Thursday, July 31, 2008

Picayune Rancheria Opens NEW TOWER: AFTER 500 disenrolled

Fresno Beehive reports tha Picayune Rancheria has opened a new tower for their hotel. Here's my comment:

It's amazing what you can afford to build when you eliminate half your tribe and keep them from their rightful place in the sun.

HALF of the Chukchansi tribe are out, unable to enjoy the fruits they deserve. People of Fresno, go to another casino and let this new tower stay empty.
Elected officials, be PROUD to stand with a tribe that violates the civil and human rights of their people


Anonymous said...

Bill Cosby has the good judgement to avoid this casino because of what they were doing to their people.

I hope the Fresno area citizens will make the same correct choice in expressing their outrage.

Creeper said...

What a slap in the face of the ousted former members of this corrupt tribe. The Chairperson and the elected Committees are no less evil than the Pechanga Committee and Board members. So many dirty deeds done - sacrificing members to the Money God-

Anonymous said...

Is there a site that has more information on what Chukchansi has done?

What is the latest on their struggle with their tribal council?

Anonymous said...

There is some info on

The Chukchansi Disenrolled are pretty quiet except for a few.

I noticed the BEE site hasn't put up any comments. How much of their advertising is from CHUKCHANSI?

Nah, that couldn't be it.