne admit that Sweet was chairman of the council during a date he was supposedly removed from council.

4) Why did Marriane say she never served as chairman, then turn around and admit she did?

Please answer To these facts. You have a habit of only answering what you can twist around and ignoring the important stuff. Please answer to these so the tribe can understand. Please do not ignore them or make up excuses not to answer them. Please do not try and turn my questions around to avoid answering. I really want to hear what you have to say about these four specific events.

Anonymous said...

So you ask me to address some questions and then accuse me of only answering what I can "twist? How cute. insults are a great way of getting people to respond rationally. I have "twisted" nothing. I have simply responded with facts that I know. With that being said, whoever that last anonymous was I want to ignore your questions because really, you should ask for clarification and not accuse of "twisting" the truth. I really wish people would actually use their names too and stop hiding who they are. Do not be afraid of who you are. If you mean something, be proud about it. But I will answer what I can.

1) As far as I know Marvin and Michele are not technically married as far as the State is concerned but they have been together for years and may have had a non-official native ceremony. I cannot tell you for sure.

2) That is a lie. NO ONE was who was not an enrolled member was allowed to vote at the meeting. NO ONE.

3) I have no idea what you are talking about.

4) MaryAnne has been the Vice Chair for the Council for years, never Chair.

I hope I have responded in a way that you can tell I am not "ignoring" you. And no, I did not "twist" anything.

And really, none of these questions have any bearing on anything, so thank you for having me waste my time on them.

To Billy:
About the shirts, regardless of what Ray said I told you where the phrase came from. It was Sweet's "council" that put that in a letter. You want to talk about feeling disrespected how do you think I felt when I read that?

Again as far as the money goes the Tribe deciding to help one individual does not amount to "the council taking money." The Tribe tries to help members, regardless of their family or position. The Sweet council was only interested in helping their family, the rest of the Tribe be damned. Which is worse?

As far as acquisitions of tampering with the blood quantum. the job of the enrollment is to keep the rolls as accurate as possible. This is why the Enrollment Committee is made up of members of the main families. If in the course of looking over the records there are discrepancies or outright lies about something, they investigate. It is the member or potential members t hat must prove their blood, not Enrollment. IF someone has been lied to by their parents or grandparents about who their family is (i.e. they have a different grandfather than who they thought they had) the member must clarify this inconsistency. IF there is no proof of the members claim to blood than they are dis-enrolled. Do not get mad at them for trying to make sure the rolls are accurate. The Snoqualmie Tribe actually has a long history of accurate rolls, more so than most other Tribes in the area. To assume that Enrollment or the Council "tampers" with someone's blood quantum show a sever lack of knowledge of the Tribe.
And what is all this "we" stuff Bill? You admitted before you are not a Tribal member or banished member. My Tribe, Snoqualmie, is not yours.

And yet again, why do I need to keep repeating this.... I was at the banishment meeting. I was inside with the membership for the whole thing. Jerry did not support the banishments at that meeting. It was the membership that wanted the banishments. Jerry was supporting the people. The membership has the power, not Jerry. There were votes for and against the banishments.

And to the point about Josie (thank you for spelling it right this time) and Cameron Joe. She point blank called Josie a liar and said that she has no idea what she was saying. Yes, that is respectful. Respect works both ways, not one, elder or not. And again a North Skagit speaker is not an end-all-be-all authority on the Snoqualmie dialect. The native languages of the area have a cultural component as that extends beyond geography. Hence Cameron's language is not Snoqualmie, just like American English is not cockney. Similar sure, but not the same language.

But I do thank you Bill for at least attempting to be intelligent and sticking up for your family. If you would actually be man enough stick up for them using your real name.
steven mullen still proud Snoqualmie

Anonymous said...

I can answer those questions for you even though it will do no good and you won't listen anyway- but here we go again.....

1. They have been married in Native ceremony, but have not been "lawfully" married.

2. She never said she was made an honorary member for the day and she did NOT vote as you state. She said she was there to be Sergeant of Arms and assist with the flow of the meeting- but ultimately was not needed. She has never voted and never will vote because she is not a member of the Snoqualmie Tribe.

