Wednesday, July 9, 2008

If You Are Corrupt, Get Money From Pechanga: $25,000 To Don Perata

NOW we know another reason why Pechanga terminated a huge portion of their tribe.

In addition to fattening their own per capita checks, it's also so they could grease the palms of politicians.

The California Democratic Party has contributed another $250,000 to state Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata's legal fund, reinvigorating his defense against a years-long FBI corruption probe.
Until last week, the fund had collected only $60,000 in 2008 — $25,000 each from the Pechanga Band of Mission Indians and from San Diego Padres owner John J. Moores, and $10,000 from Manhattan Beach homemaker Jennifer Sizemore. But the Democratic State Central Committee of California followed up its December contribution of $200,000 with another $250,000 last week, records show.

Records show the businesses of Perata's son and daughter have been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by political committees under his direct control, even as Nick Perata and his businesses were involved in real estate rentals and sales with his father.

Mark Macarro and Pechanga gave $25,000 to a termed out politician who is under and FBI probe? Hmm, Pechanga is under an DOJ probe too. Hush money? Or just thank you money for looking the other way while Pechanga massacred it's people?

That's good money that could have been used to pay for the health care of tribal elders that Pechanga kicked to the curb.


Anonymous said...

check out where the money has gone=

Now taking reservations for non-members!!! Sounds like a great deal for such a nice golf course. The package deals sound very attractive too.

Way to take the Blood money Cory Pavin!!!

Anonymous said...

I just got a notice from the IRS that said I owe the amount that Pechanga withheld from my Per Capita checks for 2006.

I have the tax form that says Pechanga deducted the money from my checks so why is the federal government saying I owe this amount?

Is this just a clerical error or did they really send in the money they deducted from my checks?

All I know I don't need the stress of an audit because of this.

Speaking of where did the money go, we, the Hunters, were tribal members for most of the first quarter of 2006, which means we were still in the tribe for that period and we should have received a per capita bonus for the time before we were kicked out but of course we never saw a penny of that money.

Anonymous said...
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