Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pechanga Tribal Elections: Aftermath

It looks like the hold that the Masiel-Basquez-Salazar line of people have lost their 'aura' of invincibility.

Andy Masiel could manage just 129 votes, which means that few, other than his extended family voted for him. Contrast that to the 2004 when 83% of the Pechanga electorate voted, and Masiel, (whose Uncle is a Soboba member) received 324 votes.

Voting was in the low 60% range this election.

Donna Barron and Mark Luker, who were not supported by the CPP in the 2006 election, were again elected to the tribal council.

Could the impending criminal indictments have cast a shadow over these elections? Certainly, they carried some weight.

CONGRATULATIONS to Gabriel Pico for gaining a seat on the Tribal Council. We also congratulate Ken Perez.


Anonymous said...

So the real question that I now have is will Mark Macarro see what side the Miranda/Masiel families are really on? These sites have long said that Mark Macarro was controlled by Jennie Miranda, but what is the verdict now? If Jennie controlled him why would they need to have one of their own in charge? So I guess will Mark realalize this and make changes?

Anonymous said...

Mark has done the bidding of the Basquez-Masiel-Salazar clan because he feared their strength. The BMS clan tolerated Mark because he would do what they wanted.

Then, Mark became expendable to them and they felt that Andy should get the power he "deserved".

A little too big on ego, he's now on the OUTSIDE looking in. How many told Jennie and Andy that they would give them their vote and did not?

Anonymous said...

Chairman Macarro, is sufficiently strong to break the shackles that the Salazars had on him.

Or was it really the lesser of two evils that drove the electorate?

How will Andy have any influence now? 129 votes is embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

The incredible dishonesty that has come from the Masiel-Basquez has finally caused tribal members to turn away.

There is no stomach for people who live their lives trying to hurt other people.

They've made a wise choice in not placing Ray Jr. in a position of authority so soon after his parole.

Anonymous said...

It says a lot that they would choose Raymone Jr. to run for council.

If they wanted a credible candidate, why didn't they run Andy Masiel Jr?

Andy Jr seems like a decent person (he can't help what family he is from) and he, unlike cousin Ray Jr, hasn't been in prison.

OPechanga said...

I'm thinking that is shows quite a bit about the lack of good judgement from the MasielBasquezSalazar line.

It's comical that Raymond Sr. would stand up in front of the general membership and say he didn't trust his Daughter in law with a huge trustfund for his grandkids, and here, he would trust the tribal business in the hands of his criminal son?

If you'll recall, Ray Jr. threatened some of the protesters on Pechanga Pkway in February. A criminal with a violent nature on the tribal council? That makes NO sense does it?

Anonymous said...

Can someone say what Ray Jr. was in prison for?? ..was he the child molestor?

OPechanga said...

NO NO NO. Ray Jr. was NOT the CM. That was the one who was in prison and just got out last year, Ibanez.

Search here for that information:

OPechanga said...

Ray Jr. is a pathetic jerk, make no mistake about that, but he is not a monster like Vince.

Anonymous said...

what does CPP stand for?

Anonymous said...

CPP stands for Corrupt Pechanga People.