3. We have been over this again and again on this blog and in other conversations. Bill was suspended until a new election could be called by the general membership as a whole had requested. During the time of his suspension he had decided to start a shadow government along with others in his immediate family which ultimately decided his banishment fate. He was suspended as the Chairman and was not allowed to act as Chairman until the issue could be resolved, but ultimately ended up banished as voted by the general membership.
Please remember when he was asked to come in, he flipped off the tribe and said F!@K this, I am going to eat pancakes. What a guy he has proven himself to be!

4. MaryAnne has never held the title Chairman as elected by general membership. As everyone knows when a Chairman is not there to run the meetings (which Bill was not since he was suspended then ultimately banished)the next in line runs the meetings which puts MaryAnne there to run the meetings as the tribe's Vice-Chair.

Now let me ask you a question. What is it that you think you are going to win in this lawsuit? What do you think the Judge can make the membership do?

And your comments about the rudeness you experienced at court is a joke. Talk about rude- I have not seen people as rude as you guys ever! When we voted to banish we had a long discussion about the types of banishment and what we wanted. We voted to banish you like they did traditionally. Since we can no longer throw those over the falls- this was the next best thing. That is how wrong the membership felt you were. Congrats on obtaining the ultimate punishment from your people- you were wrong and I hope someday you see the wrong you committed and do something about it. Stop spreading the hate and lies about your own people to your children, the media and others.

Have a good day!

Unknown said...

To Steven,

this "we" stuff concerns my children, who my family was never invited to give proof on their behalf about mtheir blood quantum, and who each received letters saying the council did not need to meet with them to address ANY concerns. I say "we" because they are my family and should be full members of the tribe. I am their support and therefore, even though I am not a tribal member, I am one with my children. We.
This is also the reason I do not use my name. We, meaning my extended family, have been threatened by tribal members and I have no intention of putting my children in harms way. If you do not beleive we have been threatened, read the anonymous potsting just under yours wich states that they actually considered a traditional banashment to "throw those over the falls" who are banished We also have audio recordings from council meetings (again, public record if you'd like to look them up) in which the council discusses breaking into Carol's house and finding her safe to steal family kline documents that they don't want the courts to see. Do NOT call me a liar until you have listened to the Council meeting audio tapes. How could I use my real name when lies are being spread about my family,m threats are being made, and I feel they are in danger??? When I say you twist facts and ignore things, this is the type of thing I am refering to: I have told you this MANY times before and ou continue to ask why. I will say it again . . . I WILL NOT PUT MY CHILDREN IN DANGER! Please do not ignore it and ask again. I also think it's rude that you point out whenever someone from our side posts anonymously and you call us out like cowards, but ssay nothing to those on your side who post anonymously, do the rules only apply when you want them to? Call them cowards if you're going to call us cowards, at least that way you won't be a hypocrite.

Dear Anonymous Who Posted March 2nd.
Yes, I think We're going to win the lawsuit. Then, even though it will be federally recognized that our civil rights were violated and that we were treated unfairly and NOT given a fair trial by the Snoqualmie contitution, I think there will be more banishement meeting. I think that people I've talked to on your side are too stubborn or idiotic to say "Hey, they won the federal case, maybe we should listen" naw, you guys will just go banish us again and act like the snoqualmie constitution and the federal government were wrong. And as far as the membership thinking we were wrong . . . well, considering that a great deal of the membership were not allowed to vote that day and/or were lied to and told their blood quantums were not high enough, I guess we'll never know how the general membership felt. We will only know how YOUR side felt and the people you lied to. I have not been trying to spread hate and lies, I have been trying to spread love and truth which is why I have offered to meet with the council or anyone who would listen to show them DOCUMENTED evidence, but you all won't even agree to listen. I'm not asking you to take my side, just to view the evidence. If you want to go on saying I spread hate and lies, then just keep posting about throwing humans over the waterfall and call yourself a hero. When my children are old enough to read these posts and see your violent attitudes, they'll know who the hate mongers are.


Anonymous said...

I will not let up on the keeping your name a secret thing. You are using your children's "safety" as an excuse. Re-reading the posts it is the Sweet side that has made the so-called "threats" against others. And it was one of the Sweet people that actually tried to attack my aunts husband. we have has this discussion since May. I have looked over the past posts a few times now. I am sure I missed one or two. Here is a quick break down of posts where violence was suggested: (and I know these were not all Sweet people, one at least is an admin of the board)

anonymous post May 8, 2008 12:01 AM
bill's post May 8, 2008 12:04 AM
anonymous post May 8, 2008 3:40 PM
o perchanga post May 8, 2008 4:15 PM
anonymous post May 9, 2008 1:05 AM
anonymous post May 9, 2008 1:06 AM
o perchanga post May 9, 2008 6:54 AM
creeper post May 11, 2008 12:54 AM

anonymous May 13, 2008 6:06 PM

not sure
indomitable spirit post May 8, 2008 8:49 PM

I left out posts where it was suggested than banished members would be put in a canoe to go over the Falls. Those statements were not a threat as much as telling the readers what would have been done traditionally.

As you can see your supporters have not only tried to commit acts of violence but also threatened more than us. And you still hide behind anonymity? BY using my name my family has been slandered over and over again. However, I stand by what I say and for what I believe is right. Say what you want but know this: the Mullens are not perfect, however we have never done anything to purposely harm the Tribe. We have made no threats to anyone. In all honesty, none of you would be worth the effort. So I stand by what I have been saying, be a man and say your name. I may not have agreed with anything Chrissy said, but at least she used her name to standby her words. You nor your children are in danger, nor have anyone of you actually been directly threatened (at least on this board or any other way I know.) I feel that you would have more credibility if you actually used your name and were not ashamed of your words.

Anyway. I guess it needs to be mentioned that no valid enrolled member was kept out of the banishment meeting. Letters were sent out and people showed up. That meeting probably had a better turn out than any I can remember in a long time. It is interesting since it was admitted that the Sweets declined to defend themselves at the meeting (after people on this board saying they were never given a chance to) this ludicrous issue of the "preferred members" gets brought back up. Is this what your argument has come to? IT had been admitted that you guys got your letters. It has been admitted you declined to defend yourselves and you still try to argue that you were not treated right? Really? Even when your side has admitted the truth in court you still stand by the lies that they feed you? No wonder you want to stay behind anonymity. I would be ashamed as well.

And given all of this if we broke tradition and re-held the meeting do you really think anything would change? After all of the facts a laid out again, including this board do you really thing anyone of the banished individuals would be welcomed back? I honestly doubt it. I would want known of these individuals back in my Tribe. Most of the Tribe does not want them in the Tribe. Growing up, most of them did not want to be in the Tribe. Really the banishment should be making everyone happy. Everyone is getting what they want.

steven mullen

Anonymous said...

Steven Mullen, you are a liar!

People who should have had the right to vote were sent away from the meeting. We have it on video. People were denied council about their issues. We have it in writing. Billy and I and several others have asked you to meet with us, because the council WILL NOT. This has been going on since BEFORE the banishment meetings. We were treated unfairly, and without a hearing. The council that was put in place after Bill Sweet's dismissal refused to meet with and explain to us why this happened and refused to even let us talk and hear opur side.

The reason BillyBob and I and others on this board asked for you to reveiw information is because you were the only one willing to speak to us, even though you would refuse all meetings. I now see that you aren't really hearing us. You just want to argue and blame.

You cannot deny the basic fact that we want to show our evidence, and no one, including yourself will even look at it. To quote BillyBob from an earlier post, we aren't demanding you beleive us, we are simply demanding a fair chance to show what we have.

If I could show you my blood lineage and prove my heritage and blood quantum, and you all still refused me and my children after that, then I would go away because I wouldn't want to be part of a tribe that sees evidence and denies it. But I am frustrated because my tribe won't even see my evidence. I tell you I have letters to prove the council's refusal to give us a fair hearing, and you all just call us liars. YOU HAVEN"T EVEN LOOKED you hypocrit!!!!!

And the way you call us cowards for not using names, yet you won't say the same about your own side is pathetic. The way you ignore the insult injury and threats made to us and want to only point out ours is pathetic. Yes, I see insults and threats from both sides. Are you freaking blind? Or maybe it's okay for you to ignore you side's faults because you agree with their methods as long as they're not turned against you.

Trust me, when this is over there will be more than one book written on it, and in each book we will cite council letters, court documents, council documents and all sorts of irrefutable proof. You, are ruining your own reputations.


Anonymous said...

Where did a lie? I do not think it is far-fetched to ask you to say your name if you want me to "be fair." You have no credibility if you will not tell us your name. If it will make your sore ego feel better, everyone should post their name if their want to be taken seriously. Feel better? I bet not.

I am accused of "twisting" facts and only responding to items I choose to. You know what? You are doing the same thing. You call me a liar!? Then you are a liar to. And a coward. Everything you accuse me of you, guys are guilty of. And you dare call me a hypocrite? How cute and quaint. I have a 6 year old cousin that could make a more solid argument.

Thy only thing I ever asked of bill for me to meet him was for him to disclose his name on the board. THE ONLY THING. He refuses and whoever your silly little rear is even worse than him.

I came here to post information on the other side of this issue, but of course no one really cares about it. It is not sensational enough and of course it is easier to blame the loud mouths. I have posted response to just about every question that I could and no matter what no one listens and I get called a liar. Wow, you are a pathetic excuse of an Indain. If you even are one. I know regardless of your blood you are not Snoqualmie in heart. You last past proves that to me. I wish I knew your name, so I knew who to feel sorry for.

I know who I am, I know what I stand for and I am willing to admit it. Which is more than you.

steven mullen

OPechanga said...

It's critical that the disenrolled Snoqualmie People keep SHOUTING their message.

Visit here to comment or one of our other posts. I have a link to this story on the sidebar.

Please tell your friends about our blog. We are sharing the podium with you here.

Anonymous said...

o perchanga,

so you are admitting that you do not care about the truth? You are also admitting that you do not care about having fair arguments. Wow, you are a sad individual. I feel sorry for you. You care about your agenda and sensationalist stories. It is a wonder I still waste my time posting anything on this silly board.

If you had any pride or concern about your little piece of the net here you would encourage all to post and not just one side. It is no wonder you are not liked by your people.

steven mullen

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mullen,

There are over 175 messages on this board from all of you. OP lets everyone speak.

How can you complain about not getting the truth out when you,in fact are speaking freely?

All ARE encouraged to post. Tell all your tribal members to come here and post their side, and their friends too.

Tell WHY you feel it necessary to backstab your own tribal members. SELL IT to the people, including congressman who come here.

Why would you want to silence those that were cheated by the Snoqualmie tribe?

Anonymous said...

"O Pechanga said...

It's critical that the disenrolled Snoqualmie People keep SHOUTING their message.

Visit here to comment or one of our other posts. I have a link to this story on the sidebar.

Please tell your friends about our blog. We are sharing the podium with you here.
March 3, 2009 5:24 PM "

Yes, that sounds like he is encouraging all sides to post.
i have no idea who who are, but i think o perchanga needs to respond himself and try to support your claim that this board wants to hear more than one side.
you, hunter, may say you encourage it, but you are the only one. this board has a clear bias as the name of it even implies. i have only wasted my time posting here because this is the only way the banished can seem to get a support.

steven mullen

GiggleWorks said...

Hello Steven,

Hi, my name is Scott M. Sparling, and I have two children who are one-eighth Snoqualmie. I have been around the tribe and a family member to the tribe since 1991.

Like Billybob, I have received letters from the tribe indicating that my children have blood quantum of less than one sixty-fourth Snoqualmie, even though I have definitive proof that they are one eighth. Also, like many people who posted here, we have received letters stating that the council does NOT need to meet with us or consider our requests for review or address our concerns.

Unlike others, I have used my real name. Would you meet with me to look at my evidence of bloodlines? If you find it truthful and legal would you stand up for my children, your cousins? I’d like to do it myself, but the entire family has been told that, though they are members, they do not have permission to question or speak top the council. If you’d like, I can bring along that letter as well.

What days and times are good for you to meet? I do work, but would be happy to work around your schedule and find a day and time that works for you. We can meet at a public place (like a library or coffee shop) so that we both feel comfortable.

I have a lot of concerns for my children and their tribe. But for now, I would be happy just addressing the issues of their blood quantum and why the council refuses to meet with us or even talk to us.

Let me know.

Scott M. Sparling

Josie Moses said...

Thanks for using your real name, that definitely speaks volumes on your part, but let me advise you about your request to meet with Steven.
The enrollment office sent out letters advising councils decision and you had thirty days from the date of the letter in order to appeal councils decision, but your family sent out their own letters advising your family to disregard anything from enrollment and not to appeal, that any letters from Cheryl Mullen are null and void.
Since your family has decided to take the advice of your family it is now past the deadline for appeal.

Thank You
Josie Moses

GiggleWorks said...

Hey Josie,

Actually, the letters we received came with instructions not to contact the office or council, and did not mention a thirty day period. Even if it did, how could I have spoke to the council when they told us that they would not speak with us, and hung up the phone the two times I tried to call? I can show you the letters.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe this blog has been going on for a year, this is the first time I have seen it.

I think it's great to hear from "both" sides, usually Original Pechanga's blogs are biased. Only because most want to take the "internal" matter side and plead "Sovereign nation". Leaving the "real Indian's" nowhere but here to have a voice.

That being said, I have read all these posts from the past year and why should the Snoqualmie tribe be any different than all the other tribes? Stealing, lying, and disrespecting their own people. From hearing both sides you current Snoqualmie members sure make yourselves look bad. I'm sorry but Indian country is sickening and I think this whole sad story shows who the "Real Indian's" are.

It just goes to prove we need unbiased outside sources to come in and clear things up. These tribes are really making a mess out of something that once was sacred. You don't treat your elders, and families like this. You don't treat people like this, Its not the Indian way and Its not the American way. Freedom of speech includes speaking out against injustices of Sovereign Nations, we're still part of America and have basic human rights. Although I know some of you'd like to think and believe otherwise.

ps. you don't know me, I don't know you, so don't worry about my identity.

Anonymous said...

Traditional chief, traditional punishment. Chiefs, band leaders, were wise, and protected all villagers and the environment. Today, the "chiefs" cheat,steal, and harrass then hide behind sovieregnty and then claim its an internal matter.

The Europeans killed, enslaved, and stole from the Natives for centuries. Bringing diseases such as the cold, the flu, measles, polio and todays most contagious disease greed.

Internal matter, what a joke, only people who are guilty or are hiding something say that. If your innocent then let the world know why you are right. Concealment only proves your guilt. I bet the people that visit your casino would like to know that you cheat people out of what is rightfully theirs.

A great thing about the United States, which has plenary power over indian tribes, is the freedom of speech, press, and assembly.
(look up plenary it means ultimate power)

Dont give up, Evil cannot win and history proves that.

Unknown said...

You see Scott, You gave them your real name and they don't respond. I have given my email and said I would share my identity if Steven or any one else would agree to meet with me and Steven Made excuses and still insists I hide after I offered to meet. What a looser.

Scott, they will not hear us or help us or do anything but accuse us. And you freaking know Josie was the one who slammed the door IN YOUR WIFE'S FACE!!! Now she want to act all noble.

The past two posters are absolutely correect. Why HIDE facts if you think your innocent. Why HIDE behind soveriegnity if you have done no wrong and have nothing to fear. The government SHOULD have th ability to step in and help disgrundled or banished tribal members out, because whats going on now in too many tribes is comepletely horrible.

Don't count on flakes like Steven to help you. Don't count on rude people like Josie to help you. All we can do is stick together and pray for rightousness and love to prevail in a sick sick world full of sick sick tribes full of sick sick people. God bless us all, both sides, and hope we can learn to love and work together despite our differences in personality and politics.


Anonymous said...

Snoqualmie Tribal Leaders Give Their Version of Terminations of Indians

We have a link to the Original Story of this and here is the Snoqualmie Tribal Council's version, click HERE

We have a permanent link at the picture on our sidebar to the left.

IN OTHER NEWS: The Snoqualmie Tribe has received notice that their credit rating has received a downgrade:

Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Snoqualmie Entertainment Authority’s rating to denote that its bonds have a higher risk of not being repaid. The entertainment authority is the organization that built and operates the tribe’s casino between Snoqualmie and North Bend.
The authority was rated a B3, which means that its bonds were considered speculative and of generally poor credit quality.

OP: So, NOT ONLY has the Snoqualmie tribe failed their people at running a government FOR the people, NOW their tribe is having difficulty running their business side too. Maybe Washington citizens should stay away and go somewhere else. Ya think the machines will tighten up to make sure Snoqualmie rakes in even more?

Anonymous said...

"Don't count on flakes like Steven to help you." Wow, bill jackass. F**k you. I work full time and I go to school full time. Sorry if you get all butt-hurt because I do not eat and drink this stupid blog like you.
I would not want to help IF of you were the last white guy alive. AS OF THIS POST, BECASUE OF YOUR COWARDANCE, STUPIDYT AND PLAIN IGNORANE YOU ARE DEAD TO ME.
Do not bother talking I will ignore you like the insignificant chicken-man that you are.

For Scott, sorry about the delay. As I just stated I have been very busy and have had little time to post. First ,thanks for being a man and stating your name. I do not want to create any false illusions that I can help or that my opinion can sway anyone. When this blog first began I attempted to being a different side of this issue to light. I admit at this point I am a bit annoyed with this place and the waste of time court case.
You wife (I am assuming t is Chrissy) has been beyond rude to be and my family on this blog. Feel free to look at all her posts and see for your-self. I have as much desire to help her as the little mouse-man above. At least in your posts you showed some sense of dignity and respect.
With that being said, I can look at what information you have, but I have no real pull with anyone. So for what is worth I will offer to listen to you.

-steven mullen

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't responded in a while. Been dealing with ill family.

So, Steve, what days and times are good to meet?

Scott M. Sparling

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you all for your prayers and concerns during this long Snoqualmie Tribal court case. The judge has ruled that they did violate the nine Snoqualmie members civil rights and they did not provide them due process.

The decision comes after the first trial held in Federal court under the 1968 Indian Civil Rights Act seeking relief from a tribal banishment action. This is the first Federal court decision to overturn a banishment after trial upon a finding of a denial of due process. This is a huge victory for the nine banished Snoqualmie Tribal Members and others in Indian Country to know that Tribal Governments do have to provide every member due process before terminating their Native American rights.

This is a great victory as it is the first case to get a court order which vacated and overturned the illegal permanent banishment imposed by the Snoqualmie tribal government.

Thank you again for allowing people to post to your blog.

Unknown said...

Well, now we have established that the nine banished and their families were NOT LYING about the hearing and the facts involved with the banishment, then maybe people will stop name calling and realize that the nine were never heard, and that they were trreated unfairly. MAYBE they'll actually get a fair trail from the tribe this time, a trial that involves presenting of facts, letting people potray their side of the events! Is it possible?

I'd love to hear now from those who called us liars. I would love to hear them say that the Federal Judge is a liar too! I think there's going top be a lot of people who are defensive and ashamed that they did not listen and made false accusations who are going to say things like "the Judge had no right" and " the Federal goverment had no right" and "the white man had no right!"

The fact is, our families had our rights taken away, so we had no rights. It was proven in Federal court. Is there any doubt now? All we did was show our evidence to the judge, and he let the tribe show evidence, and he decided. I hope the slander ends here. We have Federally documented proof now that our families were never given a fair chance.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree for the most part. I have never taught my children to hate or call names here, and I am saddened that many have. My child is now ashamed of being a native american because of all this horrible hate.

Many members of both sides are at fault for the name calling and malcontent. I do stand firm saying that my family and children never have done anything wrong, and do not deserve to have their blood quantums lowered without proof or a chance to show our family tree. I can forgive and forget, and I teach my children the same, but I will not tell them we fought for something we were at fault for. I agree with everything else you said, and I am willing to silence my opinion when the problem is fixed, but for now I cannot stand by and watch my children's future being ripped away and do nothing about it.

Rest assured, many of us who continue the fight for whats right do so with dignity and respect. It is not name calling to prove we've had our rights violated or to go to court to solve problems against illegal causes.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Snoqualmie Tribe did not learn its' lesson from the original tribal dispute when they allowed the Honorary Chief, Enick, to take over the tribe in August of 2007.

You will remember two years ago that we wrote to you of a government dispute with the Snoqualmie Tribe - Bill T Sweet vs. Hinzman. The Bureau of Indian Affairs was quite clear in stating that they do not get involved with inter-tribal disputes. However, Judy Joseph, Superintendent of Indian Affairs with the Everett office here in Washington State, has "ordered" mediation for selected members of the tribe.

They have another tribal dispute over who the legal government is and are not talking to each other.

The Snoqualmie People are suffering because of poor leadership. Even though the people elect new people to the council they are never allowed by the old council to take their place. They keep the in-house fighting going and keep the pot stirred to keep family members fighting with other family members. They continue to wish harm to many tribal members. That is the white man way...not the native way.

The old council continues to disrespect the wishes of it’s' people.

Where will it end? Will the tribe have its' Federal Recognition revoked because it cannot display a stable government?

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the Snoqualmie Tribe is worse off now with a casino. I believe that Matt Mattson, the tribal admin, is the root of all evil. His mother Nancy Ajello is the Retail manager with no experience at all. How many Natives work in Retail? I have not seen one? We rid ourselves of Matt and his evil mother Nancy Ajello I would be happy.

Anonymous said...